Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1977 on ABC
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Episode 2
Jodie tells Mary that he's planning to do a sex change. Burt finds his long-lost son.Mary finds out that Jessica is having an affair, but not with whom. The Godfather Tells Danny that he will let him leave the mob if Danny executes his father's killer. Burt's long-lost son turns out to be Peter, the tennis pro.moreless

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  • The saga of the Tates and Campbells continues. We learn of Chester's infidelities, Jessica's guilt, and Jodi's decision to get a sex change. We learn (but Danny doesn't) that Burt killed Mary's first husband. Finally, we learn that Peter is Burt's son!moreless

    This is why I watch this show! The episode contains many hillarious moments. I love everyone's reaction to seeing Peter at the end of the episode. I also think Richard Mulligan is great as Burt Campbell; no one can do physical and real comedy (at the same time) like he can! Another great episode!
Richard Libertini

Richard Libertini

The Godfather

Guest Star

Stephen Mendillo

Stephen Mendillo


Guest Star

Kathryn Reynolds

Kathryn Reynolds


Recurring Role

Robert Urich

Robert Urich

Peter "The Tennis Player"

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In Episode 2, Billy says he is 14 years old. In Episode 42, Billy says he is 15. In Episode 59, Billy turns 18. So, it took him 40 episodes to age one year, but only took 17 episodes for him to age another three years. In the same period of time, Wendy does not age at all.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Burt: (runs excitedly after hearing the Tates' door bell ring)
      My son! My son! My son!
      Benson: (trips Burt)
      This is my job, turkey!

    • Jodie: Benson, this is all wrong. The avocado and the shrimp should not be separated. The shrimp should go in the avocado.
      Benson: Here Tinkerbell, stuff it.

    • Jodie: Mom, I should be a woman. I've always felt like a woman. Mom, remember when I was four years old and it was Christmas and you gave Danny and me those little plastic shaving kits, remember? Remember how Danny took that little plastic razor and started to shave his face? I shave my legs, Ma.

    • Mary: By a sex-change operation do you mean a sex-change operation?
      Jodie: Mmm-hmm. I spoke to Dr. Fletcher today...
      Mary: I'm not thinking about what I'm going to tell people, Jodie. I couldn't care less. The thing is, I just got used to you being a ho-...
      Jodie: Homosexual.
      Mary: I mean, I always thought you'd outgrow it. That it was just a phase. And now when I'm finally used to you being a...
      Jodie: Homosexual.
      Mary:'re going to get a sex-change operation and be a girl? Jodie, for God sakes, what am I going to tell people! Oh, my God, I think I'm having a cerebral hemorrhage. I can feel it right here.
      Jodie: Mother...
      Mary: I mean you're casually going out and doing this like it's nothing! It's.. it's not like getting a haircut, Jodie.

    • Peter: (entering the Tate residence) Dad!
      Burt: Peter!
      Corinne: Peter!
      Jessica: (quizzically) Peter?
      Peter: Corinne?
      Jessica: Corinne?!
      Peter: Jessica?
      Corinne: Mother!
      Burt: Corinne? Jessica?
      Mary: Oh, my God.
      Chester: Jessica?
      Jessica: (sheepishly) Peter.
      Corinne: Mother?
      Jodie: (smiles seductively)) Peter.

    • Burt: Hey Benson, could you tell the Tates we're here?
      Benson: Very well. (walks over the staircase and yells) They're here!

    • Claire: You know, Chester, I've known about Pigeon for weeks. And before that I knew about the blonde in securities, the red-headed switchboard operator, the brunette in payroll. I've watched you work your way up through half this building, Chester. I never knew if you were doing it by floor or hair color.

    • Jessica: Mary, what have I done? I mean, in all these years, Chester has never so much as looked at another woman and now I have done this. I don't deserve to live.
      Mary: Jessie, you've got to stop doing this to yourself. Hasn't it ever occurred to you that Chester might have been unfaithful?
      Jessica: Oh, Mary, please. Chester hardly ever does it with me. But with a stranger? Never.

    • (Mary walks in to find her son, Jodie, wearing womens' clothing)
      Mary: Jodie?! What in the world are you doing?
      Jodie: Ma...
      Mary: Look at you! My wig, my necklace, my best dress-- Oh! You wear that belted!
      Jodie: Yes.
      Mary: I never thought of wearing it belted. It looks much better that way.
      Jodie: Sure. It breaks up the straight line here, and then it just blouses slightly at the waist.
      Mary: Well, that's much more slimming.
      Jodie: Definitely.
      Mary: Jodie, get out of my clothes.
      Jodie: Mother! Sit down.
      Mary: Jodie! Come on!
      Jodie: Mother, how would you like a daughter?
      Mary: What are you talking about?
      Jodie: Sit down, Mom.
      Mary: Jodie, just tell me.
      Jodie: I'm thinking of having a sex-change operation.
      Mary: (laughs) A sex-change operation. A sex-change operation.
      Jodie: Right.
      Mary: I better sit down.

    • (After Jody leaves the Campbell's bedroom wearing one of Mary's dresses)
      Burt: He's sick!
      Mary: So am I. He looks better in that dress than I do.

    • Godfather: I've been coming over here for 23 years to open up my pores. What I want to know is what is so terrific about opening your pores? I mean do people walk down the street and say "Look at him. How nice. Look at those nice open pores."

    • Claire: (to Chester) Do you call her Pigeon because she coos or because she's a carrier of filth?

    • Mary: Jessie, I have a son who's gay. What could possibly shock me?

    • Mary: (to Jessica) Chester won't notice. He hasn't looked at you since you were 30.

    • Narrator: (Opening Narration) Remember the Tates? Jessica and her husband Chester? Chester's the guy who fools around with everyone but his wife. And poor Jessica, because Chester's been so busy, has taken up with Peter the tennis pro, who in turn has been busy with Jessica's daughter Carrine. Of course, Jessica doesn't know Peter's been busy with Corrine and Chester's been busy with everyone. Jessica just wishes she had gone shopping instead. Remember the Campbells? Jessica's sister Mary and her second husband Burt? The Campbell's have problems. Mary has two problems, her son Danny is in the Mob. Her son Jodie is gay. Danny and Burt have a problem. They don't get along. Jodie and Burt have a problem, they don't get along either. Mary and Burt have a problem, Burt can't make love to Mary and she doesn't know why. Burt has the biggest problem of all, he knows why. He murdered her first husband. We begin this weeks episode of Soap shortly after Jessica's tennis lesson.

    • Narrator: (Closing Narration) Will Jodie have a sex change operation? Will Danny take the contract and find out that Burt, his stepfather, killed his father? Will Jessica find out about Chester and his secretary Claire. Will Chester find out about Jessica and Peter? Will Corrine find out about Jessica and Peter? Will Jessica find out about Corrine and Peter? Will Burt find out? Will Benson find out? Will Benson Care? These questions and many others will be answered on our next episode of Soap.

    • (Burt and Mary find Jodie modeling Mary's clothes)
      Burt: He's sick.
      Mary: So am I. He looks better in that dress than I do.

  • NOTES (1)