Season 1 Episode 17

Episode 17

Aired Unknown Jan 17, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Corrine is released and goes home with Ingrid. Jessica is being booked.

Danny, Chuck, and Bob are playing checkers. There's an explosion coming from the basement. Jodie and Danny both beg Mary to get Burt some help. Jodie claims that Burt told him he can turn invisible. Ingrid stops by sharing the news that Corrine was released and that Jessica was arrested.

Elaine introduces Danny to her father. Again Danny must do a favor in order to spare his life. After he leaves Elaine wants more sex with him. Mr. Lefkowitz mentions that the favor Danny has to do is marry Elaine.

Eunice visits Walter only to learn that he's being blackmailed with pictures of their relationship.

Benson visit Jessica to bring her breakfast in jail. Chester bring Mr. Franklin, a lawyer to represent Jessica. After talking with her Mr. Franklin refuses to take her case. Jessica still maintains her innocence.