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  • FB ONLY voting unfair, but then voters & judges lack integrity regardless so perhaps a moot point

    We've watched for years, the voting always downright annoying. This year tops the cake with online/app voting only available via FB. Sorry to the many talented individuals who won't get votes from discriminate viewers. And couldn't agree more regarding the camera. We want to watch the dancers not how creative the video crew can get. August 13 proved it's yet another tragic season. Clearly voters don't vote based on talent. Without question there is NO way Tanisha and Rudy should have been let go this week. Consistently strong, constantly growing and always beyond impressive. And we're very tired of listening to the judges and their inconsistent remarks between contestants. Outside of the dancers, the show itself is falling prey to the substandard reality TV mediocrity. Such a shame indeed but this show will likely be on the chopping block!
  • Hate The New Voting

    I have loved SYTYCD since its first debut. I am very disappointed that I cannot vote. I think it is totally absurd that people have to vote via FB. I am one of those individuals who do not have any interest in using FB for my own reasons. Most of everything is done online now days and it is more convenient to vote online instead of a telephone line. I think that a lot of great dancers will lose a lot of votes just because many of us are unable to vote because of the FB challenge. If I am not able to vote for my favorite dancer then what is the reason that I should watch the show. What is the point of even downloading an APP to your phone if you are unable to utilize it, hence you must vote via FaceBook from your cell phone as well. I hope the producers change this method because there are a lot of people who are not in agreement. Did they once think about the older and more mature crowd who don't use social media platforms??? I guess not!!! Signed Old Fashion...
  • Best Dance Talent!

    This is not like other casting shows. This is a television show for those who enjoy helping people with their passion, their expression, and to watch serious judges get down to business. Pressure, lights, camera, and talent! Great music selections!!!!!
  • All NEW Facebooks favorite Dancer! FB voting sucks

    I can no longer participate in the voting because of FB. What a shame. The show itself is still great, but the voting was an important part of enjoying the show. Made you feel as if you were participating.

    Now just call it "Facebooks Favorite Dancer" and leave America out of it.


    Nothing against Cyrus BUT I thought this show was about DANCE!!! I have watched since the beginning and all the dancers had to do different types of dance--this has not been the case this year! We have watched the choreographers cater to Cyrus and his inability to do the basic dance moves. This has been unfair to the kids that were better than him and got sent home! I have LOVED this show in the past but this season has been a major let down!! Why didn't Cyrus have to do a CHA-CHA or Bollywood????? Also at the end of the program you should say vote for the person who you believe is the BEST dancer not your favorite!! This should be a compeition about dancing NOT about popularity!! I would really like Nigel to honestly tell us if they plan on bringing Cyrus back as an all star to pair up with future contestants? Seriously!!!!

    I am absolutely upset I can not vote because I do not have a FB page not fair that us that want to steer away from that media site can not take part in casting our opinion on the show we love... the producers need to change that ASAP I hope when they see the count is not high they change on the split .. I REFUSE TO MAKE A PAGE ON A SITE I DO NOT WANT TO BE PART OF JUST TO VOTE... By the way did anyone catch one person did not have their 8 second run down... One of my favs will give a hint female Tapper can anyone guess her name.. BUT THE SHOW STILL IS THE MOST AMAZING SHOW WHO CRIED WHO MELTED YOUR HEART WHO FELT THOSE AMAZING MOMENTS.... So many ballroom dancers this season I cant wait to see them out of their elements Over ALL amazing show Opinion on each Couple to follow
  • Make it better

    I was a dancer, and my son is a dancer, & SYTYCD is our favorite show. the only thing we don't like is that the camera does not stay on the dancer through the whole performance. We don't want to look at the judges, we can hear them laugh or whatever, but there are only a few minutes for each performance & audition, and precious, meaningful moments of the choreography are lost each time the camera goes to the panel & away from the dancer. Most of the people & dancers I know personally really dislike this. We can wait to the end to see & hear the judges!! Please consider this.
  • Is anyone else sick of seeing so much of the judges??

    I love this show, but I am getting more and more fed up with the amount of time the judges are shown when dancers are performing. I appreciate the judges, but I want to see THE DANCERS. I don't give a flip about seeing the judges faces while the dancers are on. Come on, guys! You say this is about the dancers and people being given a chance they may not have gotten otherwise, but I think you are making it about yourselves. Lets get back to the dancers!!!
  • Refuse to Vote Now

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you must have a Facebook account to vote. Many people do not use Facebook. This is very unfair to the dancers, because many who want to vote do not want to join Facebook. Although I have a Facebook account, I just think this sucks and is unfair.
  • Disenfranchised

