So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 16

Top 12 Results

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 19, 2007 on FOX

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  • Whatever.

    The bottom three guys were, Danny, Neil, and Hok. Seeing as Danny and Hok made it to the top 4, they didn't deserve to go, but I wish that the judges were a little more gentle about letting Hok go, it's sad, it was kinda like Musa from last season. You gotta love him, but you know that the judges would never let him in. The bottom three girls were, Anya, Lauren, and Jaimie. Jaimie didn't deserve to go. She was safe. That's good. Lauren and Anya I cannot honestly choose between them, I dislike both, it was just a matter of Wade choosing who because Mary was bias over Anya and Nigel was bias over Lauren. Well, great episode. Whatever.
  • I love this show, but this episode seemed to be focused on booting out Hok.

    The entertainment was great, who America chose as the bottom three couples was acceptable since the dance numbers for the "final 12" were unusually weak--basically they could have chose almost any of the couples and I wouldn't have been surprised they were in the bottom. I usually rate all the episodes above an 8 because quite frankly, they are great…but I knocked this down from my regular rating of the show because the judges blindsided Hok. His last two performances were critiqued harshly: the main complaints in the Waltz were “there wasn't enough waltzing”--a matter controlled by the choreographer, not the dancer; and in the "Mr. Bo Jangles" number he was criticized for “not doing anything spectacular in the dance,” again, not his fault, he didn't design the dance, he just danced it, well I might add. So, the judges blindsided him, why you might ask, good question…the truth is they knew Hok was very popular with America, and in the final 10 the voting out is handed over to America and the judges didn't want Hok to get the win or even make it to the final four...I mean, I don’t think they want any “untrained” dancer to make it to the final four, or at least any that would have a definite chance of winning America’s vote for the winning slot. There are two other male dancers with those “unqualifications” but they don’t have Hok’s charisma. Sad really.
  • One more girl and one more guy gets voted off. Enrique Iglesias performs. And they have a special guest tap dance.

    This week was a hard one. It was hard to pick who was going to be in the bottom three because most of the couples left were good. I figured Hok and Jaimie were going to be in the bottom 3, but the rest, I had no clue. Although when Anya and Danny ended up there, it wasn't too much of a shock especially since they paired them up with Sabra and Dominic. And Danny has been a little off every week except this one. It's hard to make it all up with one performance. And the last pairing was Lauren and Neil and Lacey and Kameron. I really had no clue here, but Lauren and Niel ended up having to dance for their lives. I was surprised that the judges sent Anya home. I was thinking it might've been Jaimie. There is just something about her I can't get into. I knew Hok was going home. Sad to see them go. It's going to get harder each week. I like Enrique Iglesias, but his performance was so-so. I don't even really remember it. The tap dance guy (sorry, can't remember his name) was awesome! Looking forward to the coming weeks. No clue who is going to win it all though.
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