Season 1 Episode 23

Episode 23

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Eunice is waiting for Walter at a restaurant. Marilyn runs into her and starts to chat. She wants Eunice to stop seeing her husband. Walter walks in, sees the two women in his life sitting together and tries to make an exit but instead runs into a waiter. It ends up that Marilyn bought the pictures from the blackmailer. She holds them over Walter's head, as she threatens to go to the press with them if Walter and Eunice don't break it off. Because he still wants his political career Walter dumps Eunice and leaves with his wife.

Mary, Chuck, Bob, Jodie, and Danny rush to the hospital upon hearing that Burt ran away. Mary feels guilty for sending him to the hospital in the first place. Burt returns and shares with Mary his observations about his illness and everything going on at the hospital. He confesses that he turns "invisible" as an escape from the real world. On Mary's urging he reveals his dark secret-that he killed her first husband.

Ingrid is sleeping with Judge Petrillo in order to make sure Jessica is proven guilty. Corrine catches him leaving one morning. She realizes that she needs to leave Ingrid and go back to the family that really loves her.

Fr. Tim goes home to his mother, Flo for her advice. Tim tells her about his plan to leave the priesthood over a girl. Flo's upset over his decision, trying to use guilt to change his mind.

Mallu tries to figure out who the secret witness is. Jessica has no clear idea either.

In court Jessica finishes her testimony. She again maintains her innocence. On a break Jodie again agrees to go to the Cape over the weekend with Carol, as friends. The surprise witness is Mrs. Fine. She testifies that while she was in Peter's bathroom she overheard Jessica say she was so angry she could kill Peter.