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  • Most disappointing "dancing" show I've ever watched

    As a competitive dancer for 18+ years, I've altered my schedule in order to watch SYTYCD every year until now. The street v stage is the worst move the show could've ever pulled. Street dancing is what Americas Best Dance Cree is for, NOT SYTYCD. I could go on and on about the horrible choices made. 1. Getting rid of Mary Murphy. 2. Addition of mediocre street dancers. 3. Dumbed down choreography to accommodate the street dancers who've never done choreography in their life. 4. Jason derulo. 5. Paula Abdul. 6. Removing lots of Sonya & Travis' choreography. I could Literally go on forever.

    Well youve lost 1 viewer here, who used to be absolutely thrilled with your show & watching beautifully trained dancers perform phenomenally. Sad to say this is probably this show's last season. Guess I'll have to rewatch all the old season's episodes now

    As a fan since the first show, I'm truly disappointed at the "hot mess" the new version of "So You Think You Can Dance" has proved to be. I've watched two shows and given up. The idea of two competing categories of "STAGE" and "STREET" undermine the basic premise to showcase dance and encourage all contestants to expand their talents. The competition shouldn't be between styles of dance but between talented dancers learning to perform all styles.

    In addition, the new judges are a disaster. I've been surprised to see them laugh at, rather than with some of the contestants. It was humiliating for the audience as well as the young dancer, who performed Ballroom/Hip Hop, to listen to Paula Abdul laughingly mock everything about him before he could even dance. Never seen that kind of treatment to previous contestants. Even Nigel, who is usually sensitive and supportive, failed to help the dancer. Jason Derulo is clearly uncomfortable with evaluating some of the male dancers and even said to one, "you just not my kinda I suspect he protests too much! He has a lot more in common with that contestant than he wants anyone to know. The old fun show full of hopeful contestants, encouraging judges, and great dancing has become one of snarky comments from judges chosen for their "supposed popularity" with no regard for their ability to articulate dance criticism. Twitch would have been a better judge than Jason, and any of the talented choreographers for the show would have been better than Paula Abdul. I prefer to watch reruns of previous seasons when talent was the priority, not being
  • Get rid of Paula and Jason!!

    FOX?!? What the hell are you doing? Fine that you change the format of SYTYCD. But, Mary Murphy was a core piece of your brand. Getting rid of her and bringing in two sub-par judges in her place and in the place of some exceptional guests like Jesse Tyler Ferguson and some of your top Choreographers was a silly move. Paula cannot complete a coherent sentence. She is confusing and her feedback is not constructive or valuable. Jason may have a little experience with the "street" style, but if he says he would pay money to see one of these dancers or groups of dancers again... i'm going to stop watching. That is the most irritating, condescending statement. Both Paula and Jason are counter to your brand, style, voice, and the fundamental sensibility of your show. They are not respected, interesting, or smart. Paula uses words like "juxtaposition" without having any idea what she means. It's embarrassing.
  • My summer love is gone, gone, gone.

    Every summer I look forward to SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I have watched since season 1. I have bought tickets to see the tour every year. I have waited stage door and gotten pictures with the dancers.

    No more. I cannot even stand to watch this season. Don't think I have made it through a full episode.

    Gone is the witty banter of knowledgeable judges. Gone is the pure celebration of beauty that is dance.

    I miss Mary. I even miss the enthusiasm of her screams. I miss the fun and witty banter of judges like Jesse Tyler Furgeson, and Christina Applegate. Heck, I would even take the monotone, expressionless beautiful face of Misty Copeland over Paula Abdul. Misty is a Principal Ballerina . She knows her stuff.

    I tried to stay true to you my summer love. But the love is gone. The boredom of a snoozefest remains.

    This whole stage VS Street is stupid. It is all about the camaraderie of the dancers, trying different genres and growing throughout the season. I will just have to be happy with memories of golden summers past.

    SYTYCD, you have alienated your fan base. I just can't spend time with you anymore. Goodbye.
  • Bring bck Mary Murphy!!!

    I miss Mary Murphy. Paula is not a good judge. I have watched So You Think You Can dance since it began, it was always the highlight of my summer TV watching. Not this year! I cannot stand all the street dancing. I will no longer watch.
  • So VERY sad!!

