Season 1 Episode 16

Episode 16

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 1978 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When the audience first saw Ingrid and Randolph, they were lounging outside, Ingrid reading the newspaper, looking very much like tourists or expatriates.  When she found out that Corinne had been arrested, Ingrid took off immediately, giving no indication that departing Ecuador would be any problem.  Indeed, it would seem that she was able to leave the country quickly and without issue.
      However, when Mary explains the story behind Corinne's being raised by the Tates in this episode, she includes how her mother told the government of Ecuador that the couple were backing revolutionaries, resulting in them being detained which is why they've been unable to return to the U.S. all these years to claim Corinne.
      The trouble is that it's been over two decades since that incident.  Is it believable that Ecuador would permit two non-citizens it once believed were plotting against the government to stay there all that time?  Ingrid and Randolph didn't look like they were imprisoned.  Ingrid just up and left as soon as she could, which certainly means she's been able to do so for some time.  This begs the question, since she's so bitter about the length of time she was deprived of her daughter, why didn't she leave sooner?

  • Quotes

    • Heinrich: You could have killed Peter because you were jealous. He was white. You are black. He had women, youth, freedom. You? You've got an apron maybe a decent time-step.
      Benson: Let me tell you something you little Nazi shrimp. Now you can talk to them any way you want to. But now you talkin' to me, Benson and I personally have had it with your shouting, and your bullying, and your spitting. Nobody here killed anyone not yet.

    • Heinrich: We have precedence for this kind of homosexual behavior. Not in Germany of course. We have no homosexuals in Germany. They are in Austria. Or Switzerland.
      Jodie: Where in Switzerland?

    • Heinrich: (upon hearing that Burt was impotent) So classically American. A problem we never have in Germany. No impotence. No smog.
      Bob: No Jews.

    • Heinrich: You are the black servant, Benson, hm?
      Benson: No, I am Japanese houseboy, Moto.

    • (Burt has brought Peter's bathtub home for his investigation)
      Danny: There's this huge chunk of bathtub laying out in the path. Somebody could kill themselves on it.
      Bob: Somebody already did.

  • Notes

    • Beginning with this episode, Soap used an abbreviated version of the opening, which would serve as the opening for the rest of the series run. In this opening, the announcer states: "This is the story of two sisters: Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates. And these are the Campbells. And this is SOAP!" Prior to this episode, a much longer opening was used that helped explain the story. However, the new opening did not feature Robert Guillaume (Benson). He would be included several episodes later.

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