Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 28

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1978 on ABC
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Episode 28

Dutch briefly holds the Tates hostage in their basement in order to tell them that he and Chester will be hiding there to avoid the authorities. The Campbells try to adjust to life with Elaine. Jodie announces he's going to be a father, much to Burt's delight. Dutch and Eunice sleep together after a very brief courtship. Jessica and Mary debate who has the crazier family. Mrs. Flotsky causes a scene at Tim and Corinne's wedding.


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    Doris Roberts

    Doris Roberts

    Flo Flotsky

    Guest Star

    Ian Wolfe

    Ian Wolfe

    Father Juniper

    Guest Star

    Dinah Manoff

    Dinah Manoff

    Elaine Lefkowitz Dallas

    Recurring Role

    Sal Viscuso

    Sal Viscuso

    Tim Flotsky

    Recurring Role

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      • Jessica: Two killers Mary? I mean I think two killers is bigger than a gay guy and one pregnant girl…
        Mary: Yeah, I guess it's bigger.
        Jessica: Although yours is big.
        Mary: Of course it's big!
        Jessica: Just not bigger.
        Mary: I woulda' had you if it had been Dennis.

      • Corinne: Ma, it's not your fault!
        Jessica: Oh Corinne, I am sorry, I…I mean I wanted to give you a wonderful wedding, and…and now your very own father can't even be here.
        Corinne: Ma, it's all right.
        Jessica: I wonder—do you think it's too late to have the reception down in the basement?

      • Dutch: Why would you think that you're not pretty?
        Eunice: Because when I was a little girl, I was fat and I had buck teeth. I looked like a blowfish. And it doesn't matter what anyone says, or how I look, or what I do, I still feel like a fat little funny-looking seven-year-old girl.
        Dutch: That's funny.
        Eunice: That's not a bit funny!
        Dutch: Eh, No, that's how I feel.
        Eunice: Like a fat little seven-year-old girl?
        Dutch: Nooo! Like a puny little skinny little nine-year-old. See, when I was a kid, I had all these terrible allergies. Had asthma and hay fever and hives, you name it. It was allergic to it. I spent my whole childhood just trying to get a breath. And I was real sickly-looking, too. The kids used to call me "worm" and beat me up.

      • Mary: So. How do you two guys like working together?
        Burt: Phew. It's terrific.
        Danny: Great.
        Elaine: Sure. One's got a flea brain, the invisible man's got none at all.

      • Elaine: (to Danny) Let's go out to dinner.
        Danny: Elaine, the way you've been spendin' dough, I can't afford it.
        Elaine: You can't afford it? You can't afford anything. That's because you go the brain of a flea.

      • Dutch: Okay now, remember, one word. One word from anybody (referring to Chester) and he dies.
        Benson: Anything in particular we'd have to say?

      • Dutch: Everybody. You're all to live perfectly normal lives.
        Billy: Sure. A normal life with a gun up my nose?

      • Mary: Jodie is going to be a father.
        Jessica: Dennis is pregnant?!?!
        Mary: No-oo, Carol!
        Jessica: Oh! Because if it was Dennis, you're right, that's big!

      • Jodie: (telling Burt and Mary he's gotten Carol pregnant) I don't know what to do about it.
        Burt: Just do it a few more times. You'll be hooked. It's like pretzels.

      • Mary: Burt, do you think Chuck might need some professional help?
        Burt: No, I just think he's got to discipline Bob more.

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