So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 7

Top 20

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 13, 2007 on FOX

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  • Love it!

    Okay, this is my like first review of So You Think You Can Dance? After the top 20 is decided. So be easy on me. The first couple was Jamie and Hok. I think they’re complete opposites, and that they both did very well to me. I loved them. I give it nine and a half out of ten. Next are Anya and Danny. I wanted to see how Anya does without Pasha, and how Danny’s ego goes. I also hated the song they danced to, but that doesn’t count. I loved it, seeing at how neither of them are really in that style. I give it a ten out of ten that was just amazing! Honestly, I thought it wouldn’t go that well. Lacey and Cameron are next. I hoped that Lacey did well. I give it a ten out of ten that was just amazing I was scared that Lacey wouldn’t do well but honestly that was perfect! I am not a big fan of the music or the dance but it was perfect. Dominic and Sabra did well for disco, but it just wasn’t “perfect” for me. I give it a nine out of ten. Ashley and Ricky next. I think their dance was very difficult. I give it eight and a half out of ten. Sarah and Jesus were really good their routine freaked me out though in a good way. I give it nine and a half out of ten. Next are Jessie and Pasha. I think their both very talented. I give it nine and a half out ten. Faina and Fredric are going next. There dance I actually really loved it, I didn’t get it too much for there criticism. I give it nine and a half out of ten. Lauren and Neil are next. I loved it! I give it a ten out of ten. I honestly didn’t get the judges on this one. The last couple is Shawna and Jimmy was last. They did well; I give it a nine out of ten. So overall it was a real good episode!
  • they all did so good!

    It's amazing at how much better all the dancers have gotten. In order to just make it on the show you have to be really, really good! there were really only two numbers that were bad. The first being the first Shane Sparks hip hop routine, because it was kind of boring. The next was the argentinian tango. They knew the steps, but they were just really awkward together that it made it look passionless, which is the worst thing in the world a tango can look like. But the one with Lacey was such a good dance! They killed it (which is a good thing). In the second hip hop number, the guy did pretty good, but Fioena didn't. She just didn't look good doing that choreography. But she can defiently do ballroom!
  • The top 20 take the stage for the first time to fight for America's votes.

    It's show time!

    Cat urges us to welcome the top 20 dancers, and welcome them i do, i love them all already.

    Cat looks awesome (but she would even wearing a potato sac) and Dan joins Mary and Nigel on the judging panel, oddly enough his tie looks bigger than him.

    First we see a clip about the finding of the top 20 which is a bit of a filler so who cares, guess they're taking time for the dancers to change clothes.

    Our first couple includes two of my favourites: Jaimie and Hok. Too bad they didn't show the forming of the couples, i loved to see the reactions last season.
    Anyway they're taking on a Shane Sparks hip-hop routine to Tambourine by Eve. We can see that Hok is a natural at this, lil' foreign to Jaimie but she does bring energy and is commited to it.
    The judges are quite nice overall, especially Nigel who i suspect doesn't want the pretty Jaimie to get the boot until we reach the top 10, he complains a bit about the choreography however, saying it was holding Hok back, prompting Shane to yell "OH MY GOD" from the audience.

    Next up sexy Anya and egomaniac Danny who looks like he's dropped a little bit of attitude. They will be front runners for sure, Danny's classical training is way strong and so is Anya's ballroom training, compensating each other they can kick everyone's ass. They're doing the jive and kick asses they do, ok the song choice is hideous, i understand that the producers want to keep the music young for the audience but really... Avril Lavigne? The judges are all impressed, and so am i, they owned it.

    Lacey and Kameron are our next couple, who have clearly been paired together because they both have red hair.
    We didn't see Kameron's audition but i like him already.
    They take on a Mia's overwhelming emotional routine to a beautiful song by Elisa. They really bring the heat and the chills to the audience, hot routine, hot dancing, what more is there to say? Nigel has the best comments tonight, ah! I love Nigel.

    Sabra and Dominic have been paired up for a Disco routine. Wow Sabra has only been dancing for 4 years, she's really a natural. Personally i'm a bit sick of the disco, won't they run out of disco songs sooner or later? Give me more Paso Doble. Besides the genre it's quite well danced and Sabra's afro works for the style.
    Dan calls it "ok" and i quite agree with him, he liked better Nick Lazzarini's attitude witht the disco, Nigel says he can't compare Dominic to Nick because D has never done partnering, but i actually agree with Dan, he wasn't talking about partnering he was talking about attitude and performance and, as far as i'm concerned, no one yet topped Melody and Nick's disco number in season 1.

