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  • "Dance" follows up with the "Idol" singers

    I like this show. This show, for me, worked on the level of "American Idol", except Nigel Lythgoe was a little nicer than Simon Cowell. I love that now, everyone of every form of music (singing or dancing) has the opportunity to show the world what they're made of and wow the crowds!!! After seeing that show, I'm now conflicted between singing and dancing. Hopefully, I'll do both.

    However, the only shortcomings I can see is that I felt is that "Dance" tries to be "Idol." People get emotional after feeling the sting of the judges (Simon and Nigel, Bonnie and Paula, etc.), people get defensive and egotistical, and the commentary of the show's host (who I don't mind at all... ;) ) sets itself up so that the reality show becomes far too predictable in terms of who goes and who stays. That aside, if you like to dance someday as a professional, maybe you can have a watch.
  • Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse it has.

    Reality TV has plauged the airwaves of television for years. And now, its reached an all time low. A show about dancing? just like american idol but american dancer....can we waste any more time watching this show? I am getting sick of them just coming up with ideas for show to fill in an hr but lack of quality in the types of programming. please when it comes to this show, please send it back.
  • If you like to root for aspiring singers, you probably like "American Idol". If you like dancers, you'll probably like "So You Think You Can Dance".

    An obvious rip-off of American Idol, but done well. If you find yourself laughing at bad singers on American Idol, then SYTYCD will have you laughing at bad dancers. But past that, you probably really have to love watching dancers to continue to enjoy this as it continues the weeding out process.

    Unfortunately for SYTYCD, real dance lovers are going to live shows, taking lessons or dancing themselves. So if you love dance and can't make it out the house - watch SYTYCD. If you like to watch young, good-looking people shake their thang - watch SYTYCD. Otherwise, I suggest you don't bother... I won't.

    PS - I'm on the East Coast and just got finished watching the debut episode and there's already a 0.0 review! Huh? Seems if you don't like "American Idol" (the number one reality show in the US), if you don't like reality shows period, think there's too many, etc - you probably shouldn't waste your time watching this little summer venture into the world of dance. (Nor should you waste your time writing a negative review.)
  • This show is HORRIBLE!!!

    I think that this show was a complete and utter waste of 2 hours of my life. This was one show that was way overated. Everyone made such a big deal out of it. The only good part about this show was the people that couldn't dance. The horrible part is that I could actually feel my IQ dropping to an all new low. I don't feel as though this show will or should be on much longer. Fox can find something better to put on the air like...anything. This is just a really bad spin off of American Idol. Yes, I do know that this was from the producers af American Idol. If this show stays on the air I am positive that there would not be a season 2.
  • i like this reality show. It gives an average person a chance at their dream. It has some great dancers and then you have the ones who should have stayed home and practiced in front of the mirror some more.

    this is a pretty good show for reality tv. it gives the average dancer a chance at stardom and it gets others noticed. Their has been some darn good performers that were not chosen but alot of them were still star qaulity in my eyes, but only one will win. a great show with some great music
  • Way better than American Juniors!

    So You Think You Can Dance may be the answer to American Idol's format, but it's way edgier than Dancing With The Stars. I love seeing the best and worst dancers who are unique, have a sense of personality and bring their own props to auditions like roller skates and stilts. This is how AI is compared to this show, only with no singing.
  • Dreams of "Dance" sunk by poor taste

    "So You Think You Can Dance" follows the same auditioning formula from "American Idol." Before I begin my review, I want to let everyone know that I love to sing, dance, and play many different instruments. I LOVE MUSIC. However, after watching this show, if I wanted to reach out to people, I think I'll stick to singing. In this case, this is NOT a compliment.

    The dancers in this show have to impress the producers/judges in the first round in L.A., Chicago, and New York (correct me if I get any of these cities wrong). After their solo performances, the dancers have to learn dance choreography (difficult, but worthy challenge), and dance in pairs. Not easy feats. These challenges do make the difference between good dancers and extraordinary dancers. Once the rounds are over, the producers will select the very best to come back to Hollywood for the actual competition. This selection process, however awesome, is sunk with one heavy weight---Nigel Lythgoe.

