So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 16

Top 10

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 25, 2007 on FOX

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  • Pretty good top 10.

    To start off I am not even going to comment on the solos because I will not talk about the same thing ten times. I am glad they didn't follow this idea through the entire rest of the season. Lauren and Pasha's hip hop was one of my favorite hip hops this season, I loved it. When I heard Pasha got hip hop, I couldn't wait to see it. Well, it was awesome. Sabra and Kameron. I am sorry, but Kameron did not do too well. Which is why he (cough)goteliminated(cough). I thought Lacey and Danny's Samba was the sexiest dance of like the entire season. It was so frickin hott I loved it. Jaimie and Dominics thing was probably the worst of the night, Dominic was too in character and Jaimie I plain out did not like. Sara and Neil's disco was really good right when Neil did the first backfilp and remained that way for awhile. So, superb episode.
  • This was a really boring episode.

    I can't believe this episode was two hours, when it could have been half an hour shorter. The contestants danced to the same song 10 times! I nearly went insane! I used to like "Waiting on the World" but now I feel sick when I hear it. How can you think the audience is going to enjoy hearing the same song so many times? I can't speak for everybody, but everybody that saw it with me thought the performances were getting repetitive. I think So You Think You Can Dance is a decent show, but this episode was just terrible in my opinion.
  • Fun as usual.

    Pasha is my favorite male dancer. And I loved the hip hop routine he did with Lauren. It was entertaining, it was fun, they were together, perfection. Finally, a dance style where Pasha can make his funny faces!

    Honesty: Never really cared much for Jaimie one way or the other. In fact, I always felt Hok, a much better performer, outshined her. Watching her solo tonight, I finally get it. I understand why the judges love her so much.

    Love: Dominic is one of the best guys, and not only was he incredible, but he brought so much of himself to it, I forgot it was the same dance as Jaimie!

    Sabra is my favorite girl, and Kameron is my least favorite guy. What a match. They say you're only as strong as your weakest link but they also say the mark of the best performers is that they make their performers come up to their levels. She definitely made him look better then he has in awhile. But I agree with Mia, she revealed him for not up to par.

    Hope: I refuse to call Sara a B-girl. She is just too darn good at everything she does! Again, such an amazing job at the solo! Beautiful.

    Communication: My boy Pasha. I worried about him at this stage. He is a ballroom dancer and they have trouble at solos, his partner Anya as well as Faina learned that the hard way. But he Nailed it! Atta Boy! And I loved the way he made the heart small instead of large like everyone else. Just a touching personal moment that worked because it seemed like he was emphasizing his real heart.

    Not a Danny fan, but I do like Lacey. Danny's biggest problem for me has always been emotional connection, which is where Lacey shines, so I figured she would either outshine him or bring it out in him. She brought it out and it was a good thing, I enjoyed him. I enjoyed it, but according to the judges, missing some technical stuff.

    Patience: I like Lauren and I enjoyed the dance mostly, but she ruined the end for me. Suddenly breaking the mood to strike her final pose instead of staying in the moment until the end kinda annoyed me a little. I didn't see hope like Nigel saw, I saw "the dance is over." But mostly great job.

    Humility: Great job by Neil. It's such a shame he has to compete against Dominic and Pasha. What hurts Neil most isn't anything he's doing, it's simply his competition. On his first leap, he seemed to actually stay hovered in the air for a second. And he dealt with the fall with poise and grace.

    Unity: Sabra, dang she is amazing. When she screamed, it was so loud and heartfelt. It's been said over and over and over again. It's just unbelievable that she's only had four years of formal training. She is a firecracker. So good!

    Trust: Kameron is a great dancer surrounded by excellent dancers. What else can I say?

    Jaimie had the waltz before, and it was her worst week, largely due to Hok having trouble escaping his style, and also being shorter the Jaimie. Not a problem this time around, this waltz was the complete and total opposite. What a total joy to watch. I think the judges totally lost the plot. Though I was glad to heard that Jaimie finally got any kind of comment on something to work on. I often don't get why she is praised as being so perfect. Last week for example, they gave Hok a hard time about being in character when she was never in character, but they only praised her. So even if it was just about her open mouth, thank you Mia!

    Peace: Lacey snuck up on me. I never thought about her winning until I began hearing it all over the place. But seeing her dance tonight, even though she isn't my favorite, I would not be sorry if it happened.

    Understanding: I don't think Danny connected with this dance emotionally, which is a problem he often has. He screamed because he was supposed to, for example, not because he felt it. Just didn't do it for me.

    Neil and Sara are solid dancers and solid performers. I loved watching the two of them so very much. That was a hoot!

    Best couples dances of the night, Pasha and Lauren's hip-hop and Neil and Sara's disco!
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