    Is it just me anyway or is the overall level of this top 20 better than any top 20 seen so far? They're off the hook.

    Ricky and Ashlee are next and they take on a tango by Alex Da Silva, hey Alex! Ok this is ankward, Ashlee is on high heels and is taller than Ricky, their routine leaves me cold and it's never a good thing with a tango. I personally don't think the tango should be one of the dances performed the first week, it's awfully hard in both footwork and performance, it requires way more passion and chemistry. Anyway i'm not the hat master. The judges knock them down.

    Ah! Sara and Jesus take on a Wade Robson's pop jazz. I already know this will be crazy and it is! Wade calls it vagabond cabaret and it reminds me a lot of the Theatre of the Absurd since their characters are completely nuts and they basically put on a show for invisible friends. I'm surprised by Sara and this just proves my point of a better top 20 this year, the closest thing we've seen to a b-girl was popper Ashlee Nino and she sucked big time on technical work, but Sara nailes the whole routine. The judges love it and Nigel congratulates Sara.

    Jessi the oil lady is paired with Pasha, and these two look awesome together. They get a smooth waltz which can be an unlucky genre. Pasha looks confident but Jessi claims to be more "yo yo" which... seriously, she's the whitest person ever. On stage they both look fantastic and the waltz is pretty and graceful, Jessi has clearly had training in either lyrical or classical, she has lovely extentions and is rotated. The judges love it, even Dan who usually hates the waltz.

    Faina and Cedric are paired to take on another hip-hop. Cedric will clearly rule but everyone is concerned about Faina, and they should be. I think the choreography is a bit to blame, the star is clearly Cedric and his popping style is hard for Faina to keep up with, she has some nice moments overall. Dan knockes Faina down and loves Ced, Mary is nicer to Faina because of course she's ballroom and Nigel doesn't think they'll go home.

    Ah! Adorable/crazy Lauren is paired up with Neil, who has a bit of Travis about him, could just be the blonde hair and his pirouettes tho. They're doing the salsa and look a bit worried in reharsals. Lauren looks hot, are the costumes more expensive this year? Neil however carries himself too high, he's not getting into Lauren nearly enough. I'm missing the spice.
    The judges kind of agree with me, Mary felt that Neil danced like a cheerleader which is... a bit mean but fair.
    Nigel calls Lauren the possible "new Allison" who's in the audience with the whole top 20 from last year, hi guys!

    The last couple of the night are Shauna and Jimmy, i'm not sure if i like Jimmy but i adore Shauna who reminds me a bit of Kaley Cuoco. Yay, there's Tyce, which usually means Broadway. They're dancing to The Wiz, my dance teacher would have loved this, and the routine is a lot of fun, i feel Tyce gave more space to Jimmy however. Dan gives him kudos for outperforming Shauna. Nigel hates on her dress however, well Nigel it's not like she chose it, no need to tell her just fire someone, go Travis boo him! I think some stylists backstage just started shaking. He hates on her performance too, ouchie.

    And that's all for tonight!
  • FANTASTIC! Love the energy from the show and I feel this will be it's best season yet...

    This viewer was invigorated from the first step. The dynamic and energetic top 20 showed exactly why this show is such a great summer hit. Overall, the sheer entertainment value of such diverse dances was worth the watch. The host has improved, as well as how the judges convey their opinions to the dancers. I agree with the notion that maybe we should get the opportunity to see the top 20 two weeks before they start picking people off the bottom, but other than that this show is nothing but pure joy. I feel this will be their best season yet and I can't wait for next week.
  • This episode showed me that this a talented Top 20, probably even more than Season 2.

    First Competition Episode, basically every person in America (including me) jumped out of there seats when they saw the Top 20. Very exciting.

    Before we get to the dancing, Cat introduces the judges: Dan Karaty, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe...blah blah just get to the dancing!

    Cat explains that its going to be the same format for partners for last year, so nothing new. Just the same old permanent partnership and America votes for there favorite couple.

    Rating Scale: 1-10, 1 being "How did they get through Vegas" and 10 being "They are going to win!"

