Season 1 Episode 24

Episode 24

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

At the beach Carol keeps trying to put the moves on Jodie while they share the same bed. Carol wasn't honest when she said there were two bedrooms. Carol thinks Jodie hates her and starts to cry. Because he doesn't want her to cry he consoles her.

Mary is still trying to grapple with the truth that Burt killed her first husband. Danny even mentions that he forgives Burt for what he did. Burt returns home from the hospital but is not sure whether Mary is going to let him stay at the house. Through awkwardness they try to come to terms with their current situation. Mary agress to try and work things out with Burt.

Jodie and Carol slept together. The next morning Jodie is furious with himself while Carol is happy. He's unsure of himself and his sexuality. Carol assumes that they're a couple and is shocked when Jodie says that he isn't going to sleep with her again. They do however agree to still be friends.

Everyone in the Tate house is dealing with nerves before court. Everyone except Jessica didn't get any sleep that night. Billy breaks into the kitchen with the news that Corrine came back and that she is sleeping in her bed. Jessica and Corrine have a talk forgiving each other and finally coming to peace. Ingrid comes to take back Corrine but she won't leave with Ingrid. She does threaten to get back at the Tates. Chester escorts her out. Seconds later Chief Tinkler arrives with a federal warrant to arrest Chester.

It's closing argument time at the trial. During Mallu's final statement Petrillo falls asleep. The Major comes flying through the window armed stating that no one is going to take Jessica away. The judge wants him arrested. But after hearing the family's plea decides to have the Major ordered home. The jury is sent out to decide a verdict.
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