So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 9

Top 18

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2007 on FOX

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  • an eciting night for everyone except cedric soory

    this night was really good to me neil and lauren were good pacha and jessi were really good and even dominic and saabra My four favorite guys are in order Neil and pasha tie for the best im my opinion then dominic no Kameron no dominic ok i cannot decide sue me lol neil tonight was awesome with his hip hop hes so funny and hot his partner sometimes gets on my nerves though the stiff jazz routine was great pasha really knows how to move pheew wow
  • To many great dancers this episode. There was only one guy and one girl that I actually did not like so much. But to name three each, I don't think so.

    I am so thrilled and excited because we are seeing the real stuff; what dancing is really made of. No more auditions, just the best of the best. I can now sit back and enjoy the different styles that "Dancing with the Stars" does not offer. I was disappointed that the instructors that were chosen to teach the "Samba" and the "Paso Dobles" was not given the rules. When miscommunication happens like that it then affects the dancers and that is not fair. I hope that a lesson was learned from that. There are so many fabulous dancers; I do not have a clue as to what the final outcome might be. I do know who my favorites are though, so I will just have to wait and watch.
  • ALL of the dancers have come to WIN!! I'm most impressed with their sheer overall commitment and passion.

    Here's my review/ratings for this week's performances.
    On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best)
    (Contestants - Genre - Choreographer - Song, Artist)
    Tonite's Judges: Mia Michaels, Mary Murphy, Nigel Lithgoe

    Mia and Mary thought that America was wrong. . .the best three male dancers were in the bottom three last week. Nigel thinks this is probably the best top 20 in all the seasons. This reviewer whole-heartedly agrees.

    Lauren/Neil - Hip Hop - Dave Scott - The Way I Are, Timbaland (7.5): Although, Neil's contemporary background was quite evident, his acrobatic moves put their dance on the chart. Lauren held her own and it was nice to see some chemistry brewing between the pair. . .that was probably because it was a fun (vs. angry) hip hop routine. Overall, better than last week.

    Jessi/Pasha - Jazz Pop - Tyce Diorio - Stiff Jazz, dZihan and Kamien (9.0): Mia Michaels described it as a "quirky, ridiculous, amazing piece and you guys danced amazing..." The dancers totally made me believe what I was watching. . .their connection was sublime! The choreography was right on point and the dancers' execution was equally on point. Jaimie/Hok - Samba - Jean-Marc Generek (spelling?) - Bang Bang to the Rock-n-Roll, Gabin (8.0): That was HOT. What is going here?!. . .I thought Hok hadn't done any partnering...the Lion King was in the house! It was definitely entertaining, but not very samba. And no, this reviewer is not a dancer or an expert, but this reviewer does watch a lot of them on television. Mary Murphy and Nigel bashed them on the technicalities and I appreciated their remarks, but it didn't change what I liked about the dance. Sabra/Dominic - Contemporary - Mandy Moore - I'll Stand By You, The Pretenders (9.5): The most connected and equally matched pair. They are astonishing together and apart. Mia was stunningly impressed...called Dominic brillant. I agree. Sabra transformed into a bird. . .what grace! Dominic makes me laugh and I am admittedly a sucker for the cute, funny-boys.

    Faina/Cedric - Foxtrot - Hunter Johnson - You're The Boss, Elvis Presley & Ann-Margaret (4.5): He was awkward. She was, as expected very good, but his dance was distracting. No connection. No heat. However, his attitude was endearing. I'm back at my last review position: I don't want anyone to be eliminated. But this couple has got to be in trouble. Lacey/Kameron - Broadway - Tyce Diorio - Overture/All That Jazz, Original Soundtrack (7.0): Tyce told us we should see sex appeal, flirtation, danger. Well, I sorta did. I, like Mia, missed some of the pizzaz. There were spots in the routine where the level dropped off completely. Entertaining, but not what we've seen done to "All That Jazz." The music demands pizazz -- you have to outright ham it up. Reviewer Confession: I don't want to like Lacey (2nd season connections and all), but she makes me love her, and I'm not mad about it. I had to go have a lay-down after typing this review with a cool towel pressed to my forehead. . .emotional exhaustion!