    Couple 1: Jaimie Goodwin and Hokuto "Hok" Konishi
    Style: Hip-Hop
    Choreographer: Shane Sparks
    Rating: Hok is expected to be good at this, and Jaimie is hoping she will get it. They got it! They came out with alot of energy and they were almost in-sync. Effort was great.
    Score: 8.0

    Couple 2: Anya Garnis and Danny Tidwell
    Style: Jive
    Song: "Girlfriend"—Avril Lavigne
    Choreographer: Tony Meredith
    Rating: We all know Anya is going to be good at this, but what about Danny? Its a full of energy routine! Danny looks to be having fun. There great minus a few technical misses by Danny. Strong couple. (At first I thought Danny was bad, but I watched it again and he was good. Maybe it was because Anya has such a personality)
    Score: 8.0

    Couple 3: Lacey Schwimmer and Kameron Bink
    Style: Contemporary
    Song: "Dancing"—Elisa
    Choreographer: Mia Michaels
    Rating: Okay, during the rehearsal part, I thought it was going to be "Bye Bye Lacey" because she was not getting it, while Kameron was. But from the moment they started the routine, they were awesome! Such a connection that you didn't want to take your eyes off the screen. Kameron was perfect and Lacey really showed that she could do other styles.
    Score: 9.5

    Couple 4: Sabra Johnson and Dominic Sandoval
    Style: Disco
    Song: "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)"—Donna Summer
    Choreographer: Doriana Sanchez
    Rating: This is the first time Dominic has partnered, lets see how he does. The whole routine is perfect for them! They looked like they were having so much fun! Dominic did those lifts with ease, and Sabra was a firecracker up there! She hasn't been mentioned that much, and I don't know why. Not as energetic as it could have been, but it was postitive in everyway.
    Score: 7.5

    Couple 5: Ashlee Langas and Ricky Palamino
    Style: Argetine Tango
    Song: "Sentimiento Tango"
    Choreographer: Alex Da Silva
    Rating: Ashlee and Ricky doing the Tango, and Ricky is worried for his own "safety". I would be to if I were in his shoes. Ok, as we begin the routine, we finally realize that Ashlee is a giant and towers over Ricky. Kinda awkward for the tango, and they aren't bringing that much flare.
    Score: 6.0

    Couple 6: Sara Von Gillern and Jesús Solorio
    Style: Pop-Jazz
    Song: "Cabaret Hoover" from Les Triplettes de Belleville
    Choreographer: Wade Robson
    Rating: Well, its an interesting concept for a routine. Vagabonds doing cabaret (Then again, it is Wade Robson). Jesus and Sara during rehearsal can't keep up with the music. But during the routine they are amazing. A little out-ofsync in some places, but they are so in character it doesn't matter. Great routine!
    Score: 8.5

    Couple 7: Jessi Peralta and Pasha Kovalev
    Style: Smooth-Waltz
    Song: "Come Away With Me"—Norah Jones
    Choreographer: Tony Meredith
    Rating: This is no problen for Pasha (from Russia), but I am a little worried for Jessi. But she is a crowd shocker as she is rising and falling and looks like she is floating with Pasha on the dance floor. It was just great to watch. Very beautiful routine, but just that. They has chemistry, but I felt they could have had more chemistry.
    Score: 7.5

    Couple 8: Faina Savich and Cedric Gardner
    Style: Hip-Hop
    Song: "Get It Shawty"—Lloyd
    Choreographer: Shane Sparks
    Rating: Cedric is just unbelievable when he dances Hip-Hop, Faina not so much. It was good at some parts. I felt that Cedric outdanced Faina and she was really struggling with it. No chemistry between them anyways.
    Score: 5.0

    Couple 9: Lauren Gottlieb and Neil Haskell
    Style: Club Salsa
    Song: "Friday Night Rhythm"
    Choreographer: Alex Da Silva
    Rating: Very hot couple. Unfortunately thats not what happened on stage. Neil was very stiff, while Lauren looked like she was trying to keep up. No chemistry, and it was just very stiff. A couple of tricks, but it just seemed amateurish.
    Score: 6.5

    Couple 10: Shauna Noland and Jimmy Arguello
    Style: Broadway
    Song: "Ease On Down the Road" from The Wiz
    Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
    Rating: Perfect couple. Chemistry was just perfect. During rehearsal it looked like they would do great, and they just did. They both haven't been mentioned much, but they were just perfect. Jimmy looked like he out performed Shauna in some areas, but overall and great and fun couple. Technically great as well.
    Score: 8.5

    Overall it was a spectacular episode. Even though there were some bad routines, I feel none of them should go home. Top 3: Lacey and Kameron, Sara and Jesus, and Shauna and Jimmy.
    Bottom 3: Ashlee and Ricky, Faina and Cedric, Lauren and Neil.
  • Good dancing

    I thought all the dancers did really well in the first episode with partners, I really like Hok, and I hope he wins the whole entire thing. I like his hair. I thought the group with the vagabonds dancing were the second best, I feel bad cause I dont know any of their names. I really really liked The guy with the mohawk with red in it....Kameran? I think is his name. That dance was by far the best with the most chemistry and choriograhy. That was borderline emo dancing right there! So I that one was my favorite out of all of them.
  • There was some really greal dancing on the floor tonight.