    I've loved the show since season 1, and I too am upset that voting is now FB only. For a show that actually tries to teach audience connection, it's an ironic move. Limiting the voting to subscribers of a creepy social network leaves many of us disenfranchised, and I can feel my caring for the show draining away. 10 for the show, 2 for the network execs.
  • SYTYCD rigged for Cyrus

    Just finished watching this weeks show. I don't believe for one second that Cyrus got more votes than Cole. This is such an insult to our intelligence. I have watched the show every season and never seen such lack of ability and talent as Cyrus. I am seriously considering not watching next year. I don't understand how the show can favor someone who didn't put the time or money into dance lessons basically a casual interest compared to the other dancers. How insulting! I find it curious that Nigel and Mary didn't comment on Cyrus's performance after the Broadway debacle. Hmmmmm.
  • The worst dancer that I ever seen on this show cyrus

    I can't believe that cyrus is still on this show I'm shocked that he made it their are dancers that left that were 10 times better.I liked this up in till this season because of him so many better than him this season is not about the votes it's favorite's this year.
  • give us the best of the best

    Dear Nigel & Company: Once this season is over (Season 10) PLEASE provide us a DVD of the "best of the best" routines over the first 10 seasons. There have been some that were so memorable I don't want to ever forget them. Also, if I were a dancer I wouldn't really care about a critique from some sitcom actor. I mean, who cares that some dippy, trippy actress thinks everyone is wonderful. I would want to hear how I can improve from another dancer or a choreographer (Christina Applegate is an exception - she's knowledgeable about dance). It was great to see Kenny Ortega last week and Debbie Allen this week. I personally miss Little C and where oh where is Mia.
  • Is INTEGRITY still a concept on So You Think You Can Dance? Or is the judging for this show as crooked as that for Olympics Figure Skating? This show should be all about good dancing. Please producers: Keep it a dance contest, not a popularity contest!

    I have been greatly enjoying So You Think You Can Dance this summer -- and that's saying something, as I am not the world's biggest TV watcher, by any means. The dancing is so exciting and until recently I think the judges have been spot-on. In fact, after seeing a number of episodes I've gotten pretty good at predicting what each judge will say after every performance (no kidding!) However, I feel that the show has really gone astray as it nears its season climax. Up to now, this show was solidly about dancing and the dancers' striving for excellence with the constructive criticism of the judges. Sadly, it is looking to me like the show has turned its back on dancing and has become a popularity contest instead. To prove my point: The hip-hop dancer Comfort was inexplicably kept on longer than she should have been and was finally voted off a couple weeks ago with some very cogent comments about her glaring lack of dance skill and technique outside of the hip-hop/crumping genre. Now all of a sudden she is back, ostensibly because another dancer, Jessica, has sustained some injuries and must temporarily retire from competition. After a disastrous attempt at a waltz, Comfort was given a hip-hop number to perform, at which (no surprise) she excelled. She squeaked through to become one of the final eight contestants beating out another dancer, charismatic Kherrigan, who, until the last episode, was pretty much flawless and a great performer. Kherrigan does not deserve to go down! She could literally dance rings around Comfort. So, I must conclude that this show is no longer about dancing. It really seems to me that someone behind the scenes for whatever reason is gunning for Comfort, despite the fact that she leaves a lot to be desired as a dancer. I think the producers of So You Think You Can Dance need to re-think their present course and bring back the integrity that was so apparent until recently. I have been watching this show with my nine-year-old daughter who has herself been dancing for five years (ballet, jazz, tap and acro). She lives for dancing, and even at her tender age she can see that Comfort is not up to scratch. It is very hard to explain to a starry-eyed, dance-mad nine-year-old why a superb dancer like Kherrigan gets knocked out of the competition by a lesser dancer. What's this biased judging teaching aspiring dancers like my little girl? Not to try? Excellence doesn't matter? You're doomed before you start so don't bother? It's so obvious Comfort brings the whole level of dancing on the show down, down, down. Producers, please take the high road. I assure you, your show will still be loved and enjoyed by millions if you keep the show about dancing, not popularity. Thank you for letting me have my say.
    HamiltonNance (rhymes with "Dance"!) in Canada
  • Worst season Yet

    I'm utterly disappointed by the uninspiring performances and the cast that screams vanilla in every way. This used to be my absolute favorite show, one that I argued with my husband for the right to watch for two hours each week. Watching the auditions gave me goosebumps, but somehow, even though there were some truly unique performances, the least exciting and the least original dancers were selected. I definitely will not buy tickets to see this top 10 which lacks diversity. If next years outcome is similar, I won't waste my time watching at all. I doubt that I'll make it through the remainder of this season. I'm very sad and again, disappointed.
  • This year was horrible, I am sorry. and the finale, that I waited for all week, a complete let down.

