Season 1 Episode 12

Episode 12

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Chester rushes to breakfast hoping to find Jessica. Eunice is flying to Washington again for Congressman McCallum's "press conference." Jessica returns home after being out all night and gives Chester and ultimatium about his cheating.

Jodie and Barney are preparing to leave the hospital. Jodie's scared because of the uncertainty of his life. Nurse Nancy makes a last ditch effort for a date with Jodie. He gets talked into the date. Barney and Jodie vow to keep in touch and still be friends.

Mrs. Fine is there for another tennis lesson with Peter. He hides her in the bathroom. Jessica comes to to check with Peter about how Corrine is doing. Mrs. Fine hides in the shower when she hears that Jessica needs to use the bathroom. Jessica finds her when she goes to water a plant. Mrs. Fine begs Jessica not to tell her husband. Jessica then mentions that because Peter has been cheating on Corrine that she could kill him.

Burt is excited that Jodie is going out on a date with a woman. Mary isn't as nervous.

Corrine is at a motel. Fr. Tim rushes to her aid thinking that she is going to commit suicide. Corrine asks him for advice. She tells Tim that she saw Peter with another woman and that she left him.

Peter is taking a shower. Upon hearing the door open he tries to guess who it is. A knife stabs through the shower curtain. A brick hits him in the head. Gun shots are heard. Peter collapses. He's dead.