Season 1 Episode 25

Episode 25

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Mary and Burt prepare to meet Mr. Lefkowitz for the first time. Burt remembers his cousin Campbell Campbell in Australia as a place where Danny can hide instead of marrying Elaine. In speaking to Danny, Lefkowitz reminds Danny that if he runs away that he is going to kill the whole family instead.

Fr. Tim meets with Corrine with news that he's leaving the priesthood. He also proposes marriage.

At dinner Carol wants Jodie to share an apartment with her. Secretly she wants a relationship while Jodie still just wants to be friends. Dennis runs into them at dinner. He tells Jodie that his wife has left him and that he really wants Jodie back.

Because the jury is coming back with a verdict Jessica wants to cook one more breakfast and gather Benson and the whole family together to eat. She admits that she's scared of what the verdict is going to be. Chester reassures her that he isn't going to let anything happen to her.

While waiting for the verdict Mallu tells Jessica that he's in love with her. She thinks it's a ploy to get her mind off the upcoming verdict. Both families are worried too. The jury finds Jessica guilty of murder in the first degree. While being led away she keeps saying she's innocent.

In a cliffhanger we learn that Jessica didn't kill Peter but that either Chester, Jodie, Corrine, Benson, or Burt did.