    Nigel Lythgoe, the producer of both shows, has proven that he has no tact nor kindness in his bitter taste. His attempt at achieving the same level as Simon Cowell proves he has no originality (except the creation of the show). Simon Cowell, in my opinion, is SO much nicer than Nigel. In this season in the first episode, his lowest point is his mishandling of the Julliard-trained dancer. Although he was great on the stage, the reason he didn't pass was because of his appearance, which lacked "masculinity" in Nigel's view. Look who's talking!!!

    Nigel does have some moments where he is nice (like wishing a contestant good luck with his new baby). It's an awful shame those moments get buried in his ugliness. He needs to find his own direction of where to take the show, or this show, no matter how great the dancers are, may just sink.

    I'm going to give this show a higher score than most others because the dancers are awesome (even the ones who don't make it), the audition process works, and the producers did find the right hostess for the show (Lauren Sanchez is positively, smoking hot!!! Does she salsa???) =) However, I will not dismiss the ugliness the show needs to clean up.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to reply to this review or e-mail me at
  • Great show!

    I am in awe at some of the fancy footwork! There are some characters already but I do appreciate the beauty of dance displayed by most, even the break dancers need to be able to dance with a partner. There is ethnic diversity and some humor. There is some intrique with just the husband going on and or just the wife advancing. I love the interaction between Nigel and his wife. Next intereactions are with teachers. If you love the world of dance, watch the show! The dancing can be viewed by younger children.

  • When in American Idol, people danced while singing this new competition is all about dancing.

    This show is one of those "Hmmm What the?" where contestants dance away trying to get in the finals and be the top dancer! Nahh its too cliche with American Idol and all. Im only watching the auditions only for the people who can't dance and the feminine male dancers. I give this show a five for atleast trying... I don't know where the winner is going to be because, do they give out contracts for dancing? We may see him/her in a Britney Spears music video...
  • I am truly ashamed to admit this: I love this show. I am not a fan of American Idol and I only stumbled across this show by accident. But I have to admit that it is a delicious, guilty pleasure.

    I am truly ashamed to admit this: I love this show. I am not a fan of American Idol and I only stumbled across this show by accident. But I have to admit that it is a delicious, guilty pleasure. With singing, you either have it or you don't. With this, there are so many kinds of dance and most have never tried more than one kind. Some will master them all, most won't. Along the way it is hilarious and truly interesting to watch. Unfortunatly the prima donnas bring it down a bit, but it is exceptionally fun to watch them fail. All in all, it is one of the better reality shows that I have seen.
  • FOX Takes Plagiarism To New Depths

    When 'Dancing With The Stars' premiered, I believed it would barely last one episode. Shows what I know! 'Dancing,' which featured several non-stars competing in what was ultimately a rigged ballroom dancing competition, will be the Summer of 2005's lasting legacy, TV-wise. Now, as true to form as ever, FOX is trotting out it's own bastardized version of 'Dancing': 'So You Think You Can Dance'. SYTYCD's concept is simple: take 'American Idol', make it about dancing, add a female Ryan Seacrest equivalent (though the jury's still out on which one is more effeminate), and put two guys named 'Simon' on the board instead of just one. Does this sound palatable to you? Apparently many viewers have said, "Yes, it does" so far this season, as SYTYCD has been a ratings hit amongst the almighty 18-49 demo. But the presentation, the format, everything about the show is almost a complete re-hash of 'Idol'. I knew America loved cheesy crap in the summer, but FOX threw this show together on the spec that 'Dancing' would catch on. It's clearly not the most high-budget show on television (that would have been 'The Inside,' FOX's money pit that SYTYCD sounded the death knell for), and it's really not that entertaining. Of course, 'Idol's 3 & 4 have been almost universally dull as well, so it could be that the format is losing steam. Still, a little scripted drama isn't too much to ask for, is it, FOX? The truth is, America could have done just as well without this, another 'Idol' clone.
  • So You Think It Will Last?

