So You Think You Can Dance

Season 1 Episode 5

Top 16

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 17, 2005 on FOX
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Top 16
Several of the choreographers are now judges. This includes Mia, Brian and Dan. Joining them to make an even four is Producer Nigel. During the first round, each of the 16 dancers will dance in pairs. The pairs are chosen by the male dancer pulling the name of a female dancer out of a hat. The pair must dance to the style of dance that the female dancer pulls out of a hat. After the first round, the dancers line-up on stage and the bottom 3 couples, as decided by the judges, are put up for elimination. During the second round, the 6 dancers that are put up for elimination (one male and one female from each couple) dance solo for 45 seconds. After the show, the audience can call to vote for their favorite dancer leaving one male and one female dancer with the lowest number of votes eliminated before next week. During the first round, the pairs that are made include: Kamilah and Nick dance in hip-hop style, Michelle and Jonnis dance in mambo style, Ashle and Jamille dance in jive style, Sandra and Artem dance in lyrical style, Snow and Allan dance in hip-hop style, Melissa and Ryan dance in mambo style, Melody and Craig dance in jive style, and Destini and Blake dance in lyrical style.moreless

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  • Dissapointing.

    I know there's nothing I can do now, but this was dissapointing, and great, for several reasons. The bad thing is that the choreography just makes be belch, it's not the choreography, but it's the shows formatting. They give two couples pretty much the same exact choreography, which is unfair based on what style the couple is used to. Now for the review part. Sandra and Artem's Lyrical, loved it, thought it was good, unfair on them but, it's part of the show. Destini and Blake's lyrical was amazing, but Destini and Blake are lyrical dancers. Ouch.

    Nick and Kamilah do the hip hop. Loved it, Kamilah blew it off the top. Snow and Allan to hip hop, this is where I thought it was unfair. Snow is completely ballroom, and this hip hop is not where Allan excels. But, here they are getting the same thing as Nick and Kamilah... Jonnis and Michelle do the Mambo... it was... ok. Michelle did AMAZING though. Ryan and Mellisa do the Mambo as well, which was also pretty good. Ryan is fabulous.

    Jive with Craig and Melody. Craig is a big yes. Melody, I don't like her. Jive with Jamile and Ashle. I loved them.

    The bottom three consists of Snow, Sandra, Michelle, Allan, Artem, and Jonnis. I loved Snow, Michelle, and Jonni's solos.moreless
  • The episode summary needs to be fixed. The corrections are in parentheses.

    "During the first round, the pairs that are made include: Kamilah and Jonnis (Nick) dance in hip-hop style, Michelle and Nick (Jonnis) dance in mambo style, Ashle and Jamille (Jamile) dance in jive style." Well I need 100 words. Hmmm.....well I love the show. I thought Kamilah and Nick's hip hop was good. Nick didn't look hip hop at all but it was cute, Kamilah definitely showed him up in that dance. Michelle and Jonnis' mambo was good on her part, not so good on his. Jamile and Ashle's jive was great. He reminded me a lot of old footage you see in old black clubs of them swing dancing. Not technically what you want to see in the ballroom world, but more natural and real. Melody and Craig's jive was cool too, I loved the split at the beginning. The lyricals, both of them, were kind of boring to me. Allan and Snow's hip hop was cute too. It's funny to see Snow putting her ballroom technique into everything. And Ryan and Melissa's mambo was surprisingly amazing. I think it was the dance of the night because NO ONE expected him to get it that good.moreless
  • I care what no one says about this show but what I think: it is hot, it is amazing, it is pulsing with energy and it is unbelievable. Watching all sixteen take to the stage was astounding. Waiting to learn which one gets cut will be heartpouding.moreless

    I loved it. Yes, me, I, this guy; I loved it. I thought it was so . . . okay, let me collect myself here and stop gushing. Okay, ready.

    Last night, the nation sat down and watched as sixteen of America's best up and coming dancers took to the stage and shook what their mama's gave 'em, shook their groove thangs, and got all shook up. There was dancing, twirling, stepping, spinning, and enough moves to make me feel very slow and suddenly like a turtle, just sitting and staring at the way everyone flew across the stage. The audience went wild at the drop of a hat and always seemed to disagree with Nigel, but that's to be expected (can you say Simon-Stand-In?).

    The way the show works is like this: All eight guys reached into a hat and drew out the name of their girl dance partner. The girl then reached into another hat and drew out the dance style of the night. They would then work with a choreographer and perform for the audience. The judges would then choose the three dance duos that had shined the least and each of these six people would be awarded forty-five seconds to freestyle on stage for the nation, a desperate plea for slavation. One guy and girl will be voted off.

    I watched the show and was stunned. Blake moved like some sort of angel. The camera barely focused on his partner (anyone else notice that?). Jamile, however, got a little more attention when he finished a dance routine and nearly dropped his partner . . . just standing still and holding her in his arms. The energy between Snow and Alan was nonexistent, but Nick turned into a Justin Timberlake (jury is still out on whether or not that's really a good thing) and Melody jived it up so much with Craig that I swear I could hear toes tapping in China.

    Let's just say it was a good night.

    Let's also say that when it came down to the bottom six, I wasn't surprised to see people there. Artem and Jonnis, two of my favorites fell short. Sandra and Snow were also down there, something I'd expected. All six competitors fought their way through (did anyone see Jonnis? Combat boots, long shirt, ripped jeans, break dancing . . . take that, ballet!) and the nation voted on them. Now, it's all in the hands of fate.

    Oh, and I voted for Snow, Artem, and Jonnis. I suggest that we all cross our fingers.moreless
Allan Frias

Allan Frias

Season 1, Top 12 Male Contestant

Artem Chigvinsev

Artem Chigvinsev

Season 1, Top 8 Male Contestant

Ashle Dawson

Ashle Dawson

Season 1, Top 4 Female Contestant

Blake McGrath

Blake McGrath

Season 1, Top 6 Male Contestant

Craig DeRosa

Craig DeRosa

Season 1, Top 14 Male Contestant

Destini Rogers

Destini Rogers

Season 1, Top 10 Female Contestant

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