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  • a show complaint

    this show is so lame the only people that get to go to the next level are the ones that flop on the floor like a dying fish and dance like a ballerina and all of the people that do dance like that all do the same dance moves but all of the b boy and other styles all go to choreography or go home. The judges always say the same thing and don't have their own opinions. That is why this show should be called SO THIS SHOW IS TERRIBLE.
  • So, You Think You Can Suck

    This is the most boring and dumb television program I have ever seen on my flat-screen television set. "FOX TELEVISION"'s newest dating show, "The Choice" with host Kat Dealey is way better than, "So, You Think You Can Suck."

    I'd rather watch "Melissa & Joey" or "The Choice" than this slow-dancing, crappy music, & loud judges crap television program.

    *I hate it when my sister watches this television program, it just makes we wanna scream.*

    *I hate it when my brother-in-law watches the Tampa Bay Rays baseball games on "SunSports" that's another boring television program, that I can't stand to watch.

    (I am a 17-year-old male & you would expect this to a young teenage man)
  • You Guys need to calm down

    So much negativity? I've scene comment after comment about hating this new format. Is it really that bad? can people really not adapt to any change? There are many great things about this format. 1, since its randomized every week, it doesn't get stale. With normal couple, the problem is that some people make it further then they should, because they are carried by their partner. This way, you focus on the dancers one at a time. Sure, we dont get magical couples, but we still get magical moments.

    Secondly, it leaves access to more creative routines. There are only so many storys you can do with just 2 people. with the groups thrown in all the time, it leaves great ideas for choreo. and about that, people are hating the choreography this year? its been pretty good so far, and its only been 3 weeks. You have to try new choreographers, you cant always use the same ones week after week.

    Thirdly, People are talking shit about the street side, saying they are inferior and it shouldn't be on the show in the first place? What? im sorry, i though this show was to test people's versatility, not weather you can do amazing contemporary routines. and thats what this show was starting to do. last season there were like 2 to 3 contemporary dances a week. Wheres did all the ball room go? where did all the hip hop go? This format allows to have a more versatile show. i dont care if you know watch it for the contemporary dances, dont be selfish. this show is for EVERYONE.

    Now of course there are some fault of this season, but not nearly as much as so many of you want to claim. Like the judges. i agree, paula and jason are kinda boring, especially jason. But weather we like it or not, people need to move on, im sure mary will be fine. Sure i wish she would come back, i love her, but things dont last forever. I just think people are being picky, and just hate change. cause this show is so interesting right now. Grow up people, embrace the change.
  • I really like this show but I have 2 major complaints about it and want to know if anyone else feels the same...

    Ok, I really do like the show, but what bugs the hell out of me about it is that its so pretentious and self-congradulatory. This show is so far up its own ass... After every single performance, the first thing out each judge's mouth is how great the cooreographer was, starts a round of applause for them, and then it cuts to the cooreographer in the audience and pat themselves on the back. It would be fine if it was only once in a while, for a few spectacular dance routines, but they do it after every single performance. The show is called So You Think You Can Dance, not So You Think You Can Cooreograph... The show's not supposed to be about them, its supposed to be about the dancers, The judges are so overly pleased with the show's production that they lose sight of that. Has anybody else noticed this? Is it just me, or is that extremely irritating? The only other gripe I have is the female judge who always sits in the middle (I forget her name)...She has the most annoying hyena-like cackle that she does and even worse is the ear-splitting scream when she really liked the performance, yelling something stupid like "You're on the hot tomale train - yes you are!" Whenever its her turn to speak after a routine, I just turn the volume down by at least half before she starts wailing away otherwise her voice is like a rusty nail scraping across my brian. Does she annoy the hell out of anyone else? Those are my two big complaints about the show...but other than that, I still really like it. Twitch and Katee have been my favorites since I first saw them in the auditions. It really sucked when Twitch was in the bottom 2 last week and Will was voted out.
  • Prejudice Judges

    Well, I have watched this show on occassion. Now for the absolute last time. The gay couple were very good dancers. Not professional but as good as some that were accepted. Yes, they had a mishap at the end of their audition. Who doesn't make mistakes. Well, this show did in my book. These "professional" judges ALL indicated they were confused because they could not tell who was leading. These judges are choosing who makes it to the show. Wow - they cant tell who is leading because it changes between two people. Good thing it wasn't a group dance. Sounds like "pro" judges to me. What a joke! Then the judges told them they would like to see them dance with girls. And paired them up with girls - only to bring the two guys back individually to tell them they did not make the show. The judges did not handle this situation with any professionalism. The guys should have never been bought back with the girls if neither were going to be accepted. Pure humiliation. I will not view this show in the future. But "thumbs up" to the guys for their courage!
  • This show is HORRIBLE!!!