    What the heck is going on this year. I mean they are all NOBODY is really jamming the floor, and honestly I cannot believe that I was fast forwarding over dances. None of the judges are really that excited, it is so obvious. Mary Murphy, is giving compliments, that seem to be forced. No they are forced, fake, and a complete let down this year.

    If Ricky does one more right leg extension, I am going to shut off the tv or watch a movie. Can he do that with his left leg? Nope, haven't seen it yet. Here is my prediction. They want tappers to win this year, obviously. Sad to say, tapping was or is exciting to the age group now from the 40s and 50s, who are now in their late 70s or early 80s, honestly the people really watching the show are not that excited over it. I was a tapper , even went to college for dance in Philadelphia..... Yes tapping is hard, but boring now. Honestly I liked the show better when thier was a group of guys and a group of girls. There really isnt anybody in the finale that is that outrageously good this year. Complete let down. I hope they fix this next year, because I've never been this bored with this show. There isn't one dance, (with the exclusion of Zack, a little?)that covers a huge part of the dance, floor, again, boring, a let down, nothing special, and probably will not watch next year. What a bummer. Looking for a movie on a pay channel instead and turning it off. Jessica and Ricky probably should win, but again, nothing that great, but watch valerie and zack take it cuz they are tapping , They never had tapper winners, guess they are trying to be different. Who cares, they ruined it this year.
  • 10 Seasons and still the best show on television

    This show, although a competition, is really about getting to watch incredible dancers perform amazing, Emmy award winning routines. Yes, your favorite dancer does not always win. And yes, sometimes the judges comments can be irritating. But, I LOVE what this show is and what it represents. I am blessed that in the midst of mindless television drama there is a program that celebrates the talents of real individuals and promotes art in such a stunning display of athleticism.
  • I love it~! Constant surprises. ":) Hope it continues to be shown every year.

    Every year when I see "So you think you can dance" it absolutely amazes me on how the dances can move their bodies in such a way and the emotions that seems to leap from the screen and slap you in the face to leave you speechless for at least ten(10) minutes at a time.

    I think a Program like this is very important in our world of chaos. Besides the lights, music, Judges and fancy costumes, I think it's more than that. It shows the basic structure of what makes us human, celebration, expressionism, passion, enlightenment, commitment, sadness, happiness. These are "true" emotions that we hardly get to see on our screens today.

    I would definitely rather see the raw emotions on "So you think you can dance" as opposed to a billion dollar Block Buster Film with award winning actors.

    It's also great for the Community, Cultural understanding, personal achievement and yes it is extremely all round great viewing. A show that I hope will be around for my children to appreciate and maybe someday be on if they themselves choose the art of dance.
  • A hidden gem among reality shows.

    SYTYCD should hardly be considered a reality show. It is like a real dance competition. I have a great deal of respect for many of the people on this show and what they do. It deserves more viewers than it has. The atheletism, stamina and focus it takes to be a dancer is comparable to professional atheletes and should be respected as much. It is incredibly entertaining, moving, funny; just totally dynamic to watch. It's unique because it takes dancers gifted in their own styles and has them compete in mostly different styles of dance. It takes alot of true earned talent to do. The choreography is really excellent and to pair it with a variety of dancers creates something magical to watch. It shows growth in skill and as a person which also makes it interesting to follow. I can't wait until next year I love this show.
  • Finding out who is America's Favorite Dancer. Past winners include Nick Lazzareni, Benji Schwimmer, and Sabra Johnson.

    This show combines so many great elements of comedy, drama, and just pure fun. This show is just one of the best reality shows that is on television. I never really watched this until season three, but now i completely love this show. The whole idea reminds me of American Idol, but instead this has dance instead of having people sing for all of their votes. So...yea...i really do not have any thing else to say, so i think that im just going to ramble. I L O V E T H I S S H O W! Y E A!
  • Dancers go through a series of tough auditions to demonstrate versatility in most dance styles. The Top 20 go on to dance on tv and are voted for by viewers. Eliminations take place until one is crowned America's Favorite Dancer.

    I'll take this show over "American Idol" anyday. Many untrained singers have gone very far in American Idol, and the winners(and many finalists) go on to successful singing careers. However, with So You Think You Can Dance, the winners don't get much publicity, and it takes years of training for the contestants to make the Top 20. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of these talented dancers. Dancing also entertains me, even though I don't dance at all. These people dont' have natural talent, they worked hard for it and deserve to show off what they have learned. Although some of it seems a little rigged in order for some contestants to get more votes, it's a great show!!
  • So you think you can dance?

