Season 1 Episode 13

Episode 13

Aired Unknown Dec 13, 1977 on ABC
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Episode 13
Burt and Mary finally get their sex life going again. Burt finds Peter dead in the shower. "Piece of Chelief" Tinkler questions the Tates and Campbells, all of whom are suspects in Peter's grisly murder. Jodie reveals that he didn't go out with Nurse Nancy after all.moreless

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    Sal Viscuso

    Sal Viscuso

    Father Tim Flotsky

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    Gordon Jump

    Gordon Jump

    Chief of Police Tinkler

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • There was no explanation given on why Sheila Fine wasn't a suspect?

      • In explanation of why Police Chief Tinkler did not suspect Peter's other women, this question was asked by Jodie after Tinkler said Corinne found Peter in bed with another woman. Jodie asked why that woman wasn't a suspect and Tinkler responded, "Because it's impossible for a blind woman to shoot with that kind of accuracy."

      • Chief of Police Tinkler states that the autopsy reveals that Peter was "stabbed, shot, strangled, suffocated and bludgeoned". However, when Peter was taking his last shower, the audience saw that someone attempted to stab him (but missed), threw a brick at his head (therby bludgeoning him) and shoot him, but did not suffocate or strangle him before his body collapsed and presumably died.

      • When Chief of Police Tinkler questions the Tates and the Campbells, he grills them on where they were "last night" (when Peter was murdered). However, Burt had just found Peter's body that morning, the Tates and Campbells attended Peter's funeral and Chief Tinkler mentions the autopsy of Peter's body. How could all those events transpire in less than 24 hours?

      • Chief Tinkler says the killer MUST be one of the Tates or Campbells but doesn't explain why it couldn't have been Peter's many other women

      • No explanation is given on why are Burt and Mary suspects in Peter's murder when they spent that night having noisy sex, which Chuck and Bob overheard.

      • Tinkler is Chief of Police in the episode but is "Sheriff Tinkler" in later episodes.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Chief Tinkler: Where were you between midnight and 7am?
        Chuck: I was with Bob here.
        Bob: Yes he was I can vouch for him.
        Chief Tinkler: O.K. I can cross you off my list... wait a minute suspect number ten.
        Bob: And eleven?
        Chief Tinkler: And eleven.

      • Narrator: (Opening Narration) In Last week's episode of Soap, Jessica came back after walking out on Chester, and told him if he was ever unfaithful again she'll leave him for good. Jessica then went to visit Corrine, only Corrine wasn't there, but Peter was and with another woman. Jessica was so angry that Peter was cheating on her daughter, she threatened to kill him. Corrine came home later and also found Peter with another woman, upset she checked into a motel, called Father Tim and said she was going to kill herself. Father Tim rushed over and found Corrine wasn't going to kill herself, she only felt like killing herself. Actually, Peter was the one she really wanted to kill. And Peter, who was taking a shower after his busy day, much to his surprise, was in fact killed. Confused? you wont be after this week's episode of Soap. We begin this week's episode the morning after Burt was able and Mary was willing.

      • Narrator: (Closing Narration) Who killed Peter Campbell? Jessica? Chester? Corrine? Eunice? The Major? Benson? Burt? Mary? Jodie? Danny? Chuck? Bob? This question might be answered on next week's episode of Soap.

      • Jessica: (about Peter's murder) I can't wait to find out who did it. It's just like a movie of the week.

      • Tim: How long have you been a rabbi?
        Danny: (in costume) A couple of days.
        Tim: Congrats.

      • Jessica: I just wonder if there really is a life after death and if there is do you think everyone's invited?

      • Jodie: Listen everybody, why don't you help yourself to some food? Benson's got a whole mess of food in the dining room.
        Benson: It is not a mess.

      • Jessica: (talking about Peter's murder) Well what I can't believe that, it happened in Connecticut. That's what I can't believe. I mean this kid of thing happens in states like New Jersey or California or Chicago. Not in Connecticut.

      • Chief TIinkler: What can assume from the fact that he was stabbed, strangled, shot, suffocated, and bludgeoned?
        Jodie: That he didn't commit suicide.
        Chief Tinkler: We can assume that Peter Campbell either had many killers or he had one killer who really hated his guts.

      • Police Chief Tinkler: (upon arriving at the Tate household after Peter's funeral) I'm here because there's been a murder!
        Jessica: Another one?

      • Chester: We all have to go, Jessica. Sooner or later, we all have to go.
        Benson: Yeah, and some not soon enough.

    • NOTES (2)

      • A week after this episode aired, ABC aired a one-hour special episode of Soap recapping the events leading up to Peter's murder and a list of the suspects, consisting mainly of clips from previous episodes. In this episode, Jessica (Katherine Helmond) and Benson (Robert Guillaume), in newly shot scenes, discuss the murder of Peter and the various suspects involved. This special episode was not included in the syndication rerun package and is not included in the DVD of the first season.

      • Gordon Jump makes his first appearance as bumbling "Piece of Chelief" Tinkler, a role he would play into the the second year of Soap. By that time, Jump had found full-time work as Arthur Carlson on WKRP in Cincinnati (alongside Soap alum Howard Hesseman), a role he landed with the help of director Jay Sandrich, who directed the WKRP pilot as well.

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