So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 10

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Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 21, 2007 on FOX

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  • weird huh!

    I cant believe they let the good dancer go, I wanted Cedric to stay because I am all for the outcast! But still I never EVER thought they would keep him, that was a really bad decision because now he is going to bring his other partner down next week and its just going to be horrible, its sad because I love his personal moves but I agree with Nigel when he said he wasn't right for the competition because he just cant move like the other people, I still am rooting for him next week though, I would absolutely be thrilled with him if he could prove America wrong, go Cedric!
  • Whoooo!!!! Daddy Yankee!!!

    I dont think that Faina for Jimmy should have gotten kicked off, but the preformance by Daddy Yankee really made the episode for me. lol. I know it sounds kinda cold but still...I think that Impacto sounds better in the remix version with Fergie. I like the video too...But back to SYTYCD, I do think that jimmy deserved it more than Faina, and maybe Faina deserved it. But I really think Cedric should have gone. He drug Faina down, if he could work with her better, than she wouldent have even been in the bottom in the first place. So I really think it's Cedric's fault that Faina got kicked off.
  • Cedric?

    Wow, yesterday night totally shocked me to no end. First, Jessie and Pasha were in the bottom 3. Suprising, and I think the reason neither of them went home for there solo was because of there group performance. Jimmy and Shauna, a little suprising, I thought they did pretty good. Cedric and Faina, not suprising at all. Was expected. There solos, Jessie's and Pasha's were just average for me. Jimmy's was ok, Shauna's was absolutely terrific for me. That girl is good at dancing solos. Faina I felt sorry for her because she did really well with the fox trot and her solo wasn't very good. Cedric... eh. The two that went home were Jimmy and Faina. I'm dissapointed that Cedric didn't go home because he's the one who brought Faina down into the bottom 3 this week. I'm also worried that Cedric will bring down Shauna next week as well. I understand how Mia wanted to keep Cedric because of his uniqueness, but Ricky was a different story Ricky didn't get to show his talent and that's why he left. Cedric just can't partnership to me... so that's my review.
  • Judges made wrong choice!

    Tonight I was very disappointed in the final choice of who would leave. There was doubt's raised at the audition about Cedric's ability to perform as a couple and how unfair that would be to his female partner. Cedric is a great dancer solo, but as a couple dancer he proved at the auditions he was not ready for competition and the judges should not have put him on through. It was not fair to Faina. Faina outdone herself on the "Foxtrot", but Cedric was awful. She was the one punished for it tonight and what's worse they kept Cedric to now mess up his next partner.
  • i can't believe cedric is still there

    How the H!

    I cant understand it... what do they see in this guy?

    He is so tasteless, so monotone, so..... without any control. He is the one that has left out fayna. I cant believe it, really. I'm totally dissapointed. On the other hand.... I LOOOOVE pasha! he is SO HOT!! WOW! :P

    I loved the solo from shauna. she was amazing.

    Love the show for sure, but yesterday I totally desagreed with the judges. Everybody deserves a second opportunity, but not a third. If you do not dane well, you go out, that the point of this show. cedric had to be out since last week.
  • Wow.

    Pacha and Jessie are in the bottom 3?????????? Oh my God people, vote!!! They were like, the best last night. Oh, this is the hardest part of reality talent show TV. Tnhat people don't always recognize talent!

    I always fear for Sabre, she is my favorite dancer with no fanbase! In fact, my favorite female. And they did it!!!

    During the final reveal, when only one couple was safe, I wanted it to be Sara and Jesus, so I predicted it right. For the other two couples, I personally blame it on the girls, though the judges might blame Faina and Cedric on Cedric.

    Dancing for their lives had two levels of dancers. Pacha, Jimmy, Cedric, and Shauna were all amazing. Jessie and Faina were less good. Faina was better then last week (I was not impressed with her dancing for her life last week at all, all she did was shake her hips) but not as good as these other four. Not sorry about Faina, she's my least favorite girl. The other ballroom girls are just better!

    I don't know if I agree with them giving up Jimmy for Cedric. He better not screw up Shauna. Not that I think Shauna can win. It just seems so unfair. Dang.
  • This is by far the best group of dancers of all seasons.

    Tonite’s judges: Mia Michaels, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lithgoe. The opening group dance routine was exciting as usual. Loved Sara in the midst of the breaking-boys. What was up with the boys in the tied-up shirts and the girls grabbing their crotches? I don't think either move brought anything to the dance, but I still like Shane Spark's choreography.

    First three couples to the stage: Lauren/Neil. . .first safe couple. Jessi/Pasha are up next. Nigel thought they should be in the top from last nights’ performance, but America disagreed. . .first couple in the bottom three. Mary expressed her disappointment. Jaimie/Hok are up and Cat announces that they “have the votes”. . .second safe couple. Lacey/Kameron are first up after the break. They are safe. That is one sexy pair of dancers and they look good together. Anya/Danny get their results next and they too are safe. Sabra/Dominic were in the bottom three last week and they’re up next for their results. America decided that they are safe. Dominic is hilarious! Their joy at being safe was contagious. The last three couples to the stage: Sara/Jesus are the seventh couple up, but after showing the highlights from their dance, the results are, of course, not revealed. The highlights from Faina/Cedric’s and Shauna/Jimmy’s dances are also shown before the results are given. Gotta have some suspense. Sara/Jesus are the only safe couple in this group. Fight-for-Your-Life Solo Performances: First up is Jessi. Good, but not very impressive for a fight-for-your-life dance. Maybe the emotion she showed during her chat with Cat afterwards threw her off a bit. Pasha jumped right in, literally. There was quite a bit of walking around after that, but then he kicked into high gear. Cat voiced my question about dancing without a partner and Pasha admited it’s harder. Shauna danced next and that’s what this reviewer calls a fight-for-your-life dance. You go, girl. Jimmy is up next and wow! These dancers mean business this season. Faina has great energy and sass. I thought her dance was better than Jessi’s solo. Cedric is amazing at what he does, but I still don’t see his dance style adapting well to the another genres. The judges exited to deliberate and Daddy Yankee performed, “Impacto.” He should have used the SYTYCD contestants. The judges returned and Nigel announced that they were unanimous in their decision regarding the girls. Jessi is called up first and Nigel expressed this reviewers opinion. Nigel called Shauna next and again expressed this reviewers exact opinion. Shauna is safe. Faina is called next and Nigel announced that she is not moving on. Nigel announced that the judges were not unanimous in their decision on the guys. Pasha is called first and although Nigel lets him know that his solo was not very good, he is safe. Nigel said that the judges were tossed between uniqueness (Cedric?) and talent (Jimmy?). Cedric is safe again. Uniqueness apparently ruled again. Nigel did, however, let Cedric know that he (Nigel) would not support him again if he was in the bottom three again.