So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 8

Top 20 Results

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 14, 2007 on FOX

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  • First live results show.

    This is going to be a stand by review well because I want it to be. The first routine was really good. A little weird for me, but good. Jamie and Hok, there safe. That’s good, they deserve to be safe. Anya and Danny, they did really well and they’re safe. They also deserve it. Next is Sabra and Dominic, they are in out bottom 3. They are both very talented but not too good. I am only a little surprised. Lacey and Cameron are up next wow a huge applause. They were my favorite yesterday night. Yes there safe! Awesome. Next are Ashley and Ricky. They’re in our bottom three, I think they deserve it. Sara and Jesus are next. They’re safe, that’s good. Pasha and Jessie are safe that’s also good. Lauren and Neil are next. They are safe, a little surprising, but not too much. Cedric and Faina are in the bottom 3 as well, not too surprising the other couple was also not too much. Benji’s performance… wow. Pulling down his pants? LOL. The individual dances were good, and the black guy (sorry I forgot his name) was good to. Ashley is going home; her solo didn’t do too much though. It’s saddening, but not by too much for me. The guys are real tough it was so tough to decide for them probably. Oh wow Ricky is going home. That’s real sad for me; I really didn’t think he was going home at all. It was ironic where the couple Ricky and Ashley left. It’s real tough I guess, so overall it was good.
  • One guy and one girl leave the competition.

    Tonight is the drama.

    We're welcomed to the stage by 20 dancers in black and white who dance to Busta Rhymes, it's odd, it uses the entire stage and a lot of fun so, of course, it has Wade written all over it.

    Cat keeps looking hot by the way.

    The first part of the show is dedicated to a bit of time wasting and performances recap, uh? No whole episode recap? That's new.

    I don't feel the need to drag out the suspance here, the bottom three couples are: Sabra and Dominic, Ashlee and Ricky, Faina and Cedric.
    Mary believes America got it wrong because Faina is a wonderful ballroom dancer and Cedric is his own creation and is unique. Come on Mary be fair, we didn't even get a chance to see the things you're talking about, how can America be wrong because of that? I think the bottom three is quite fair but of course she's pissed because she pretty much wants ballroom people to do well. Nigel believes Ashlee and Ricky are in the bottom because they didn't have a chance to shine yet, duh, because, as written on Spill, you chose to show us chunky girls doing "skreet" instead of Ashlee and Ricky's audition footage. Really Nigel, some contestants are helped like Hok, for god's sake we saw him so much he already has his fan base, and so does Lacey, we really don't know a thing about Ashlee aside the fact that she's possibily taller than every contestant.

    Hey look! It's Benji! He has a little chat with Cat and starts entertaining us as always with a fun solo to old fashioned music, what the hell is he wearing by the way? He closes by dropping his pants revealing far more Schwimmer than i need to see.

    Time to fight kids, first up Sabra, and fight she does. She does a very pretty contemporary piece and looks quite nice with her hair sleek, how much time did that take?

    Next up is Dominic and his solo is quite entertaining, he concludes taking off his shirt and hilariously he covers his nipples while talking to Cat.

    Ashlee is next and she's dancing to... Barbra Straisand? Not really the best choice, not young, not fun, her routine is quite boring also, Ashlee darling you're performing for America not the Royal Ballet Academy, show some tricks, show something exciting!

    Ricky does show something exciting but i really don't like his movement outside his leaps and turns, he looks quite bored also.

    Faina brings up the heat with a ballroom solo, it's boring in my opinion but she shows a lot of style and attitude.

    Last up is Cedric and we finally get to see what he does best and he is crazy to watch, his style is something never seen before, fluid, weird and fantastic.

    Ok i admit i skipped Lloyd's performance, but i heard he sang live for which i give him props, not like Ciara last season.

    Let's get down to the real thing! Ladies first, Nigel gives Sabra props for really fighting for her life and tells her she's safe. He keeps it short, Faina is staying and Ashlee is going. Fair choice, she didn't fight hard enough.

    Guys next. Nigel believes Ricky held back, and i agree, he also compliments Cedric, who looks nearly suicidal, for not letting his partner down and for brilliantly saving himself, and Cedric rushes off to cry and bask in relief. Then Nigel spends like half an hour talking about that "something different" Dominic brings to the competition.
    Ricky is going home, this was a tough decision, but enough fair in the end, Ricky didn't give his best as well, and for this reason, of course, Nigel makes an example out of him.