    SYTYCD has always been my favorite reality show. It was something to look forward to every summer when so many shows are on hiatus. Now Monday nights are so sad, because I remember how excited I always was that SYTYCD came on Mondays. (Even my husband loved the show, and now he gets up and walks I simply don't understand FOX. First they took it down from a 2-night a week show to one night which totally changed the anticipation of who would be leaving the show, and crammed it all into one night. Then, they hired cameramen who are more interested in doing something creative with the camera than focusing on the dancers. It is so very frustrating to try and watch the dancers with the cameras jumping around constantly. The focus should be on the DANCERS!! Now they have hired boring new judges and changed the format. I am assuming the new format is the reason so many of the good choreographers have jumped ship. Now the routines are "dumbed down" to accommodate the untrained street dancers. The threesomes make it impossible for there to be any emotional connection, and the levels of ability of the three dancers never are even, so no one is ever together and the routines are lack-luster. The robot routine last night was the only routine I have seen all season that was great, and it was because it was hip-hop, the stage dancer had training in it, and there were only two people in it! Basically it was the only dance similar to the previous years that we all loved so much! I have never been a fan of Dancing with the Stars because I compared it to the level of dancing in SYTYCD, but I watched it this year because Allison Holker was on it, and I have long been a fan of hers since SYTYCD. Yes, I fast-forwarded past a lot of the silly ones they have on the show, but at least the cameras let you see the dance routine, and it's a shame to recognize that untrained celebrities did a better job than most of the dancers on SYTYCD this summer. It's so unfair to the kids who have trained so hard not to get to show off their chops. Please bring back beauty to dancing and entertain us on these long, hot summer nights!! FOX wake up, fire whoever you put in charge of SYTYCD, and get back to the winning show you had!!!
  • Much Prefer the Older Format

    I'm disappointed at the way the Street vs. Stage idea is working out. The choreography seems skewed toward street dancers. Especially the routine by Tovaris seemed to accommodate untrained dancers, and I'm generally finding the routines to be "dumbed down" and boring. I think in the past that it's been very exciting to see a street dancer, such as Twitch, rise to the difficult level of choreography. This year, however, the choreography seems to be sinking to the level of the untrained dancers. I hope that the old system will be implemented again next year. That having been said, I truly love what SYTYCD brings to television entertainment and look forward to it every year. Thanks, Nigel, for keeping it going!
  • So You Think You Can Street Dance

    For years, I have loved this show and looked forward to every summer so I could watch award winning choreography with people who have trained for years and excel in dance. But I detest this new format and I miss Mary Murphy. I feel like the show has turned its back on the qualities that made it so popular, such as its focus on all types of dance, even those that are not typically performed in the current culture. I loved that the top dancer had to be proficient in all types of dance. That is no longer the case and that is so disappointing. The show is so obviously focused on street dancers that I am disgusted. I have continued to watch for the few bright spots with classic dance, but the beauty is destroyed by the angry toughness of street dance. That half of the show is devoted to it is so disappointing. I continue to be disgusted with Nigel's snide dismissal of the concerns of the one dancer who opted not to participate because he rightfully thought the show had lost its focus. I believe this show will just lose more and more viewers and this will be it's last year. I grieve for its loss, not for what it now is, but for what it once was. Shame on the idiot who came up with this horrible format and on the people who agreed to it. You ruined a beautiful show.
  • See y'a next year SYTYCD, if you survive this year that is

    So this year is KIDS... WTH! way to destroy a show FOX. I am so not interested in watching kids dance. I don't understand why the idots at FOX decided on this. It's one of the worst ideas they could think-up for this show.
  • Are you LISTENING to your LONG TIME viewers at ALL???

    I've read through the fan reviews and they all have a common happened to my FAVORITE show"?? The new judges are horrible and I will never understand why the show thought they were worth the time. Paula is LONG played out with no speaking skills at all. As for Jason, didn't know who he was before, but his pretty much lifeless. There are no words to explain how much I MISS the original show. IF this is all there is to offer, just take it off the air now, otherwise it will die a slow death. Nigel - you have always been my favorite and some how, you let it ALL GO WRONG.
  • Tuning OUT the new show!

    WOW! Who decided to change the show? Big mistake!! Until this year, So You Think You Can Dance was one of my favorites. I only watched episodes 7 and 8 as I did not know you were back on the air until last week. After watching episode 7, I decided to give it one more try so I watched episode 8. Unfortunately, that episode was just as bad. I will no longer watch a show I previously looked forward to.

