Season 2 Episode 1

Episode 26

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1978 on ABC

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  • The Tates and Campbells to squabble over who among them is the real killer is. Chester hits his head and remembers that he is the real killer. Meanwhile, Jodie movies in with Carol and Marry suspect that Burt is being unfaithful.

    The murder of Peter, the trial and false conviction of Jessica was a great cliff hanger for the first season. It's a good murder mystery and manages to impact the lives of most of the cast, allowing some funny and truly touching moments. The reason that it fails to generate a higher score, is because of the quasi-heterosexual relationship that is forced upon Jodie. It is bad enough to see how desperate Carol is to 'fix' Jodie, but its simply revolting to see how her mean-spirited manipulation is greeted with glorious praise by Jodie's family and the studio audience. She is a villain who is treated, at worst, as a naughty nurse, and, more likely, as a savior. Having come out of a bad breakup and survived a suicide attempt, why not have him actually find some love and adopt a kid? OK, maybe America was not ready for that then, but I can think of a lot better story arcs to give Jodie then getting seduced by Anita Bryant.