    Who thought of this? American Idol thought of this! Ofcourse, it fails to strike entertaining and it's already lost it's spark. Dancing vs. Singing. Dancing is more intense. But yet singing has more potential in your lfiestyle. Where's dancing gonna get you? A run-down bar? And where's singing gonna get you? Farther than that! The so-called "wanna be masculant" dancers such as the guy with the see-through underwear and the Addam's Family light-bulb Frankstein are very peculiar people. Some of the dancers are fairly gay and fairly lesbian. The goth punk freak dancers won't last. Or will they? NO. This wanna-be American Idol crap won't last very long. Rave reviews? Yeah rave reviews. They reviewed drunken losers at a RAVE. Don't be too hard on this wanna-be TV show. It's not all bad, it's only more than half bad. 4.6. Fair. Less than mediocre but more than abysmal. This is an OK show. Might last 2 seasons. I don't know but that's my opinionated review. Hope you agree!
  • What is happening to FOX ?!! FOX keeps slowly taking off all the good shows on their channel for shows like this.ITS SO STUPID!!!!!!!

    What is happening to FOX ?!! Whats next .... So You Think You Can Make ALL of America Fall Asleep... FOX keeps slowly taking off all the good shows on their channel for shows like this. And why in the world do they have it on for two hours or an hour and a half.ITS SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!
  • Horrible dancing show in the vein of American Idol.

    Why is this on TV, it is just another crappy game show called "reality", but that's not the complaint. This show is boring, it is a bunch of people all doing these stupid "You got served" dances, and then a foreign judge says they suck. Its all the same stupid American Idol crap. FOX needs to get a fresh idea instead of tweaking and recanning old stuff. The show isn't doing as good as FOX probably wanted it to, they probably should have done this a few years ago during the "You Got Served" craze. But that's just my opinion.
  • The show has a good format,i think its a lot better than seeing people sing. But also this show portrays some dancing styles really bad.

    I dance and im from L.A. they portrayed Krump dancing really bad, to the point where it cheapened the whole style. I noticed a lot of the so-called good looking people made it to through the next rounds even though they didnt have the best dance peformances. I kinda like how you have to be a all around dancer to succed in this show. Another thing a lot of these guys look really femimne...wut the hell is with that. Good format and all, but to me a lot of this dancing is week because imma dancer. This show has average popping and breaking. as far as the Salsa and choreography its not really that great. But the other style such as Ballet they are okay i guess.
  • Real Good

    This show is so fabulous. Like the dancers on here are so good, they do modern, tap, ballet, jazz, belly dancing and much more. This show encourages dancers out there to do more dancing and try to reach their goal. So thats why this show is so fabulous for a lot of audiences.
  • A new show similar to both American Idol and Dance Fever (which was pure crap).

    Despite its compartive form to other reality shows, SYTYCD isn't too bad. It was bearable in the beginning during the eliminations and the other mind-numbing processes that sort out the dancers from the wannabe's.Although it is fun to watch people make fools of themselves from time to time. As a matter of fact, So You Think You Can Dance is a title that hits it right on the money. But now that the major eliminations are over, we're getting to the good stuff. The dancers are now out to prove their worth to the audience and we're getting a taste of the better talent of the bunch. Hopefully, the skills we have seen so far from the dancers are only the start, and that the competition will heat up. If not, then the show is bound to die hard and fall fast.
  • So good that it deserves an Emmy.

    So You Think You Can Dance is fresh and entertaining. Every minute of it is worth to watch and even when it comes back from a commercial break, a person should be excited to see what's going to come up. The dance sequence are fun to watch because no one knows if the contestants will make a mistake or make it one of the most memorable events of the night due to their spectacular dancing. This is by far one of the best shows this year!
  • So you think Fox couldn't get worse! This is mostly a copy of American Idol, and when they win what do they do, become low paid back ground dancers?

    Okay, if you thought American Idol was a waste, try watching people dance! It is the same American Idol consept, but worse! And once somebody wins, what will they do, just say, "Oh my gosh, I went through all of that trouble to go on TV and be appreciated!" Well this just seems like more of a waste than watching people sing, but dancing! Please people, get a good reality show besides Nanny 911, please!
  • This program is ridiculous. It is NOT a fair competition on so many levels:

    This program is ridiculous. It is NOT a fair competition on so many levels:

    First of all, one partner should not be punished by another partner\'s weakness. (Snow!) That is so wrong.

    Secondly, everyone should be required to move to a new partner. Previous experience with a partner gives those couples an unfair advantage. (Destini and Blake, Ryan and Melissa)

    Thirdly, everyone should be required to dance a different style of dance than they previously had. Always dancing within their style (Destini and Blake, Alan) also gives them an unfair advantage.

