So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 21

Top 6

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 08, 2007 on FOX

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  • The top 6 rule!

    How can anyone be dissapointed with this episode? It was amazing! Lacey and Pasha's Hip Hop was very nice, Lacey played the role of a manequin very well (almost to a freakish level). Sabra's solo was beautiful, I can't realy comment on it. Danny and Lauren's Contemporary was well done technique wise, but I think Nigel gave them a little too much praise either way. Pasha's solo was awkward yet funny and had me laughing the whole way along. Neil and Sabra's jazz was spectacular, I think it was probably the best couple dance of the night. Lauren's solo I disliked though, it was good, but she was never up to the expectation of the other dancers(not as good as contemporary as Sabra, and not as good with hip hop as Sara). I think she should've been eliminated a while back. Lacey and Pasha's smooth waltz was beautiful, I agree with Nigel as far as the hand thing goes. Neil's solo was ok, nothing too amazing, but a good solo. Danny and Lauren's disco was awesome, and it was good to see Danny have so much fun for once! I almost felt sorry for Lauren to see the bruises on her leg. I Loved Lacey's solo! I don't see how anyone can hate on that it was amazing.And, you can't compare it to Sabra's or Lauren's solo cuz it was a different style. Go Lacey! And Neil and Sabra's little Matador dance was nice, wasn't the best for me for some reason. And Danny's solo was good. End review.
  • What the heck was the guest judge wearing on her neck?

    Did anyone else notice that neclace the guest judge was wearing?? I dont remember her name, but she wore a necklace that looked like it had a nail at the top digging in her neck. Ouch. But other than that distracting thing, I thought that everyone did really well, I think that Lauren dident do as good as the rest, and she might be in danger. I think Neil also might be in some trouble. Pasha was really good, and so was Lacey, Danny as usual was good. I'm not sure who will go home, but someone has too. I missed Mia Micheals in the show though, I wish she had a bigger part.
  • All six are so good, I'm happy whoever wins!

    Pasha and Lacey seemed like a great partnership in my head, because both are great performers and both are ballroom dancers who are usually quite good at other styles, though Lacey has had trouble a few times in other areas. One of those was of course, hip hop. Well tonight, she was redeemed. The perfect mannequin in movement and in attitude. And she was brilliantly matched by Pasha's geek character. Pasha really shined in this dance, especially because much of the beginning was a solo for him, and that is not his strongest suit.

    Two ballroom dancers doing the smooth waltz? I'm sold. Then I hear that Lacey only knows Latin and I hesitate. Then I watch the dance I vow to always trust my instincts. Gorgeous. Pasha, you're beautiful.

    Danny and Lauren's contemporary was interesting. I enjoyed watching it, I simply enjoyed watching it, and I can't really go beyond that, which is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it's quite a good thing.

    Danny doing disco kinda worried me a bit. I wasn't sure about it because he dances so seriously and the disco is so lighthearted. But I think he covered it well by being serious about Lauren rather the dance, that allowed him to be fun and light about the dance. That looked hard yet fun. Another great dance. And I agree with the judges, Lauren's hit her potential tonight.

    Sabra and Neil are two great performers and two really fantastic dancers. This season has had great jazz routines I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. That was so much fun. And when it's fun and done well at the same time, that is what makes a great dance. Sabra's been my favorite girl from the beginning of the top 20. Neil hasn't been my number 1 guy, but he's been creeping up on number 2 for awhile. And to see him match Sabra so flawlessly, he just might tie my number 1 tonight if he does that again in dance number 2! (For the record, Pasha is my favorite guy.)

    The Paso Doble is such an interesting dance, and I think the perfect ballroom to showcase Neil and Sabra. It is all in the attitude, which the both had in abundance. And while the whole thing was brilliant, the ending, when he had her wrapped around his head was so great, because of how it never ended. Everyone thinking the dance is over because he lifted her, then she just so effortlessly slid her body down his, and he never broke character and she never let go! I had to pause my TV to recover! And still until he dragged her over and they bowed they stayed in character!

    Sabra's solo showed so beautifully what Nigel told her a few weeks ago. She is so tiny, but she dances so big! It was lovely! Pasha's solo was quite smart. He has trouble dancing without a partner, so he gave himself a partner! I liked it, and points for creativity!

    Lauren's solo was good, if not a bit repetitive. I expected Sara to be here this week, not Lauren. But she's doing he best to hold up to Lacey and Sabra, who I expect to be the top two. We'll see.

    Neil's solo was so beautiful and so powerful. He moves me when he dances. Just a total class act.

    Lacey's solo was fun fun fun! She is so graceful. And check out those hips!

    Danny's solo wins most improved. Which he still showcases his leaps and spins, he does so much more now. While none of the solos are as good as the partner dances, all were about equal in my book.
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