So You Think You Can Dance

Season 2 Episode 22

Top 4: The Finale

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 09, 2006 on FOX
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Top 4: The Finale
This week, Cat introduced us to Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Brian Friedman as our judges. Then, the dance performances started. This week, each dancer performed with every other dancer.
Heidi and Travis performed a disco routine and then Donyelle and Benji danced the Viennese Waltz.
Next, Cat showed a clip of the dancers going to see "Step Up."
Heidi was the first to perform her solo. Then, Benji and Travis danced hip-hop, Donyelle performed her solo, Travis danced solo, Heidi and Donyelle performed Broadway, Benji performed his solo, Donyelle and Travis danced contemporary, and Heidi and Benji performed a salsa dance.
The evening closed with the entire group dancing pop.
Afterwards, voting was opened up to the audience.moreless

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  • this was pretty freakin good

    looovedd itt mann this was soo amazing om g t hi is s is so co o l my fav f r e a j i n m o iv e e v er ma n wowo th is show ro ck k s lo ve t r a c iv i s s o m u ch m mam amammama a m a a a a aa aa a a r dsfds g sfg gs gs g sgdg sg sg s gs g sg s g sg s gs g sg s g sg s g s gs g sg sg s g wsmoreless
  • dancers from around america, bringing it back to America

    It happened, the thing that I said could completly sway the vote, you know what that means, someone either messed up or stepped up, I'm not saying which, all I'm saying is that it has happened, as of this commercial break. Did I expect it to happen on series finale, kind of, but not really, but it happened, so try to pick it out, and when you hear who wins, you might be surprised, and you might not be, I know I want. Still think your contestant is going win? Or did you see what I saw too.

    Hasta Lasagna, I got my eyes on ya!!


    They are about to announce the winner, but I will tell you first, the winner is Benji, I told you that thing happened

  • So much for this show to brag about.

    I want Benji to win just because he reminds me of someone I know. But I definitely don't mind seeing Travis win cause he totally deserves it. If Heidi wins, I'd guess I can accept that too. If Donyelle wins, I'd be very shocked, not that she isn't great, she just doesn't capture me as much as the others.

    Travis and Heidi's disco was cool, and the lifts were amazing. I thought Heidi totally danced all over Travis, because he really didn't seem to be moving at some points during the routine.

    The judges were not happy with Benji and Donyelle's Viennese Waltz, but I liked it. Both dancers performed at the same level.

    I'm just gonna spend a paragraph talking about all the solos, just because they were so short, I blinked three times and missed one routine. Most of them did their same old thing. But I gotta say, Benji's footwork always amazes me, and Donyelle can show the most emotion with her body.

    Travis and Benji, aka Tranji, were geeky cool. I like their two-person cartwheel, but I love even more when they crashed into each other.

    Heidi and Donyelle's routine was much less cooler. I didn't get what they were about. But I liked how they ended with a bang.

    I'm so sad that I missed half of Travis and Donyelle's routine. Mia's comtemporary stuff are always so beautiful to watch.

    It's kinda sick to think about but the counsins Benji and Heidi are perfect for each other, at least on the dance floor. This was my favorite couple routine of the night, and I love the telekinesis thing where Heidi unarched her back.

    A great bang ending. A great group performance. Very in sync, very fun to watch. It seems like the judges have their favorite, and that person is Travis who seemed to have stood out during that performance. I thought his black suit really was cool, but I didn't notice him more than the others.

    BTW, that stomach thing that Benji did during the practice was kinda gross.

  • ahh! the finale has aired, and it's in america's hands!


    benji and travis were kinda crazy cool, but weird together. i mine the choreography was kinda cool and interesting, but it's still weird to see two guys dance together, to me. mmm!

    donyelle and heidi were crazy cool, too. the routine was pretty odd. i didn't like it very much, but i like heidi and donyelle, so they were still good.

    travis and heidi were cute together, but not my favorite couple. they're both really talented tho!

    donyelle and travis, well, their routine was really interesting, and unique. i kinda liked it, but them as a couple? not really.

    benji and donyelle! they were good. i love seeing them reunite! brings ya back to the good ol' days!

    benji and heidi!!!! my favorites!!!!!! oh my goodness. i think they're the best. i love them!

    i think the winner will be BENJI, and that HEIDI will come in second, TRAVIS in third, and DONYELLE in fourth! those are my picks, while i love all the dancers, i think that'll be the order.

    yay for benji! woo!moreless
  • Honestly, this was amazing

    I think that this finale wasn't as good as last years but it definately is comparable. With the dancing over it's up to America to decide who will be America's Favorite Dancer. My personal opinion which i will throw out there, is that travis should be the clear winner. He's the best dancer in the bunch, and has the strongest track record. America will make a poor decision is Benji wins although he's such a performer. The choreographers love Travis, and he's so humble.

    But back to the dancing, I think that some of the dances were better then others, Tyce, I dont' know what happened this week but that wasn't very strong. Everyother dance was pretty good, the finale with wade robinson...amazing...

    A full week for the finale...that's not cool!moreless
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