    Want to make this show fair? Decide what INDIVIDUALS are up for elimination, and rotate the dance styles and partners so that every person must dance in a new element each week, with a new partner.
  • I feel real bad for reality tv right now.

    Ok, first off i totally hate this show. These kind of programs are lethaly killing the genre. If the creators of american idol just wanted to stay in business i'm am not fine with that for the reason i just used. Then on, i would have to say that singing would make a person more popular then dancing. So to the viewer, if this show lasts 1 season i will eat a trucker hat.
  • Though there are kinks to work out with the overall process and concept, this show is great.

    Though there are kinks to work out with the overall process and concept, this show is great. I've been waiting for a show like this amongst all the singing competition shows. No one was showing a big interest in dance, which baffles me. All the singers I can think of that I enjoy perform dance numbers at concerts. If they can't, they hire a back-up group to dance for them. It's a part of the performance and it's important! I'm glad there's finally a show that showcases dance ability and provides dance entertainment.
  • If you have become fed up and irritated with the fact that America cannot seem to pick a good singer and instead views the show as a popularity contest, then you might like So You Think You Can Dance.

    This is a fantastic show that only slightly resembles American Idol. If you have become fed up and irritated with the fact that America cannot seem to pick a good singer and instead views the show as a popularity contest, then you might like So You Think You Can Dance. The JUDGES are responsible for picking the bottom 3 couples (3 males and 3 females) and since the judges have professional background in dancing, you can rest assured that even if you do not agree with their choices, they know their stuff. With the weakest dancers each week chosen for possible elimination, THEN the contest is placed into America's hands. Everyone who danced well is safe even if America does not like them. This makes the outcome of the show much more enjoyable. I for one, hate popularity contests. Bring on the talent.
  • American Idol producers are really trying to rule the world aren't they?

    So You Think You Can Dance? comes from the same people who made American Idol. So now instead of focusing on just singers, they're going to find the best dancers as well. Okay, let's give it a chance. I actually enjoy watching dance performances, so it's no wonder why I like this show. I think it's very interesting and definitely entertaining. The dancers are very talented, and it's quite an innovative show in my opinion. I like the show and have been trying to watch every week!
  • this show is great

    this show is basically base on american or canadian idol but in this they have to dance,this show is on the fox 29 channel,in this show u have practice your dance and show what u have got to the judges to choose or to pick who the best in the dances.
  • I love this show!!! It is one of my favorites. My mom and sister watch every wednesday! I love it!

    This show is so AWESOME! I love it! I missed the first part of it. My mom started watching it one wednesday and told my sister and I about it. We now watch it every wednesday. I always call my sister up at college, when it's over, and ask her who she thinks should be voted off, and who she thinks did good and bad. It is a great show, and I really hope they do another show after this one. Some people think it's just a copy cat of American Idol, but I like this ALOT better then American Idol!
  • Better then I thought but still see rrom to make it better and more interesting.

    This show is much better then I thought it would be quite frankly. I love the behind the scenes where they are learning the dance. I was expecting a weaker more boring show. I love that they are doing different types of dance, with different partners. I hate at the end when they come out and over and over dance the kind of dance they are used to. I expected the whole show to be an hour of this repetition over and over.

    I am not crazy about American Idol because simply stated it bores me. But this show has more depth to it. However my problem with it is the judging. I know that there are complex parts of dancing, that unlike singing where you have a great voice or you don\'t dancing has a LOT of skill and style and a 1000 things to look for.

    I am often thinkging of a team that is just great and then they get torn apart and I am left with my mouth wide open. I wish that when they pull out the type of danced they take a minute to explain what it is. When I have never heard of a dance it is kind of hard to figure out if they are dancing with good technique. I realize that that the judges make those decisions. But if I am asked to vote latter I feel the presure of making sure the one with the real skill stays, not just the one that looks more fun..

    Ok anyway that is my 2 cents. Ever wonder why you have to put 2 cents but it is only a penny for your thoughs... yeah me neither.
  • A show with every dance technique and form of dance known to man.

