Season 1 Episode 24

Episode 24

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1978 on ABC



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    • Chester: Oh Benson, I need strong coffee. I was so worried about the trial I didn't sleep a wink last night.
      Benson: Me neither.
      Chester: You were up worrying too?
      Benson: Yup.
      Chester: Oh I wish I'd known.
      Benson: Yeah.
      Chester: Sure. I would've had someone to talk to.
      Benson: I wish I'd have known too. Cause that would've put me to sleep.

    • Jodie: For 25 years I'm gay. Suddenly a girl comes on a little bit and I'm in bed with her.
      Carol: You're a floozy.

    • (Mary still wrestling with the news that Burt killed her first husband)
      Mary: I have no frame of reference for this. I've read Dear Abby all my life but never ever have I once come across anything similar.
      Burt: I wouldn't be surprised.
      Mary: And it's not like I can call a friend either. You know and say what did you do when your husband...?
      Burt: No I guess, you're right.

    • Jodie: I don't know what's with you, Carol? I mean we agree we're coming up here as friends. Then you tell me you've rented a two bedroom cottage. We get here and one room, one bed and knowing I'm gay you're absolutely amazed when I don't turn out to be Burt Reynolds.
      Carol: I thought you'd be different here. Away from everything, in the country, all this clean air.
      Jodie: Clean air? Carol, I'm a homosexual not an asthmatic.

    • Ingrid: You think I'm finished?
      Jessica: No, Swedish.

    • Jodie: (to Carol) You get us one room with a queen-size bed, and I sincerely hope no pun was intended.

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