Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 27

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 1978 on ABC
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Episode 27

Dutch sets his escape plan into motion with Chester as his unwilling accomplice. Burt offers to make Danny a partner in his construction business. Danny and Mary spend the minutes before his wedding ceremony badmouthing his bride-to-be. Elaine's father joyfully announces that he is disowning her. Carol tells Jodie she's pregnant with his child. One by one, the Tates disappear upon entering their basement.


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Sorrell Booke

Sorrell Booke

Charles Lefkowitz

Guest Star

Florence Halop

Florence Halop

Aunt Esther

Guest Star

Rene Levant

Rene Levant


Guest Star

Dinah Manoff

Dinah Manoff

Elaine Lefkowitz

Recurring Role

Rebecca Balding

Rebecca Balding

Carol David

Recurring Role

Bob Seagren

Bob Seagren

Dennis Phillips

Recurring Role

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    • (Jessica speaks to Elaine on her wedding day)
      Jessica: Oh, you do look lovely. You know, no one would guess you're trash!

    • Carol: Things have changed.
      Jodie: What things?
      Carol: Things…
      Jodie: Could you be more specific?
      Carol: Iyumavingyurbameee…
      Jodie: What?
      Carol: I'm, gonna, have, your, baby.
      Jodie: You're pregnant?
      Carol: Up until now that's how you usually had babies.

    • Danny: (About Elaine's mother calling him a Schvartze) Aw, Benson, I'm sorry, I really hope you're not offended.
      Benson: Listen, you're the one who's marrying into this family, if you're happy, I'm tickled pink.

    • Burt: So, what about you? You make up your mind yet?
      Jodie: About what, Burt?
      Burt: About what Burt? You're living with a girl and dating a boy, so which one's your girlfriend, the boy or the girl?

    • Danny: Yeah! No good? I have a very exciting idea that could revolutionize travel!
      Burt: Revolutionize travel?
      Danny: Yeah. I'm in this department store yesterday, right? And they take my money and put it in a tube. And then they put the tube in a chute and, THWOCK! Back it comes with my change.
      Burt: So?
      Danny: So? So, I'm thinking, what about a tube like that…but BIGGER…carrying passengers from New York to L.A.THWWWWOOOCK!....You're there in seconds!

    • Danny: I'm thinking of becoming a banker.
      Burt: A banker?
      Danny: Yeah.
      Burt: Come on, Danny, what are you talking about, you don't just go out and be a banker.
      Danny: 'Course you can. Ya' rent a place, you hire a few tellers, you put up a sign that says bank, and the people come by and drop off their dough.
      Burt: Danny, first of all the government controls the banks, and secondly, you need a lot of money…to open a bank.
      Danny: I could borrow some.
      Burt: You're gonna go to a bank to borrow money, to open a bank?

    • Danny: (About Mary) Why is she crying?
      Burt: Why's she crying? Danny, you're getting married, she's been crying since last night.
      Danny: She's crying 'cause I'm getting married?
      Burt: Well, last night she was crying 'cause you're getting married, tonight she's crying because her eyes look so bad…from last night's crying.

    • Chester: It's night time, for God's sake!
      Dutch: What do you want to do, escape in broad daylight, you moron?

    • Jodie: (after learning Carol is pregnant) The father-to-be is not your standard model here, considering he's in love with a man and, up until a few months ago, was wearing his mother's clothes. But, hey, that's OK.

    • Mary: Mrs. Kadish, poor soul. Her son got married and moved away. She hasn't taken a bath in two years. She's afraid he'll call, she'll be in the tub.

    • Elaine: (to Danny) You better move it. That rabbi says he's gotta leave in ten minutes. He's got a bar mitzvah, two funerals, a bris, and tickets to "Pippin."

    • Mary: I always thought the girl you married would be a little like me. But Elaine is . . . I don't know.
      Danny: She's a pig.
      Mary: She's the girl you're gonna marry. You can't call her a pig, even if she is one.

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