    I am so glad that the competition has finally started because the tryouts were wearing me down. It was good to see everyone be able to get on the dance floor and show us that they can really dance and what's more, they can do it well. There was two or three couple's that had been paired together that I felt were unevenly matched much more then any of the others so they are going to have to work much harder due to that. But to be a true dancer you have to learn to face and deal with all the obstacles that are brought your way and that is exactly how real life is. For the first real competition episode tonight, it looks like the beginning of an awesome season. So I am very excited to watch to see how my favorites do and see who surprises us.
  • I am finally seeing the potential in this group!

    Wow. This episode reminded me why I watch this series. I was worried watching the first couple of weeks in the auditions and the vegas episode. No one stood out to me like they did last year. Benji instantly caught my attention and so did Travis and Natalie and Donyelle. Even Allison and Ivan caught my attention before the first preformance episode. I didn't get that this season, no one really caught my attention!

    Well i was wrong. They really pulled it out for the proformances! Bravo! I think the girl might really have a shot this season. That would be the first thing I noticed that was different from last year. Hopefully a girl will take it home this year. Either way I hope the best dancer wins!
  • Great episode as usual. Unfortunately, I want everyone to be given another chance. Even though I rated the dances tonite, I really don't want anybody to go home yet.

    On a scale of 1-10
    1-how’d they get on the show 10-we came to WIN!
    (Contestants - Genre - Choreographer)

    Jaimie and Hok - Hip Hop - Shane Sparks (7.5)
    Hok was, of course, magnificent! Definitely not Jaimie’s genre, but she fully committed and brought it to the best of her ability.

    Anya and Danny - Jive - Tony Meredith (8.0)
    Agree with the judges, they made it look way too effortless. Danny looked like a ballet dancer more than a jive dancer on several moves, but, overall, it was a Great Dance! (On a side note, Danny’s attitude bugs me. Mia said that Dominic was cocky. . .she must not have seen/talked to Danny.)

    Lacey and Kameron - Contemporary - Mia Michaels (9.0)
    I don’t know if I’m scoring the dancers or the choreographer. . . that was intense!! Mia’s stuff is always soooo emotional. Lacey rocked and Kameron was there every step of the way.

    Sabra and Dominic - Disco - Doriana Sanchez (7.0)
    A little shaky for Dominic, but for someone who has never worked with a partner, I was very impressed. Sabra held her own and they danced well together. What a committed pair of dancers. As someone who was there, I definitely have to say. . .they certainly looked the part!!

    Ashlee and Ricky - Argentine Tango - Alex Da Silva (6.0)
    These were two of my favorites from the start. Ashlee was okay. Not as impressed with Ricky, but it’s not his genre. Overall, I have to agree with the judges. . .not as hot as the tango should be! But I can’t wait to see them both grow.

    Sara and Jesus - Pop Jazz - Wade Watson (8.5)
    Very entertaining! Not quite sure about the choreography at first, but the routine was great. They totally stayed in character and I think they nailed it. Great dance, great choreography.

    Jessi and Pasha - Smooth Waltz - Tony Meredith (8.0)
    Very pretty as the smooth waltz should be. Pasha couldn’t go wrong and Jessi was as light as a butterfly. Very well done!!

    Faina and Cedric - Hip Hop - Shane Sparks (5.0) Not bad, but not good either. Didn’t really keep my interest.

    Lauren and Neil - Club Salsa - Alex Da Silva (6.5)
    Although I liked Neil better than Lauren, neither quite pulled it off. Some rock moments, but they both committed and appeared to be having fun. Shauna and Jimmy - Broadway - Tyce Diorio (8.0)
    That was FUN! The broadway numbers are usually very upbeat and that was no exception. (P.S., I hate when one of the judges makes negative comments to the dancers about the costumes. . .they don’t exactly get to choose their own.)

    I love the passion the dancers bring. I can't wait for more!