    I still like Cat!! I like Nigel some of the time; however, I did not like Nigel complaining about the viewers negative comments regarding Street versus Stage. I am one of the viewers who does not like this change. I do not like the costumes thus far either. Paula has provided some helpful feedback to the dancers, but I really miss the always fun Mary Murphy.

    How about returning the show to its former glory? If you do this, I will watch once again.

    Thank you for listening.


    I have always loved SYTYCD even as I admit that Mary Murphy used to grate on my nerves. Honestly, I miss her! She was obviously annoying in a good way and I didn't know what I had until it was gone! Dammit I hate when that happens!

    Back to this season, these dancers are moving slower and with less confidence, the routines are boring and dare I say easier, and the outfits are terrible. Even the camera work is jacked up where you can't enjoy it fluidly. The choreography is not impressive at all. I haven't felt moved by one performance this season. I usually am amazed by them all in past seasons. The judging is half-hearted like everyone is at the end of a 12 hour shift and just want to go home. No energy. I end up changing the channel half the time this season, so I admit I might have missed something redeeming.

    In the end, I hope Mary comes back and some of the choreographers from past seasons. The show has to keep raising the bar and getting better. You can't show us excellence and wow us with the best dancing in the world and then bring out the second and third stringers and expect to keep everyone's interest.
  • 10 year celebration.. Insulting??

    I have watched every show since season 1 and I find it absolutely insulted by this 1 hour fly by of s free past routines while Fox shamelessly spends more time plugging the next show instead of celebrating the wonderful, wonderful dancers that have graced their stages over the past 10 seasons! They truly deserved more respect than was given tonight!
  • What a terrible shame.......

    I LOVED THIS SHOW - I can't believe whats happened. Its impossible to follow what is happening - where's the dance? The group numbers are terrible, seem under rehearsed and none of the contestants shine. Its like a different show. 2 teams? It makes no sense. You can either dance or you can't. Popping ain't dancing when its all you can do. And the judges - well what a hot mess. Paula Abdul - please.... In her day - fine, but now not so much, she is so inarticulate. PLEASE someone save this show.
  • Not a good change

    We DO NOT like the new version of our favorite show. It seems so stuck in a sloppy hip hop street vibe. We miss ballroom. We miss the couples. We miss Mary. Many of the routines just lack elegance. And we are growing VERY tired of Street dancing. It's OK in smaller doses but dance is so much more than that.

    Not to be mean but get rid of Paula and Jason. Neither one offers any authority. We fast forward through Paula because we can't stand her mindless comments.

    Please please go back to the old format.
  • Sooooo disappointed!

    I really look forward to watching this show every season. It is so disappointing this new format. I actually miss Mary screaming in Nigel's ear! She brought so much enthusiasm to the show! Adam Shankman is the bomb! Paula talks in staccato. It's really hard to listen to her talk. And the costumes are soooooo boring!!! Where did all the sparkles and glamour go? It's all dark fabric, and jumbled patchy fabric all over the body. And I agree with everyone that the camera angles are horrible and are all over the place. It's so hard to concentrate on the dance as a whole. Sooooo disappointed! Please someone from the show respond to our concerns!
  • I hate this new season

    We have watched from Epidode One and we always arranged our schedule around the show. I hate what they have done this season?? No couples, no chemistry, big groups you can't even connect with? Half street show? We loved seeing street dancers do star and vice versa?? We are done watching this show and we are really heartbroken over this season?? Awful costumes, awful sets and lighting, and the routines are terrible:/( PLEASE bring back the show we all loved !!!!
  • The New Format Sucks!

    I have watched every show since season 1 and am about to call it quits. The costumes are horrible, but that is not the worst of it. The lighting is overdone and the constantly moving camera makes it impossible to see the dancers. Sometimes you only see half the stage, missing whatever else goes on at the other end. How can we judge the contestants when we barely see them. Please, go back to the old format !!!! Pretty please!
  • The Hot Tamale Train Sparkle is GONE

    This season sucks. The format is not working, there were no guest judges in the judging rounds, and they fired Mary Murphy. There is no fun, no rapport with the judges. The life has been wrung out of this show that I had always enjoyed and anticipated watching. And why did they choose Asaf over Burim? Nothing makes sense. If they don't bring Mary show is a goner.
  • Agree with all the comments-new format is bad

    Where is the tango and the waltz and the samba, etc. Those are the dances I look forward to with a bit of hip hop mixed in. It was fun to watch a tapper or a street dancer grow and show the world they could do the ballroom dances and vice versa. This new format may appeal to a young audience and maybe that's what the new format is intended to do but being in my 50's I'm afraid they are about to lose me and I've watched the show from the
  • What happened to my favorite show????

