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(ended 2007)


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  • The hosts Lisa and Ty, as so real, caring and funny. The get the best guests ever! If you love soaps, you will love this show, it is a really GREAT ALL AROUND SHOW!

    I watch this show every chance I get, I laugh with Lisa and Ty and their guests, I sometimes even learn something new or fashionable from them. They are Stars but are so down to earth, you can view them as real people. They get the best guests any talk show ever had, because if you don't watch soaps why would you care about the people on them? I do and I find them to be real and interesting, more than I ever would have known just from the stuff I find in interviews elsewhere. You actually feel like you get tosort of know the actor as a person. Take Michael Easton for example, he is one of my favorite actors in the world, Ty and Lisa got him to come on the show, NOONE else has managed that. They got him to open up some and the fans could see him as something other than just a handsome face. I have studied every thing there is to know about this guy, his movies, interviews, his book, I knew he was married long before he admitted it on the show, because I seen a ring on his left hand in a photo of him last summer, but I thought he wouldn't do press because of this reason or that. Until your show I had no idea he was REALLY just a shy and nervous guy, see that impresses me more. You have a fabulous show, I watch it even when I need to be cleaning or shopping, that stuff can wait, at least until your show is over... ha ha. I love you all.