Season 1 Episode 11

Episode 11

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Burt and Mary are both nervous and excited about having sex for the first time in six months. But before they can get started there's a sound downstairs. A burglar breaks in but Burt and Mary think it's Danny in disguise. Instead the real Danny dressed as a Middle Eastern man comes in. Chuck and Bob wake up from the ruckus downstairs. The phone rings with the news that Jodie attempted suicide. Everyone rushes to the hospital to check on him. When they get there Jodie breaks the news that he's going to get the sex change.

Peter is flirting with about woman in the pro shop when Corrine walks in. She confronts him about his cheating and of course he has lots of explanations for his behavior. Corrine also mentions that is she catches him in a lie that she will kill him.

Jessica tells Chester that she saw him kissing Claire in the restaurant. Jessica also admits that she had an affair but Chester doesn't believe her at first. He turns the blame about on her. He continutes to lie saying he's never been unfaithful. Jessica walks out.