    I think that this show was a complete and utter waste of 2 hours of my life. This was one show that was way overated. Everyone made such a big deal out of it. The only good part about this show was the people that couldn't dance. The horrible part is that I could actually feel my IQ dropping to an all new low. I don't feel as though this show will or should be on much longer. Fox can find something better to put on the air like...anything. This is just a really bad spin off of American Idol. Yes, I do know that this was from the producers af American Idol. If this show stays on the air I am positive that there would not be a season 2.
  • This program is ridiculous. It is NOT a fair competition on so many levels:

    This program is ridiculous. It is NOT a fair competition on so many levels:

    First of all, one partner should not be punished by another partner\'s weakness. (Snow!) That is so wrong.

    Secondly, everyone should be required to move to a new partner. Previous experience with a partner gives those couples an unfair advantage. (Destini and Blake, Ryan and Melissa)

    Thirdly, everyone should be required to dance a different style of dance than they previously had. Always dancing within their style (Destini and Blake, Alan) also gives them an unfair advantage.

    Want to make this show fair? Decide what INDIVIDUALS are up for elimination, and rotate the dance styles and partners so that every person must dance in a new element each week, with a new partner.
  • Disappointed

    Hate Mary Murphy (thank goodness for mute buttons), love the addition of the crews. Disappointed that they chose a self indulgent punk with no moral compass like JB to introduce it. Surely there is someone more relevant and a better role model if they want to attract a younger crowd to watch. Also he and his "choreographer" have no personality and made their few minutes on air about them and not about the dancers.
  • Not the best choise!

    really enjoyed the show; however, again another disappointment like American Idol this is a show of personality and not talent. Travis by far is the better dancer than Benji - He is a natural - it was very obvious when you watched him. Either the majority of people are not very rhythm oriented or they vote on personality alone. Also Natilie was by far the best female dancer - her moves were natural. They both were like plants - nature - flowing in the wind and it is too bad votes are cast on personality and not talent - as that is what these shows are about talent. The judges were way too harsh on Natalie; however, I do believe she possibly wanted to be voted off, as she could have ruined her leg for dancing and she is such a beautiful dancer it would be a shame for that to happen. They said she had gone downhill the last three weeks; well, that is when she hurt her leg - she had a large amount of courage to get out there and do what she did with the injury to her knee along with all the practicing that went with it. With more shows of this sort coming up since they are so popular I really hope America will take the blinders off and look at the talent being displayed and not the personalities......
  • Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse it has.

    Reality TV has plauged the airwaves of television for years. And now, its reached an all time low. A show about dancing? just like american idol but american dancer....can we waste any more time watching this show? I am getting sick of them just coming up with ideas for show to fill in an hr but lack of quality in the types of programming. please when it comes to this show, please send it back.
  • Lose Mary Murphy, Already!!!!!!

    The show has gotten so good with better dancers than when it first started. But, Mary Murphy ruins the show. The only way we can watch (listen) is to record and fast forward through her screechy know-nothing opinions. She is ridiculous and not in a good way. And 4 judges is too much.
  • to old to judge

    Nigel should be cast off .He just rude to these kids . he just rambles .it is time for a big judges shake up .they all suck .Bring back the old format to the show .Nigel get lost .
  • Kat get RID of HER

    I think the young people are excellent dancers and should be acknowledged as that. My only drawback is Kat Dealy, I find her very hard to understand and she is NOT a good host. Please reconsider this and get a GOOD announcer that is fun to watch and has a more pleasant personality. I mute the volume when she speaks, and I don't think I'm the only one that feels this way :-)

    I would like the judges to give more positive feed back to the men in the competition like they do the ladies. Yes the women outfits are pretty, but it's the men who do the lifts and carries the weight of the dance. And, it just seems like the men don't get judge always about how sexy the women look, and it's about the dance not how sexy they look. Not fair to the men in the competition. I love the show but please be fair to the God this is not a porn site. Also, lets get more dance experts on the panel, like Debbie is a dance competition!!! concerned show watcher!
  • New sytycd is a failure

    I have been watching sytycd since the first episode. Since the show has changed to children I don't care to watch it any more. The show just isn't as good - not because they are children (I watched Maddie throughout dance moms) but sytycd is not a children's show and the mixing of adults with kids doesn't work most of the time. I am sorry I won't see my favorite show any more unless you go back to what made you fabulous!
  • Facebook's Favorite Dancer

    I LOVE SYTYCD. I despise facebook. So as much as I love the show, and want to vote for my favorites, I won't be voting. It is not right to force people to use a service they may not be able to use, or like me, refuse to use, to vote. So I guess this year it will not be America's favorite dancer, but Facebook's favorite dancer who wins. This is just wrong.
  • Another American Idol clone, horrible.

