So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 12

Top 16 Results

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 2007 on FOX
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Top 16 Results

It's time for the Top 16 results show, and the bottom three of the males and females will be dancing for their lives. One will be cut from each category. Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and special guest judge Debbie Allen will decide who goes home.

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  • amazing episode, i loved it really..... all participants were not that good but overall was ok........... for me.............. i loved jesi and pasha's dance the most..................................................................................

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  • What were the voters thinking!

    Starting in order. The opening: Loved it! Can't really describe it, or describe why, but it was just really cool. Kind of different and/or out of character for what they usually do.

    Most of the eliminations were understandable, and expected. All but one. WhO VoTeD FoR CeDRiC!!!!!!!! I could maybe understand voting for Shauna, but Cedric? I think that it would be better for them to vote the two into the bottom three and have her dance for her life. I'm sure that she could save herself, but at least we would (most likely) finally get him out of there. As for Pasha and Jessi's performance: WOW. That was great! But I do believe that she deserves to go home. Personally I'm not sure if she really deserved to be on the show in general, but I'll put those thoughts in a different review.

    Everything else about this episode (eliminations) seemed to me to be fair, and completely justifiable.moreless
  • Two of my very loved and good dancers left the game!

    Woow I'm so shocked by the results of last week! Why did America keep Cedrick out of the bottom 3! Yes he's speech was cute and everything but come on!! It's been 3 times that a good dancer has to leave for him! And he has a scholarship for Debbie's class and everything soo there is no reason for him to stay any longer. I'm from Canada and can't vote but woow I'm so pissed! He better leave next week! And why Jessi?!! Out of nowhere Nigel tells her to leave! I was so mad! Pasha and her were just so adorable!! I'm sure they would've become a couple but now she's gone! And if she wouldn't have her problem they would've been safe both of them for sure cuz the dance was amazing and hottt! I hate Anya! She's so superficial and she ain't good when it's not ballroom! And her solo wasn't good at all. She was rolling on the floor and that's quite it! I though the hip hop she did with Danny wasn't really good! I loved Jesus and Jessi! Jesus had a great partnership with Sara so does Jessi with Pasha and I'm mad that they are separeted now. Bottom 3 couple was too weird! Jesus and Sara did good and Neil and Lauren are a great couple and I think people love them a lot! Cedrick and Shauna should've been there and the other couple i don't know.. Generally I would've said Hok and Jaimie but they were the best last week! Anyways I'm so mad and shocked! Anya and Cedrick should've left the show! Can't wait to see next episode!moreless
  • Jessi never had a chance and that ticks me off! This is a weird season- that's for sure...

    Ok- I looked at the bottom couples and just shook my head at what was happening. FIrst off- I've never known the judges (MARY) to be so vocal during a show about their personal feelings about a specific dancer. I was waiting for Mia to come down and slap her. Not that I am a Cedric fan, but that was pretty harsh. I feel that Jessi didn't really get a chance- that she was the easy vote. They didn't even talk to all of the dancers 1 on 1 like they usually do. It was just Jessi- you're not coming back next week. I think someone else should have gone instead of her. GRRRRRRR. Watching Jesus getting voted off was painful to watch. I even shed a few tears when he teared up. He is AMAZING and very talented. I was hoing it would be Neil since his attitude is starting to get in the way. I get that this was a hard call for the judges, but everyone, including the voters got it wrong. We need to hold up our end a little better next week. I agree that this is turning into a Sanjaya situation.....and no one wants that again!moreless
  • We lost two wonderful dancers tonight.

    Tonight I did not agree with one of America's final three and I definitely did not agree with the judges at all. The fact is Jesus and Sara should not have been in the bottom three to begin with but I do know that I cannot blame that on the judges. To lose Jesus to Cedric just infuriates me to all ends. I do understand that the judges did not have a choice when it came to the dance off to take Jesus out because Neil and Danny did do better. But then I could not understand why the judges did not remove Lauren, and chose to remove Jessi. Lauren did not even try; she took 15 seconds to walk out on the stage, 5 seconds to take off her jacket, I mean what was that. I am very disappointed in the judges for this terrible error in judgment. We lost two wonderful dancers this time who did not deserve it and that truly saddens me.moreless

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    • Songs featured on the show:
      Opening - "The Lioness Hunt" from The Lion King original Broadway cast. Choreographed by Tyce Diorio

      Cha Cha routine. Jessi(Hip Hop) & Pasha(Latin Ballroom) - "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez
      Lauren(Jazz/ Contemporary) - "Popozao" by Kevin Federline
      Neil(Contemporary) - "Come On" by Ben Jelen
      Sara(B-girl) - "Ladies First" by Queen Latifah
      Jesus(Contemporary) - "What I Like About You" by The Romantics
      Jessi(Hip Hop) - "Ice Box" by Omarion
      Danny(Contemporary) - "A Song For You" by Elliot Yamin
      Anya(Latin Ballroom) - "Fields Of Gold" by Eva Cassidy