Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 10

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

After Jessica sees Chester and Claire kissing she tries to convince Mary that their family is cursed. We learn about Randolph, Jessica and Mary's brother who fathered an illegitimate child with the Swedish maid and moved to Ecuador.

The Godfather comes to the Campbell house looking for Danny. While the Godfather is still there Danny arrives dressed as a rabbi. Danny is worried that he is going to be found out. The Godfather suspects that it's Danny so he asks a bunch of questions and is satisfied with the answers.

Burt comes home excited because he's cured of his impotence. He wants to sleep with Mary but she's not in the mood.

Corrine visits Tim at his residence. She looks for guidance but Tim asks her to leave because of the temptation. Instead he looks to God for guidance as to whether or not he should leave the priesthood.

Dennis visits Jodie again at the hospital with the news that he is for sure going to marry the girl he's been seeing. Jodie doesn't take the news well. They've broken up, leaving Jodie confused about whether or not he wants to still go through with the sex change. Jodie attempts suicide by swallowing an assortment of pills. Barney tells him a story trying to make him feel better. Jodie lies in bed waiting for the pills to take effect.