So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 22

Top 4: The Finale

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 15, 2007 on FOX

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  • Loved most of the performances!

    Another review I am submitting waay late. Well, here it goes. The top 4's routine together was just lovely, loved the kicks and nice choreography by Tyce Diorio, he deserves kudos!

    The solos were all good. Laceys, although not the best solo compared to Heidi and Benji, was so stylish and loved the song choice, outfit, and the last move. Neil's solo was probably the least favorite of mine so far, although I loved the gymnastic move. Sabra's was, well, good technique wise. A little forgettable compared to her other solos though. Dannys was probably perfect, if you asked anyone who knew anything about dancing, hah.

    Neil and Sabra's hip hop to Whine Up was a little strange, it didn't look like they had much chemistry, and overall I agreed with the judges, they didn't hit it hard enough.

    Lacey and Danny's Viennse Waltz was one of, if not, my favorite routine of this night. It was just solid and beautiful. Even though this is neither of there specialities they pulled it off, and to Avril Lavinge as well. What else can I say?

    Lacey and Sabra's Jazz piece was a little awkward at first time watching it, but although the choreography was resented by the judges, the second time made it seem better. I enjoyed how they were together through the entire routine.

    Neil and Danny's Contemporary was really good. It wasn't as good as Benji and Travis hip hop, but I thought it was really good. Nothing much to say about this routine besides that. Oh, and props to Mia Michels!

    The Lindy Hop with Lacey and Neil was incredible, all there flips and everything, and they must've been so tired, I really thought this routine is what should've put Lacey and Neil ahead of Sabra and Danny in making first place, but whatever.

    Sabra and Danny's Cha Cha was full of energy and loved the Beyonce Bob part, lights made it interesting, good way to close the show. Overall, I just loved it!
  • Season Finale

    I thought that this episode was really good. I liked all the dances, everyone seemed to be dancing to their best. I really liked how everyone had to dance with each other, the Fox dance with Lacey and Sabra was probaly my favorite of all of them. Danny and Neil's dance was my second. I thought all the dances were unique and danced well. The only thing I dident like was that the episode was 2 hours, they could have made it shorter, but oh well. I'm scared about the results show. That's sopposed to be two hours also. I wonder how they're gonna drag that out.