Season 1 Episode 12

Episode 12

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1977 on ABC



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    • Maid: (talking about sex) The fanciest we ever get is that we open our eyes

    • Narrator: (Opening Narration) In Last week's episode of Soap, Jessica admitted her affair to Chester but Chester wouldn't admit his affairs to Jessica, so Jessica walked out on him. Corrine caught Peter nibbling another woman's ear and told him if she ever caught him fooling around she would kill him. Jodie, who tried to kill himself because Dennis left him, woke up alive. Confused? you wont be after this week's episode of Soap. We begin this week's episode of Soap the morning after Jessica walked out on Chester.

    • Narrator: (Closing Narration) Jessica said she would leave Chester if he fools around again. Will he? Will She? Nurse Nancy said she and Jodie would do more than just eat dinner. Will they? Corrine once said she would kill Peter. Did She? Jessica once said she would Kill Peter. Did she? Who killed Peter? These questions and many others will be answered on next week's episode of Soap.

    • Jodie: Burt, what's the big deal? I'm just going out for dinner.
      Burt: No, Jodie. You've got a date.
      Jodie: Burt, I know what to do. You eat. You talk. Preferably not at the same time.

    • Nurse Mary: I don't know what I'm gonna do without you two.
      Barney: Come on, an old man and a homosexual. Whatever come next has got to be better.

    • Chester: Why are you standing there grinning, Benson?
      Benson: I don't know what I love more, her sticking it to you or you getting stuck.

    • Jessica: You know Chester, when people get angry and storm off and say "That's it I've had it I'm leaving" I wonder where they all go.

    • Eunice: Tell mother I won't be home this evening. I'm flying to Washington to cover Congressman McCallum's press conference.
      Benson: And then she's gonna cover McCallum.

    • (After Jessica finds Sheila Fine hiding in the bathroom behind Peter's shower curtain)
      Jessica: What are you doing in here, Mrs. Fine?
      Sheila Fine: ...Voting.

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