So You Think You Can Dance

Season 1 Episode 10

Top 6

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2005 on FOX

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  • The show starts with the eviction of the 4th couple reducing the playing field to 6. With 6 left, this should be one of the better shows? However, the focus has turned away from the individuals and toward the dance. Why then is the show less interesting?

    Big Poppa was a great reality show star. He had charisma and charm. However, he is a big guy and a dancing contest was not for him. On the other hand, Blake McGrath is very arrogant but an excellent dancer. The key to winning reality television is reeling the audience in by having them identify with the shows characters. Somehow when this show was in its early stages, it acheived this goal. However, now it seems the producers are turning to wall to wall dancing. I get the feeling Lauren Sanchez is leading a 2 minute football drill. At this stage in the game, personality is out the window. It is all about the dancing. However, when at least half of the dance styles are disinteresting, the show begins to suffer.