Season 1 Episode 14

Episode 14

Aired Unknown Dec 27, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

As Jessica and Chester prepare for bed he believes that she had an affair. But he is really upset now that he knows the affair was with Peter. Chester finally realizes how Jessica felt when he didn't come home nights. He apologizes to her.

The Campbells and the Tates discuss who in each of the families could have killed Peter over their respective breakfasts. Everyone is accusing everyone else.

Eunice is on a flight with Congressman Walter McCallum and Marilyn, his drunk wife. Walter and Eunice meet in the bathroom of the plane to make out. Eunice leaves and Marilyn comes in. She draws some conclusions about Eunice and her husband.

It's dinner at the Tate's house. Billy says how popular he is at school after the murder. Benson mentions the betting pool that the other servants on the street have about who killed Peter with Chester as a front runner. Chief of Police Tinkler comes to arrest Corrine for Peter's murder.
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