    As a dancer myself, this show has become a personal favorite. I'm so amazed by how good some of these people are. I've just got into it in the fourth season, and I think I came at the optimal time. The dances are fabulously choreographed and danced, mostly, to perfection. I've learned a lot from just watching them, and I'm totally inspired. I've wanted to make my own routines more interesting and dynamic, and this has shown me how much I could do with my body. True, the judge Mary is very annoying, with her loud voice, but she's a small price to pay to watch these really great dancers.
  • Never too old to learn

    71 years old and never knew or cared about dance until my wife and I started watching SYTYCD. Watched season 1 and haven't missed an episode since. Most entertaining show on TV. Amazing talent and beautiful choreography. I feel like I've received an education in dance. I know I could be a better judge than some of the big name singer/actor judges who don't know anything about dance. Their flippant cliche comments are embarrassing (almost as bad as Randy Jackson on AI). Especially enjoyed Misty Copeland. I'm too old to do much dancing (although my twist always draws a crowd at wedding receptions) but I have gained a great appreciation for dance because of this show.
  • Love, love, love

    I love this show! It's always the highlight of me week. I am starting to get just a little upset with the elimination process however. The guys are all so solid. Losing Gev was a huge blow to my heart, but I would have been sad to see Mark leave as well. It's tough to call, but I think there will be a male winner this year. I can actually see it coming down to Will and either Chelsie or Katee. It seems like this season is flying by as opposed to last year. Just so you know, there are weekly recaps over at Here's a link to their latest:
  • Season 11 sucks

    The best seasons were 3-10. 1 and 2 were good also, but each year continued to get better than the last one. Season 11 is no where close to any of the previous seasons. I stopped watching especially after the best female dancer on the show this season (Tanesha) was booted off.
  • Turn off the audience screaming!

    Hearing the audience scream during the performance is distracting and frankly ruins a lot of really good performances for me. I want to focus on the dancing and hearing the music and get lost in it all. Hearing a bunch of girls scream every time something great happens just totally takes me out of the moment. Even Nigel has mentioned it several times a couple weeks ago. Just turn off the microphones for the audience during the performance, it adds nothing. If you don't believe me, take a vote. I can't imagine many people actually think it adds something. Please stop, it's ruining the show for me that I really love.
  • A very good dancing show.

    This show has come a long way since its beginnings... I can't even remenber the dancers from season one! But since season two, the dancers who come throught the show are just amazing. some of the dances are just AMAZING!!! I'm happy that the show has given a chance to dancers, my friend is a dancer and I can see how hard it can be to live by your talent.

    I'm also happy that SYTYCD is a summer show, because every thing is off for the season and this is a great replacement, but why change it to fall?? Now I hace to much to watch!
  • season 11

    Stop this screaming and whistling is so distracting! I'm so annoyed and distracted it takes all the joy out of watching the dancers!!! There so wonderful and amazing why would you ( the producers of this show) allow this.. It's reminding us of other shows. For god's sake give the dancers some respect, wait till their performance is over!! I cant hear anything but the screaming! Don't ruin this show! I have many acquaintances who are complaining of the same thing. Sad to say, some have stopped watching the show. Seriously to those of you controlling this show, shut the audience up....
  • So you think you can laugh at dancers

    New formula. We'll have to see how all that works out. I really enjoyed watching the dancers, all of them, strutting their stuff. At some point near the end while watching the 12th season's Premiere, I realized that I was smiling ear to ear, and had been from most of the show.

    However, not during all of it. I smiled less when Paula Abdul laughed uncontrollably at the dancer with the tie.

    I know. She said it wasn't because of him. Nevertheless, that's what it looked like and I felt really bad for him. How humiliating it must have been! To his credit, he took it with equanimity and grace, though I did see several flickers of bafflement and sadness in his eyes.

    What is even more shocking is that the producers decided to keep the whole laughing episode. Really? The laughing uncontrollably could have been edited out.

    I can't help thinking that keeping that segment is tantamount to humiliating someone on social media. I mean, everybody who looked at the show saw this! Makes me miss Mary and her kind, loving professionalism and sense of humor.

    And Paula Abdul being famous, won't the whole situation be exacerbated considering how copycating someone who's famous is a national passtime? . Paula Abdul laughed at this dancer, so it must be OK for everybody to laugh at him! Isn't this somewhat comparable to bullying?

    Imagine what this dancer will have to endure when he goes back to his school, to his neighborhood! I think that it was bad judgement and lack of compassion to have kept that segment from Monday's show. A learning opportunity for the show's crew.

    And in my opinion, it would have been a nice gesture to give the dancer a ticket to Vegas as a means of atonement... In spite of how very awful he must have felt, he did his number... and it was sort of a cute one.
  • Stop moving the camera, please!

    Love the show but I don't want to get sick watching it. Please let us feel like we're in the audience and allow the cameras to show the view from the audience. The spinning and cutting from camera to camera is just not worth watching.
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