    Anya/Danny - Viennese Waltz - Hunter Johnson - *Can't Believe I Missed The Names of Their Song/Artist, But being the optimist that I am, I'm grateful for the reminder to take my birth control pill (8.5): This is another well-matched couple. The dance was easy and smooth as the waltz should be. Mia and I must have been channeling each other. I agree with her remarks about Danny's hands. (I feel the same way about Karen Kwan's arms, figure skater and sister of Michelle Kwan.) That's not easy to pull off and maintain a masculine look.

    Shauna/Jimmy - Hip Hop - Dave Scott - You Sexy Girl, Fat Man Scoop (6.5): The routine was okay, except for the flat out "stepping" breakout -- too little people for so much noise requirement -- seemed forced. The dancers were good. Just not my favorite. Didn't really keep my interest. I don't know why. I obviously missed something because the judges were pleased with it. But I did notice that Mary didn't go "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"

    Sara/Jesus - Paso Dablo - Jean-Marc Generek (spelling?) - We Will Rock You (Bonus Remix), Queen (7.0): Interesting song choice for this genre, but the overall effect totally rocked! Mia and I must have broke our connection at this point because she disagreed. I'd like to see that routine again all perfected and polished. I was afraid for these dancers with this genre, but they both committed and gave their best, yet it didn't always work. I was still entertained and wanted to see every second.

    *SYTYCD watchers are fantastic. .the songs and artist have already been listed in the notes for this episode.
  • I love when the auditions are over and all the dancers are good.

    What the heck was Lauren wearing? That looked more like a rejected costume from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video then a hip hop outfit to me.

    Pacha and Jessie were Amazing! For such a non-traditional jazz piece too, what a great dance piece. And props to Pacha for not only being good at his own style. Beyond ballroom!

    Hok doing the samba was just what I wanted to see. He is one of my favorites and I really really really want him out of his comfort zone just to see if he can handle it. What I really want to see is him dancing a waltz. Jaimie and he have great chemistry.

    I so worry for Sabre. She doesn’t have a fanbase because she wasn’t shown ever on the show until she made the top 20. But she is so Good! Her afro helps her to stand out in appearance. And I want Dominic to stay in too. With Ricky gone, he’s the hottest guy left! Great job this time around!

    I do not agree with the judges about Faina and Cedric. I enjoyed him much more then her, even though she’s ballroom. He was way more into the movement and using his whole body. I’m not a fan of hers.

    With Cameron and Lacey, I just wanted to see if they could maintain the chemistry their dance forced them to have the week before. And they got my favorite style. I’m a Broadway nut!!! In music and dance. I nearly always know the song, the shows, and the stories. And this was a great dance, because it was in the correct style. Bob Fosse, who choreographed Chicago, was always about hands in his dances, so great job. I loved the dancing, they did fantastic!

    For a performer, I can’t imagine a harder dance then a waltz. Awesome job, especially Anya, ballroom girl!

    Jimmy and Shauna. I thought they rocked last week! Jimmy did great hip hop, but Shauna was too graceful for the style of dance, which Mia said.

    Jesus and Sara are hot!!! And I loved when he stepped over her. Kinda reminded me, just a little, of when Benji spun his leg over Heidi in the mambo last year, just in the difficulty. And the neatness of how it looks. Roar! Grr! Excellent!
  • Great episode, like usual.

    Like usual this episode was awesome, there has been no episode that I have seen that has come out to be a disappointment, ever! I have watched this show since the beginning of season two and it has really moved me! This episode was awesome, I didn't get to see some of the first performances but the performances I did see were magnificent, like usual. Jamie rocks! I loved all the dancers but I was a little disappointed with the Hip-Hop routine by that guy because it just seemed off, it was so bad that I even forgot who performed it! All-in-all though this episode was great and I hope there will be many, many more!