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that HATES this new format. I thought I was going crazy. I tried to be patient and give it benefit of doubt but I'm beyond disappointed by the changes in the show.

    I remember watching that very first episode 10yrs ago and being so blown away. I look forward to this all year round and am so upset that my fave show has been ruined.

    I think the Street/Stage concept is pretty cool. Having them dance a separate routine is great. And then we could vote on fave routine from each. But that's it. The show has always been a mixed bag of dancers. And street performers have done phenomenally well on the show. There was no need to dumb it down for them.

    Is it because Jason (and I use that term loosely) street dance so they are pandering to him?????? It's like we lost Mary Murphy so we had to lose ballroom. Unacceptable.

    And why on earth are these kids dancing in groups of 3s and 4s for the competition?

    First off, none of the dancers are being showcased that way. (Especially with the horrendous camera men the show has. Seriously, in 10 years how do they not have people that can capture the whole dance for the home audience??)

    These random groups make no sense and show little chemistry between the dancers. Or the dancers and their routines. I used to cry every week being moved by some performance or the sheer talent and passion this year I've been bored and frustrated waiting for magic that seems to only come once and a awhile now.

    The choreographers and dancers are way too talented to be wasted like this.

    Also, what happened to the get to know the dancers segment?

    And yes the judges are awful. I miss Mary and Nigel dynamic. They need the guest judges like Anna Kendrick, Christina Applegate etc back asap.

    I'd really hate to lose this show but I can't imagine it being around next year street this disastrous format change.

    Here's hoping it gets better because as of now, I don't even want to finish the season.
  • What happened to SYTYCD?

    I have been a super fan of this show since its first season. Always so excited when a new season began. I went into this season with an open mind, but have been so disappointed. First, there is no chemistry with the judges. I miss Mary terribly. Paula and Jason are simply not cutting it. Bring back the guest judges. It was always so much fun to listen to their critiques. Now I simply fast-forward. Not liking the Stage vs. Street format. Most of all, not thrilled with the 3-person numbers. It's not working. I also think the choreography is not at the same level. No memorable numbers to date. All in all, just one big disappointment. It's almost like they are trying to get cancelled. Used to be the best talent contest on TV. Please go back to the old format, and bring back some life to the show - bring back MARY!!!
  • "Don't Mess With Perfection "

    SYTYCD had the perfect formula for the most addictive and entertaining show on TV. I was their biggest fan and totally addicted. Everyone in my family knows if it's on, it's my priority. I have loyally watched every season, I only dropped out of 1 season, when they started doing Guy on guy. I'm sorry, but that's a big Turn Off for a red blooded female. However, I returned and became even more attached to the show until, street vs stage. This is a total and complete disaster in every way! These dancers do not emote like previous dancers and the routines do not do them justice. The choreography and dancing seem superficial , choppy and disconnected. I have not seen one real attraction or connection between dance partners yet. Don't get me started on the lack of testosterone. Well the girls are the ones with the balls this season, they really overpower the feminine males. The contrast and balance of the male / female couple dancing of past seasons was a winning formula for many reasons. When you take that away, you cancel out: romance, intense chemistry, electric energy, combative conflict, the heat, the beauty of the contrasting masculinity that compliments the opposite feminine and all of the drama created as a result. This show brought back old school Romance. I think couples today really needed that reminder to live and love in the moment intensely. Also to release those inner emotions and really connect on a powerful level. Yes its unbelievable that a TV show can teach all that. That's why I am sad to say this will be my last season to watch, unless of course they go back to the previous format. I doubt I will finish this season, it is just too painful to watch. Even the lighting, the stage, the costumes, the movement of the camera are so amature and awful.