    I feel happy for whoever earned the price from this show. I can't feel positive about the show either, it's awful. From the producers of American Idol, I try to find stars the American Idol way. This is such a horrible concept, I can't stand 10 minutes of this show. It's just horrible, why is anyone bother making this kind of show. It's so unentertaining, it's so uninteresting, and it's so bad. It's a sorry excuse for a reality show. Network executives are running out of ideas, they just want to earn sponsorship money from this show, well their getting the money, but their also filling the air with garbage.
  • Horrible dancing show in the vein of American Idol.

    Why is this on TV, it is just another crappy game show called "reality", but that's not the complaint. This show is boring, it is a bunch of people all doing these stupid "You got served" dances, and then a foreign judge says they suck. Its all the same stupid American Idol crap. FOX needs to get a fresh idea instead of tweaking and recanning old stuff. The show isn't doing as good as FOX probably wanted it to, they probably should have done this a few years ago during the "You Got Served" craze. But that's just my opinion.
  • Another lame show by FOx Just a cheap fix to make fox some money. It does not matter if people watch as long as fox can get sponsors for the show.

    fox just lies to sponsors so they can make a quick buck. I can not believe they canceled Arrested Development and put this Junk in its place. The Truth about fox. The way they work now is. They will sign a show for three years if they have to pay a lot of actors after that time the show will be canceled Examples, Arrested Development, Futurama, Sliders, Herman’s Head. Even Mad TV is a great example they got rid of all the good actors except one. House and 24 are only on the aire because fox only has to pay one actor the rest will fall in line if they want to keep there job. Oh yes and Family Guy this show has now been canceled Twice now. Once they cancel Family Guy for the Third time and cancel Simpson’s it will be it for us on fox.
  • It's fine.

    It is quite obvious that all of the dancers are very talented, but some of the choreographers aren't that great so the dancers best skills aren't showcased. It's always great to be pushed out of your comforts zone, but the way that choreographers showcase everything isn't the best it could be.

    Along with that, the judges barely know anything about dance. I'd like to see some judges who have studied dance and are able to critique the dancers because that's what really helps you grow.

    But, if you want a fun dance show it's fine.
  • Losing Credibility

    From the start of the season, the show seems like it had been trying to keep up their past ratings. I'm annoyed with a few things, especially the judges. Throughout the season Nigel has managed to bash Cyrus for his lack of experience, then it came to a complete overhaul in the last show. I don't appreciate that negative criticism, EVEN IF it was directed to someone other than Cyrus. If that's the case, don't allow untrained dancers into the top twenty. It's a waste of their time and those who vote to keep them out of the bottom. On a side note, for those who complain about the "good" dancers leaving, perhaps you should vote to have an opinion. Cyrus has never been in the bottom, so he alone isn't the reason why the "good ones" went home.
  • Not going to last long

    pretty much all reality competition shows will always be in the shadow of that Idol thing. Even the 'good ones'. This show is so not even in the running to be considered good. Who wants to see suburban kids pop lock and booty dance? Not I. Maybe this show would be appropriate on Nick or Disney channel, but for primetime, this isn't the best choice. There are those of us outta high school who actually want to be entertained without be pandered to.
  • Sorry, but i hate these kind of shows, where people are voted off and stuff. Like, i also hate shows like american idol and survivor for instance. Also, watching the people dance is boring.

    Uh yeah, i think i mainly don't like this show because i dislike these type of shows in general. Like, i don't like american idol or canadian idol. Its not really a personal thing i hold against this show, the only personal thing i have against this show is that i can't stand watching people dance on tv. It just bores the living daylights out of me. Even if others think its "good". The only way i'll watch this is if i am sick with nothing to do except watch tv and everything else is garbage on tv, that is like the only way i'll watch this. I don't care for this show really.
  • My nickname is Ruth. This is my first time here. Hi everyone! I have fairly strong opinions about the media,society as a whole, and what we call "entertainment." But, please keep an open mind and try not to be judgmental towards me. I will do the same!

