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Episode 26

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1978 on ABC
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Episode 26

In part 1, the Campbells and Tates take turns accusing each other of being Peter's real killer. Chester attempts to kill himself by dropping a bucket on his head. Jodie and Carol move in together. Burt and Danny meet Jodie's boyfriend, Dennis. Mary and Benson visit Jessica in prison. Mrs. Flotsky puts a curse on her son Tim's upcoming marriage to Corinne. Jessica appeals for Peter's real killer to come forward at her sentencing hearing.

In part 2, Chester explains that his repressed memory of killing Peter came back to him when the bucket hit him in the head. Benson and the other Tates attempt to sort through their feelings about Chester. Chester is placed in a cell with a brutal killer named Dutch. Mary accuses Burt of having an affair when he returns home late one night. Dutch coerces Chester to be an accomplice in his escape plan. Carol discovers she's pregnant with Jodie's child.


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  • The Tates and Campbells to squabble over who among them is the real killer is. Chester hits his head and remembers that he is the real killer. Meanwhile, Jodie movies in with Carol and Marry suspect that Burt is being unfaithful.moreless

    The murder of Peter, the trial and false conviction of Jessica was a great cliff hanger for the first season. It's a good murder mystery and manages to impact the lives of most of the cast, allowing some funny and truly touching moments. The reason that it fails to generate a higher score, is because of the quasi-heterosexual relationship that is forced upon Jodie. It is bad enough to see how desperate Carol is to 'fix' Jodie, but its simply revolting to see how her mean-spirited manipulation is greeted with glorious praise by Jodie's family and the studio audience. She is a villain who is treated, at worst, as a naughty nurse, and, more likely, as a savior. Having come out of a bad breakup and survived a suicide attempt, why not have him actually find some love and adopt a kid? OK, maybe America was not ready for that then, but I can think of a lot better story arcs to give Jodie then getting seduced by Anita Bryant.moreless
Doris Roberts

Doris Roberts

Flo Flotsky

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Rene Levant

Rene Levant


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Rebecca Balding

Rebecca Balding

Carol David

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Sal Viscuso

Sal Viscuso

Tim Flotsky

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Bob Seagren

Bob Seagren

Dennis Phillips

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Corinne worries that Chester's murderous ways may be hereditary . . . even though she is Chester's adopted daughter.

    • Danny tells Jodie he has to go to work. However, nothing has been revealed about Danny's employment since he left the mob.

    • Mary suspects Burt has been having an affair while working late "all these weeks" even though he was was discharged from the mental hospital only a few days ago.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Chester: They put me in here with a murderer.
      Jessica: Well of they did. I imagine that they do it like computer dating.

    • Burt: You don't know why? You blow your nose in instead of out. You pull the blankets over, you take food off my plate, and you iron my shirts wrong. I find that all adorable. If I did not love you, I would have divorced you by now.

    • Dutch: What are you im here for?
      Chester: Murder.
      Dutch: What did you do? Bore someone to death?

    • Burt: (About the fact that Jodie's couch wouldn't fit throug the door) You're different—company comes over, they can sit down before they come in…
      Danny: Ahh, let it rest a while, it's probably swollen.
      Jodie: Danny, this is a couch, not a foot.
      Danny: Same principle.

    • Burt: No, to the right-TO THE RIGHT!
      Danny: I'm going to the right!
      Burt: That's not the right, genius, that's the left.
      Danny: That's the right. Cause I write with this hand and I'm a righty.
      Burt: Oh yeah?
      Danny: Yeah.
      Burt: Well I wear my wedding ring on my left hand, so how come it's on the same side that you're pulling?
      Danny: Well if uh…well…well…
      Jodie: Because Danny's right is your left.

    • Burt: Chester…there's a knife in your door.
      Chester: Yes, I know, it's a…makes a good handle.
      Burt: I, well, I, ah, I… don't know, if you had to get out of here in a hurry, you could leave two fingers in the kitchen.

    • Chester: (About his suicide note) That doesn't look right. S-U-A-C-I-D-E? It's S-U-I…I think…Nnn, that would be "sue-eye-cide"

    • Chester: (About his suicide) Uh, the important thing is…how to do it. I want it quick, quiet…and with NO pain! I want it…pleasant! Oh, that's wonderful Tate, you want a pleasant suicide, why don't you have it catered.

    • Chester: Now the important thing is for us to be cool. Now just sit and think. Because we all know in our heart of hearts that Jessica is incapable of violence. Never in a million years under any circumstances could Jessica possibly have committed the crime. So with that in mind…what we have to do now is to calmly…and coolly…try to figure out…which one of you (shouting) rats did, huh? Which one? Which one of you stinking bloodthristy Campbells...?
      Burt: Campbells? Campbells? Ah, what about you Tates, you embezzling thief!

    • Chester: (after everyone started arguing who was going to make the coffee) All right, never mind, never mind the coffee, (shouting) Forget the coffee! (calming down) Let's all just sit.
      Benson: That's what I said in the first place.

    • Major: I checked out the jail, and according to my calculations, a tank, or a two-man bazooka team could bring the wall down.

    • Chester: Benson, would you make us all some coffee please?
      Benson: I can't.
      Chester: I beg your pardon?
      Benson: I can't, I'm too depressed.
      Mary: I'll make the coffee Chester.
      Chester: No no, Mary, please. This is Benson's job.
      Benson: I can't make no coffee, Mrs. Tate's in jail, I can't make coffee, I just gotta sit.

    • Jessica: I wish I were Donna Reed. Donna Reed would have something wonderful to say. Or even Shirley Jones, for that matter. She'd have something just as good to say and maybe even fresh-baked cookies. Or Loretta Young. She wouldn't have anything wonderful to say, but she would make a stunning entrance

    • The Major: We shall rendezvous at 0-700. Everyone synchronize your watches. It is now three-ish.

    • Chester: (contemplating his method of suicide) The knives are gone. The oven's electric. What am I supposed to do, jump in the blender and puree myself to death?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Two-weeks before this episode aired, ABC aired a special 90-minute episode of Soap on August 31, 1978 recapping the previous season. In this special, Jessica (Katherine Helmond) is visited in prison by her brother-in-law Burt (Richard Mulligan) and together they review events of the past year in the lives of their families (via flashbacks). This special episode was not featured in the syndication rerun package of the series.

    • This episode was one hour long.