    I disagree with whoever said people are turning on street. I grew up in the 80s, therefore I am a diehard street fan and everything r&b, hip hop, break dance etc. Thats what was so great about the show is now I am also a lover of ballroom ,contemporary, Broadway, etc. however I don't put one above the other or pit them against each other. The whole concept is very flawed, but the execution is an even bigger failure. Changing a perfect formula was a huge mistake. I don't usually write reviews, especially complaints, but I just had to because I am missing my favorite show so much!

  • Is this really what you want?

    Please go back to the old format. If you are looking at attracting the younger crowd and want to lose the mature crowd, maybe this is working.

    I miss Mary sooooooo much.

    Too much street and silly competition between Street and Stage. I miss the overall review when someone is eliminated.

    I feel the heart of your show is gone.
  • I miss the old SYTYCD!

    Ok, so when people began complaining about the new format of SYTYCD, I took notice, but because I love the show so much, I wanted to believe it would be alright. I eagerly awaited the new season this May - my favorite show to watch during the summer months while I'm off as a teacher! I wasn't quite sure what to make of the Stage vs. Street format, but during the tryouts I watched while trying to find a dancer that stood out. Now that the competition part has been going on for several weeks, I have finally admitted to myself and to other avid fans, who agree by the way, that this just isn't working! The choreography is not good, the untrained dancers are not exciting to watch, except for maybe one or two, and the trained dancers are fair to good. I hope it's just the choreography in their case - they are not being given much to work with. The judging panel is not fun either!!! There is no wit or creativity to their comments and nothing constructive is handed to the dancers except from Nigel. I miss lyrical with two people on stage so much and I miss Mary Murphy!! Last night after watching Monday's show again with some neighbors and having a long discussion about all the disappointments this season, I went to bed with my iPad and watched multiple dances from seasons past. I ended up watching for two 1/2 hours and LOVING every second. There is NO COMPARISION to what used to be on the . There used to be banter, affection, conversation, humor, technique, beautiful dancing, hard work, great judging, creative criticism, improvement, the list goes on. As a trained dancer, albeit many years ago, I miss the inspiration, emotion, and beauty that used to be on SYTYCD. There are too many other things I can be doing with my time for the remainder of the summer other than watching and hoping to see these elements on a failing show. So sad....
  • Make It Stop!

    This season is just terrible. I've been a fan since Season 2 and I've never been so disappointed. I hate the new Stage v. Street format, cannot STAND the new judge lineup and the costumes are just awful. The camera work sucks, and honestly this group of dancers just generally feels weaker to me; there is no one who stands out, no one even seems like they have the chops to win. Even the routines seem uninspired, I mean the "Club ChaCha"? Asaf just stood there! Can't stand the 3 person routines and I really miss Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Christina Applegate. I just hope this isn't the last season because it would sucks for them to go out this way.

  • Horrible season!

    I am so disappointed by this season! This has always been my summer "guilty pleasure"' but I don't even care if I watch ! The threesomes are horrible! None of the chemistry that the couples had in he past. It is hard to watch. Whose idea was this new format! Nigel! Bad bad idea. I also miss the guest judges. Why did you mess with something that was working? Jason is horrible. He just echoes what everyone else says. Even Cat is getting on my nerves.

  • And where was Sonya ?????

    Last night's 10 years sytycd celebration left one HUGE hole, the non-mentioning altogether of the great routines designed by SONYA (sorry I don't know her last name). Her routines were hands-down the most imaginative throughout sytycd's existence. WHO CENSORED THIS BROADCAST TO EXCLUDE HER?
  • So you think you can cry

    This show used to be my favorite show. For 9 seasons I watched avidly. Now it is a shame. I cannot stress enough how disappointed I am. From the terrible choice of judges to the new ridiculous format of street vs stage. This show is horrible. I am sad to say that I am now looking forward to dancing with the stars as the premier dancing show on network television. In spite of dancing with the stars pageantry and fakeness ... It is now more authentic than so you think you can dance. I cannot believe what I am saying but sytycd has lost its authenticity... It's beauty ... I am crying tears of disappointment. There is no possibility for the best dancer to win. In what universe do you get rid of Darion and keep some of the dancers that were saved this week.
  • Hate It!!

    Watched every previous season and didn't miss one show. This season is horrible. Nigel looks and absolutely should be uncomfortable. Paula and Jason are way out of their element. The entire premise is a total disaster. I'm truly sorry to say I'll not watch another show nor will my mate. We completely agree with gaydiplomat.
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