So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 11

Top 16

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2007 on FOX

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  • All the dancers besides Cedric did good

    I thought that all the dancers did very well, except Cedric and his partner, it's not that they did really bad, it's just that the judges were right that he does bring his partners down. He is a good dancer, he just needs to practice with his partner more. I feel bad for Pasha about his partner, I hope they dont get out. I really liked Hok's preformance, it was really cool that bird dance. I liked the whole bird and flower theme. I like all those weird dances. Like the hobo dance and this one. I think Wade something creates them. I hope he makes more.
  • Jesus krumped, Cedric cried, and Jessie didn't show up...

    Tonight's SYTYCD was, like stated above, a fine example of why this is probably the best reality show on television (at least the only one that makes me and my husband continually tear up from heartfelt stories and beautiful dancing). While the dances were not as memorable as some of the dances in the past - Heidi and Benji's Broadway, for example, or Alison and Ivan's contemporary routine to "Why" and their Shane Sparks umbrella routine - they were certainly more than enough reason to dedicate two hours watching. Best of the Best: Sarah and Jesus did a krump routine that shows why they should be put in the "couples to beat" category, along with Lacey and Kamron and Danny and Anya. Those two just attack everything with style and skill. Likewise, Lacey and Kamron threw down a quick step that was fun, high energy, and technically tight. Hok and Jamie, I must say, danced an amazing jazz dance in which he was the hummingbird and Jamie was the flower. It was stylistic, of course, as all Wade Robinson routines are, but it flowed effortlessly out of both Hok and Jamie and was very touching and lovely to watch. The surprise of the night was Sabra and Dominic -- they just keep on improving every week. Tonight, they danced a rumba that was both technically beautiful and enjoyable to watch. With the way they're consistently growing, I believe it will make them much tougher to beat. Good, Not Best:
    Anya and Danny's hip hop routine was cool and very stylish, but it was apparent that it was a bit of an out-of-the-box experience, especially for Anya. I like when she's sassy and she seemed a little reserved, I think, in part, because of the style. I would put them in the best of the best, but I think they're better than what they showed tonight. Likewise, Pascha danced an amazing cha-cha, but I can't put him in the best of the best (though he deserves it for his dancing) because his partner, Jessie, had to be taken to the emergency room the day of the performance for an irregular heartbeat. He ended up dancing with a professional partner, who was great, but the situation tainted the fun of the dance. If Pascha and Jessie are in the bottom three and she isn't out of the hospital by tonight to dance for her life, she will automatically be out of the competition. I have a feeling, though, that Pascha's moves, along with Jessie's repeated statements throughout the series about how much this competition means to her, will save them both tonight. Least of the Best: Neil and Lauren are both excellent dancers, but something about their partnership isn't working. Or maybe it's just that they keep getting dances that seem to hold them back or don't let them show what they're really made of. I'm not really sure, but whatever it is, I'm pretty sure that they both deserve and will be in the bottom three tonight. If they aren't, I would be both surprised and upset, seeing as how they're dance, in comparison with almost everyone else, was sort of blah and uninspired. Lastly, Cedric and Shauna. Where to start? Last week, Jimmy was controversially let go from the show and Cedric was kept on for another week, with Nigel saying that he wasn't sure if it was the right decision. It appears, at least to me, that it was not the right decision, however marvelous Cedric is in his own style. Tonight, Cedric and Shauna danced a Mia Michaels contemporary routine tonight and from the start of the mini-doc that proceeds each dance, everyone kept saying the same thing, "This is Cedric's last chance." The pressure's got to be tough with that in mind, nevermind that the guy's never danced contemporary with a partner before or had any training in dance. Mia Michaels, who is probably my favorite choreographer, designed a dance that would maximize Shauna and minimize Cedric -- or at least, that's how the judges perceived it, which one could tell, made Mia a bit upset. Whether she did it because of Cedric or not is anyone's guess, but I tend to think it was in her mind all along to maximize the female. In any case, Cedric and Shauna danced their hearts out. Shauna has really stepped up in the last week -- her dance for her life solo had everyone on their feet with its passion and strength and this week, she continued that strong, passionate dancing. Cedric, minimized as he was, did all he could, but when compared with the other dancers, dancing other styles than their own, he's definitely the weakest of the remaining top 16. A large chunk of his time on stage was spent crumpled in a ball, crying over the apparent loss of Shauna's character. Although Debbie Allen, guest judge of "Fame!" fame, was complimentary, both Mary Murphy and Nigel were serious in their assessments that Cedric was wonderful, but continually let his partners down and needed to go home this week. So who will be in the bottom three? I'm predicting the following:

    1. Cedric and Shauna
    2. Neil and Lauren
    3. Anya and Danny Perhaps, if the voting audience isn't as compassionate as I'm giving them credit for being, we might see Jessie and Pascha in the bottom three instead of either Neil and Lauren (who seem to have a large fan base) or Danny and Anya (who the judges will save in any case). And because America is sometimes turned off by artsy jazz choreography, we may see Hok and Jamie in the bottom three.

    Who will go? Cedric won't hang on any longer, as the judges have expressed, and I don't think America will save him. The girls are much harder. If between the three I listed, it would come down to the solo dances, and of them, I think Lauren might be the weakest solo dancer. So if it's between them, I would venture that Lauren would go at this point. However, it's also a possibility that Jessie, in her absence, may get the ax tonight.
  • good and bad but mostly good

    Tonights dancing was pretty much all good...

    Sara and Jesus just kicked a** they were freaking awesome...

    Cedric and Shauna did ok but Cedric really needed to step it up this week and I dont think he did...I mean he did a lot better than the last two weeks but unfortunatley I think he a shauna are going to be in the bottom 3...

    Kameron and Lacey did really well again this week...they just hit everything just right...

    Danny and Anya did good for not being hip hop wasnt perfect but i liked it...

    Dominic continues to surprise me...when I saw that they pulled rumba out of the hat I thought oh god he's going to be in the bottom three but he did awsome...and Sabra is just amazing...she looked so pretty tonight and danced so smooth...

    I like Neil and Lauren and they did good tonight but I think there were couples that were way definatley wasnt my favorite performance....

    Hok and Jaimie just killed it...they were just on fire..theres not much else to say..

    I feel so bad for Pasha because he practiced all week with Jamie and then had to dance with someone else but he did crazy good...I just hope Jamie is ok

    my prediction for bottom 3: Neil & Lauren, Cedric & Shauna, and Danny & Anya.
  • Another great show tonight.

    I love watching this show. I realize for each couple there is a chance they might get a dance that is not as exciting as another one. That is where they are going to have to step it up and make that dance their own and show us what they can do to it. Tonight there were at least two couples who amazed me with those difficult type of dances. Then there were some who did not step it up and amaze me at all. It is time for Cedric to go; he has been given too many chance's and he just cannot cut it. My bottom three are Cedric and Shawna, Danny and Anya, Neil and Lauren.
  • Er, it was great and bad at the same time.

    Tonight was a little dissapointing on some of them but it was all good! In a way. Jesus and Sara, I give it a nine and a half out of ten it was good to see Sara in her style she was really good. Shauna and Cedric, I was very, very dissapointed with Mia on this one. I mean she's a very great choreographer and she's on of my favorites but this was just dissapointing to me. Shauna was pretty good to me for what she could do, but the choreography kind of was awkward for me to her. Cedric was practically sitting there and doing nothing the entire time! So I think they will be in the bottom three sadly and I hope Shauna remains safe. Seven and a half out of ten. Lacey and Kameron they were awesome I loved it once again! Ten out of ten they were awesome! Anya and Danny, they were good, but not the best for me. Eight and a half out of ten. Neil and Lauren were ok as well, still not the best but ok for me. Eight and a half out of ten. Sabra and Dominic did well tonight for me, I loved it. Nine and a half out of ten. Hok and Jaimie I missed there dance sadly. Pasha was very great, I feel very sorry for Jessi. I hope she doesn't get cut automatically. This competition means a lot to her. So this was an ok episode, eh.
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