    So two of Mia's favourite are going home, i bet she'll kick Nigel'ass after the show.
  • First guy and girl go home...that was a cool opening group routine!

    Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...first result show! Let me just say right now, that Wade Robson's opening routine was really cool. He has such an imagination. Best part of the routine was when we saw some dancers on the judging panel (That just made me laugh). The dancers were amazing, everyone seemed to be in the moment.

    After some quick introductions for the judges, we get straight to the results. Wow, that was quick. And I like that there getting right to the dancing and results this year, just makes it seem more fluid and great.

    First 3 couple up: Jaimie and Hok, Anya and Danny, and Sabra and Dominic.

    Jaime and Hok's Hip-Hop routine was popular, as they are safe for this week. I felt that was a good choice, they both attacked the choreography and I felt they did a great job.

    Anya and Danny did the Jive yesterday, and of course there safe. They did a good routine, and the judges praised them.

    Next up are Sabra and Dominic, who did the Disco. They are in the bottom 3. I felt that they shouldn't have been in the bottom 3. They did a good job, Dominic looked like he was a pro, and Sabra was a firecracker. But, Dan comments that it was just okay and nothing special. Both Dominic and Sabra will do solos after the results.

    Next Four couples: Lacey and Kameron, Ashlee and Ricky, Sara and Jesus, Jessi and Pasha

    Lacey and Kameron are safe, and that was obvious. They had the best routine the performence night because of there connection and dancing. There Comteporary routine blew everyone away. Well deserved safe.

    Ashlee and Ricky did the Argetine Tango, getting mediocre reviews. I guessed they would be in the bottom 3, and I am correct. It was just an awkward Tango, with Ashlee being taller than Ricky. Plus there was connection between them. Nigel thinks it was unfortunate for them to get the Argetine Tango.

    Sara and Jesus got to do a Wade Robson Pop-Jazz routine, and they are indeed safe. Of course there safe, because they both nailed the choreography, were in character, and it was a routine that was never done before.

    Jessi and Pasha did a beautiful Smooth Waltz, and they are indeed safe. Well it was sort of obvious because they were the only couple on the floor left, and there were three couple left waiting for results. Still, they deserved it.

    Last 3 Couple: Lauren and Neil, Faina and Cedric, Shauna and Jimmy

    Lauren and Neil did a Club Salsa and got amediocre review. But they are still safe! I felt they should have been in the bottom 3, but they were good. They just didn't have a strong connection.

    Final two couples are Faina and Cedric, Shauna and Jimmy. Faina and Cedric did a Hip-Hop routine and got a bad review for not having chemistry. Shauna and Jimmy did a Broadway routine and got a great review. So its clear that Faina and Cedric should be in the Bottom 3, and they are. I think it would have been more suspenseful if Cat announced it when the final two couples were Lauren and Neil and Faina and Cedric. Mary thinks America got it wrong, I think she is just being a bit too nice to Faina and Cedric.

    Now we have solos!

    Person: Sabra
    Song:"Shine"—David Gray
    Rating: Very powerful Contemporary routine. For a person that has only danced for four years, she sure looks like she had been dancing for her whole life. Excellent solo.

    Person: Dominic
    Song: "Let's Groove"—Earth, Wind & Fire Rating: Dominic is breaking out his bag of tricks for this solo. He had alot of energy on the floor, and the tricks were amazing. I think I have seen those moves before, but he did a great job.

    Person: Ashlee
    Song:"Cry Me a River"—Barbra Streisand
    Rating: For a person who was complimented for dancing like she was in Heaven, she looks like she didn't prepare much. It was basically an emotional dance, nothing to wow the judges. The clips of her auditioning seemed more impressive than her solo.

    Person: Ricky
    Song:"Virtual Insanity"—Jamiroquai
    Rating: Okay, this was one cool solo. He is breaking out alot of Jazz moves and impressive jumps. Definitly fought to stay here, but he didn't show alot of emotion like Travis from last year.

    Person: Faina
    Song:"Ain't No Other Man"—Christina Aguilera Rating: I know doing a solo from partner work is hard, but people on the show have done it. Faina did good with her solo, but it kinda seemed toned down and not enough energy.

