Season 1 Episode 25

Episode 25

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 1978 on ABC



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    • Eunice: (to Corrine about Tim) At least you lost him to God. I lost Walter to Marilyn.

    • Mr. Mallu: I cannot stand this waiting.
      Jessica: Why Mr. Mallu. You've been through this so many times I should think you'd be used to it by now.
      Mr. Mallu: This is different.
      Jessica: How so?
      Mr. Mallu: Because this time I'm in love with the defendant.

    • Carol: Jodie, why can't we live together?
      Jodie: Carol, I'm gay. Listen the other night was nice. It really was and I've told you that but I'm still gay. Hey listen occasionally I'll have a burrito, I'm not not Mexican.

    • Dennis: It didn't work out. [My wife] left me.
      Carol: What happened? The quarterback couldn't complete the pass?

    • Corinne: You're asking me to marry you?
      Father Tim: No, I've gone to my superiors and asked to be released from my vows because I want to go steady.

    • Bob: (to Mr. Lefkowitz' bald head) Hey, look, this is ripe enough to pick . . . Drill three holes in it, and I can bowl a perfect game.

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