    This show is entertaining. I love dancing and like to watch others. I think there are better dancers out there than the ones left though. They should have had different ways of evaluating the competitors. To say that a fat guy can't dance because he isn't agile and can't fit through a ring a girl makes with her arms just means they need different choreography. It is till fun for all ages.
  • People can complain all they want about "So You Can Think You Can Dance" (and they have the right to be), but it is undeniably entertaining; that's the bottom line.

    People can complain all they want about "So You Can Think You Can Dance" (and they have the right to be), but it is undeniably entertaining; that's the bottom line. Believe me; I was dubious of the show in the beginning. The title is too long and sounded belittling. It was coming off as a paltry dance version of "American Idol" and didn't come off fresh, since the ABC hit "Dancing with the Stars" was aired earlier.

    I admit the auditions were mostly forgettable. At the time, I disliked Nigel Lythgoe (old white guy with British accent) as the judge who handily picked contestants who goes through the next round. The show eventually became interesting when the dancers are drilled in different types of dances: ballroom, hip-hop, and lyrical. Then the show hits bottom on the episode which revealed its 16 finalists. It's pretty much recycled footage from previous episodes and shots of contestants walking through long corridors to confront their fate.

    The show surged back to life once the dancers took command of the stage. It was pretty amazing to see couple after couple tackle different styles of dance. The show had a systematic way (unlike the dubious "Dancing with the Stars") of eliminating contestants. The panel of judges pick the worst 2 or 3 couples and the viewers determine as to who's deserving of their vote. If this was used in "American Idol," the shocking early exits of the better performers would be unlikely. But I doubt if AI will implement this; that excessive show thrives on controversial voting.

    The reason to watch this show is the competitors. SYTYCD was extremely lucky to nab b-boy Ryan Conferido (he with the spiky hair) who had the crowd to its feet when he shockingly pulled off a dazzling mambo routine. That was probably the highlight of the entire season. Even though he was eliminated weeks after (the guy even begged for it), he steered the show to new heights. I can't say the same for "Big Poppa" Alan Frias who was cast as the guy with the biggest personality; the kind that can attract a fan base. Unfortunately, he underperformed in his own style of dancing and dampened the show until he was eliminated.

    Of course, a superb dance skill alone is not enough to win the competition. Blake, probably the best dancer among the 16, didn't make it in the final four (and I suspect he would have been eliminated sooner if it weren't for the judges preventing him from possible elimination through America's voting). He had an uphill climb when the show portrayed him as cocky in earlier episodes. Same goes to Ashle, who was deemed by the one of the judges as the most versatile, but she didn't quite stand out. I just kind of remember her as the last white girl standing who can dance to African music.

    So to succeed in the competition, a good mixture of personality and dance skills is needed. The top three dancers had it. Even though his partner dancing got mixed reviews, Jamille had entertaining solos. His hip-hop dance with Destini was just freakin' the best. Second-placer Melody has the most unforgettable smile of among the competitors. There's such joy and sexiness in her dancing that she avoids eliminations even when teamed with weak partners. She's also famous putting her leg straight up in the air. Nick, the winner, was probably the only one who can come close to Blake's dexterity. But the guy had the edge since he has a goofy persona and gained much admiration on his attempt to be the funkiest white boy, even if the guy grew up dancing jazz.

    I hope this comes back next summer. (It's the perfect summer show). This one started too late and lost a chunk of audience when "Lost" premiered. The judges grew to be a riot to watch, especially seemingly-drunk judge Mary who screams if she's loss for words. The show's length is just about right too; sometimes too condensed. It was heavenly in the way it has none of the excessive fillers that turned me off from AI. And I must say, I'd prefer dancing over singing; it tends to be more entertaining. Furthermore, I have more respect towards SYTYCD competitors who probably put in more work hours than AI singers, whose "busy" schedules include doing car commercials. Come on, singing voice is pretty much God’s work. Dancing takes more human work.
  • dume or what?

    Ok on the last night of So you think you can dance me and my mom was watching it. I was really happy for nick but they went though all that just for an apartment in New York City and 10,000 $$ in cash :( how dume?If i was him (im a girl though) i would have said i dont want this i went though all the for this little piece of crap.I dont think so I dont know what i want but not this crap.;)

    thank you and please reply......
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