    So much for my favorite show continuing to be my favorite show! I'm in the midst of watching "So You Think" and I just have to put an opinion down: The dancers are doing great, but the choreography (in general) has been abysmal! I don't like the way they're going with it AT ALL. Too many choppy, violent, unbecoming poses and moves! Yes, we love emotional dances, but I think they are trying to out-do one another and it is turning out badly, in my opinion. Jean Marc, as he would say "Come On People!" He has become so irritating! First of all, the man loves to hear himself talk. Please, stop! I used to really like him on the show, but no longer! I beg you, man, quit trying to control everything and everyone and stop talking so much! Quote from Jean Marc (for the sixth time in six dances),"First of all......I want you to give it up....for ___insert choreographer___ ." The audience ALREADY gave "IT" up,Jean Marc. -Of their own free will. Just do your job and stop pretending you are the king of the dancehall. I am so over you. ARGH! I sure hope the show gets better! ( On a positive note, Austin (who I really like for the top 3)and Melanie just did the waltz and it was danced beautifully) Thanks for letting me share, Ruth
  • have to agree to disagree

    Like Amican Idol I really think this show hit its stride in season 5 and 6. I personally feel while still okay it is also past its prime. Open up the slot form something new. Fox. Stop holding on to the same shows year after year.
  • Timing and letching

    SYTYCD has been my favorite show ever since the first year it was on. Ive even got my husband and friends addicted. However, this year, I think the timing is off, and I think it is dragging the emotions of the contestants and viewers. We should not have been watching Amber's best performance of the season so far--and one of the best that evening--and then had to see her let go based on votes from the previous week. I know there have been many conflicts (July 4, Olympics), but please, producers, use your creativity in the future to avoid the kind of strange let down we had around Amber. (and I do agree that none of those three should have been in the bottom three. But the timing made it worse.)

    While I am at it, Nigel, I am a fan of your energy and discrimination. But sometimes you come across as too negative, almost pettish. My husband will say, "simon is having a bad night."

    Are you thinking you need to be more Simon Cowell? I do not know anyone in my circle who liked him, and many just refused to watch the show because of his arrogant rudeness to the contestants. Simon Cowell is said to give great analysis? Really? Is that what these comments are? Wedding singer? Karaoke? Ocean liner singer? Simon Cowell was an arrogant bully and shame on him for such unhelpful and almost slurring feedback.

    And Nigel, I love the humor among the judges, even the kissing! But your letchy comments to the female dancers just smack of dirty old man. Not cool.

    And yet, I love the show and it is my fave.

  • Competition forToo Young is Dangeruos

    Dear Nigel,

    I have seen yesterday's episode when Jake and Jordon had to leave the show. I observed with bitterness how Jake was laughing while he has LOST. It was a hysterical reaction to cover his failing.

    If you have seen Tee Jay behind. him he was pale like a lemon.

    I believe this show puts children under TOO much psychological pressure. I recommend you raise the age of competition in your next shows to over 13 probbaly. They would have developed more strength to cope with the ups and downs of the competitions.

  • Voting Process Suck

    I don't think the dancers fate should be left up to America! I think this whole thing is a popularity contest based on factors other than their dancing. Valerie should have definitely been in the bottom 2, her routine the week before was so weird. She didn't pull it off at all. I think it should have been Kasey and Valerie. I bet people are like OMG look how fast and how many spins Kasey can do, I'm going to vote for him. Also, I wonder how many people have been voting from the beginning and have seen the dancers from the beginning of the season. See the flaw! If somebody tunes in here and there and see an amazing routine and like them immediately and then don't pay attention to there overall performances then I don't see how America can be in charge of judging. It's really unfortunate.
  • Started Out Great, Went Downhill

    I've watched this show from season 3 - the first few seasons I watched were magnificent, 10/10. Then, the judges tried to change the format in unappealing ways. Key choreographers left. The format got even worse. I really did love this show because it exposed me to dancing, which I don't get to see much of, as well as great music. However, it's gotten tired. I really hope the rumors that last season wasn't the final season of the show, but if it was, I can see why.
  • not given enough credit!!

    for all the bitter people in the reviews saying that kids having nothing to offer, i think a lot of the kids this season have proved them wrong! I have seen lots of emotional connection between dancers and mentors! Although some of the kids are not up to level with the others and were chosen due to cuteness, even they are starting to prove their worth. I for one am thoroughly enjoying this season and the more mature routines that they are beginning to pull off! My favorites by far are Jake, Tate, Kida, Tahani and Jordan. I think people should stop putting down the show and start appreciating the great talent that these kids have. Dance is one of those special art forms where even the most inexperienced artist can deliver powerful emotions and make you feel something.
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