So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 14

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Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 12, 2007 on FOX

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  • Cedric finally leaving, Shauna... leaving.

    Cedric leaving made me jump in joy! I was like, woot, this episode gets a ten! Amazing! Finally! Then I run around like crazy with a brilliant smile on my face blah blah blah oh the joy of it all. He deserved to go, he wasn't that bad, but seirously he deserved to go. When Shauna left, it wasn't too bad at the first thought, but like 5 seconds later I was like. "Nooooo!!!!" It is horrible. The judges were so biased. Shauna deserved to make the top 10. Jaimie's solo was good, but her technique and skill isn't as good as Shauna's. Anya's was pathetic compared to Shuana. Mary was so bias, I can't belive they chose Anya over Shauna. How could've Shauna shown development if she had horrible partners? It's pathetic, I hope she doesn't stop dancing because I know she is an idol for so many people. She was like Natalie from season 2 kind of for me, or Allison, because she danced with so much passion. Well, anyway, er, ok episode.
  • Another great dance show

    I thought this episode was good, Hok and his partner (I cant ever remeber her name) Were the worst for me. Even though I REALLY like Hok and his partner, they dident really dance that well tonight. I thought Pasha and Sara were the best out of everyone, their dance was probaly the best of the season so far. The two of them make a very great dance team, and I hope they keep it up. I can definatly picthure them wining the entire competition if they just keep going at the rate that they're already at. I do thing Cedric should have gone home. It was way over due. but i dont know about Shauna. I kinda liked her style. But oh well, two people have to go home every week.
  • 1 more guy and 1 more girl gets the boot on a really tough week and Hillary Duff performs.

    They start off with a group number choreographed by the director and choreographer of the movie "Hairspray". I swear one girl was missing, but oh well. It was a very energetic number, but not one of my favorite group numbers. The clip they showed of rehearsal was hilarious though. Then they get down to the business of which couples are in the bottom 3. The first group I wasn't too sure who it was going to be because both couples were good, but Anya and Danny ended up there. The second group, I was sure it was going to be Shauna and Cedric and it was. There is just something about Cedric that I don't like. And from the final group it was Hok and Jaimie. I could predict that, too. Then the dancers got to go the red carpet premiere of "Hairspray" and hang out with the cast of the movie afterwards. Lucky people! Then the bottom 6 dancers got to dance for their lives. After they were done, I could predict who was going. But anyway....while the judges deliberated who should go home, Hillary Duff performed "Stranger". Not a bad performance. And then the judges rendered their decision, Shauna and Cedric would be leaving us this week. I knew that and am not too sad to see them go. They just didn't do it for me.