    Person: Cedric
    Song:"Dream Within a Dream"—Wade Robson Rating: Now I know why the judges loved Cedric during vegas. His solo was spectacular. He just attacks it and has so much emotion. Great solo, he definitly unique!

    Judges go backstage to talk, and there is a special solo from Benji! His solo is everything we love about him, but he brings out a suprise. He takes off his pants at the end! Oh boy.

    Lloyd makes a guest appearance and sings his single "Get it Shawty". It was cool.

    Decision time. Sabra is safe first, with Nigel saying she had the best solo for the girls. Then its down between Faina and Ashlee. Faina is safe, and Ashlee is out. Ashlee is out because she didn't really do so good with her solo. That is respectable, and I hope Ashlee does great with her dancing later in life.

    Now for the guys, Cedric is safe first. He just wowed the judges. Now for the shocker! Ricky goes home instead of Dominic. Ricky is told be the judges he was good, but they felt they didn't give it his all during the solo or Argetine Tango. I agree with there decision, because Dominic did better than Ricky this week with both the routine and he had an exceptional solo.

    Top 18 next week!
  • the male and female with the lowest vote go home

    I think that the 'so you think you can dance' elimination show is better plotted than the 'american idol' elimination show. I liked how the bottom 6 had to preform individualy to show the judges what they can do so they at least have a chance to save themselves. In American idol, they dont have a choice, and that defeats the point of the competition, like the 'sanjaya effect' where the worst people make it through. If american idol did the result shows like so you think you can dance, than that would never happen again. So I do have to give them credit for being smart. I also think that Ricky did deserve to go home, and the lady....I dont remeber her name. I think the judges and America made the right choice.
  • Made it through the first live result.

    Tonight was decent in the first live result show letting us know who was the first female and male contestant to be voted off. The male and female that was voted off did get to be part of the dance off but I do not think that they had a fair hand in the first place. I realize you have to be ready for whatever cards are dealt you in life but both Ricky and Ashlee hardly had a chance when she was so much taller than he was. Because the dance was a tango, it wound up looking very awkward. That particular dance is supposed to look romantic, perfect and smooth, but that was impossible because of the differences in their size. I do hope next season these differences will be taken in consideration before they pair the couples together. Otherwise the rest of the show worked. There are some fantastic contestants competing so from here on it is going to be difficult. I just hope I do not have to witness anymore of Benji's underwear commercials.
  • . . .but only because I didn't want anyone to leave. I'm still sad, but have to admit that America and the judges were fair.

    Great opening routine. . .choreography, dancers, music, lights. . .everything was spot on! The Bottom Three results are given: Dominic & Sabra, Ricky & Ashlee, Cedric & Faina

    Cat interviews Benji, Benji mentions involvement in a Christine Aguilera video. . .then he performed. Benji-esque and entertaining right up until he dropped his pants. . .might have actually been funny if it had appeared to be a "wardrobe malfunction."

    Dance For Life: Sabra, nice. . .Dominic, well-done & funny, i agree with Nigel - he looks like John Leguisamo (I know I mangled the spelling). . .Ashlee, nice, but I actually liked Sabra’s nice better. . .Ricky, still my favorite male dancer (in his genre). . .Fiani, expected, but nice. . .Cedric, great in his genre, but I'm still not sure he can translate his dance into partnering and the other genres? Although, it must be mentioned by this reviewer that he is straight-up fine and for that alone I am willing to give him a chance.

    The judges, Nigel, Mary, Dan, leave to deliberate. Lloyd performed his new single,“Get It, Shawty.” The judges return and Sabra is called forward first. Nigel stated that all 3 were unanimous in the agreement. Sabra stays. Fiani called next. Nigel stated that he wishes she had done her dance with a partner. Fiani stays. Ashlee is out. Nigel says she relied on emotion in solo. I’m sad, but feel the decision was fair. Even from my own assessment, the girls were “nice.” Nigel states that the guy’s decision was the toughest. Ricky called forward first. Nigel comments that he didn’t give full potential tonite. Cedric called next. Nigel apologizes for earlier doubts about his partnering skills, but thinks he also saved himself. Cedric is safe. Dominic called next. Judges fear he’ll only bring tricks, but praise him for showing his personality. Dominic is safe and gets to stay. Ricky is out. Can’t believe that both my favorites are out in the first round!

    Oh, well, can’t wait to choose new favorites in round 2!