Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 29

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 1978 on ABC
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Episode 29

Corinne gets marriage advice from her mother. Chester is devastated when Benson kills his pet rat in the basement. Tim and Corinne have difficulties consummating their marriage on their wedding night. Mary tells Burt her life is boring and she wants to go to school. Danny tells Burt he's having trouble financing Elaine's lifestyle. Chester's family attempts to find a replacement for his pet rat, then has to improvise when he suddenly faints.


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      • Mary: I want to go to school Burt.
        Burt: Mary, it's 4:30 in the morning. School is not opened yet.

      • Burt: (About Mary's idea of going back to school) You'll get smart, and then…you'll get too smart for me… You'll learn all those things I don't know, and you'll start using big words when you talk like, like, uh… "notwithstanding", and "heretofore"… I won't understand any of that, and …Then you're gonna find out how really dumb I am and then you'll leave me for somebody smart who you can talk with about philosophy.
        Mary: Oh, Burt!
        Burt: It'll happen, Mary.
        Mary: You're so dumb!
        Burt: See, it's starting already.

      • Mary: I have no life, Burt. I have nothing to do all day. Now the kids are grown and you're hardly ever home to dinner, and… there's uh… no laundry to do, nothing to clean…no beds to make… nothing!
        Burt: I could be sloppier… I'll tell you what, now, Mary, when I come home tonight… I'll mess up the house.

      • Burt: Seven of my men are going to be off today 'cause it's a Jewish holiday and I'm gonna have to do all their jobs.
        Mary: Burt, could I talk to you before you go?
        Burt: What kills me is I don't think they're all Jewish. Two o' them are black, and one's an Indian.

      • Jessica: You'll be living with a man. I don't care what Gloria Steinem says, men expect certain things, you know?
        Corinne: Ma, I know this. Really.
        Jessica: I'm not sure that you do. I mean I remember when I first married your father, I was very surprised. Well, first of all, I was surprised that any human being could take that long in the bathroom. And secondly, I was very surprised because my mother told me that on my wedding night I was expected to…
        Corinne: Uh—Ma, I know these things, really. Remember? I lived with a man.
        Jessica: Oh, yes, that's right, you did! Oh, well, then I guess you know all about everything you're supposed to know about.

      • Jessica: Hmm. Corinne, it was such a lovely wedding…and you were the most beautiful bride I've ever seen.
        Corinne: Ah, thanks ma!
        Jessica: Tim was so handsome, aw, it just couldn't have been nicer! It's just a shame Bob got so drunk and hit Chuck.

      • Burt: I really love musicals. The only that ever disappointed me was "Cabin in the Sky." But that was my fault because I thought it was going to be a musical about the construction industry.

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