Season 2 Episode 16

Episode 41

Aired Unknown Jan 18, 1979 on ABC

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  • The guys gather at a bar to drown their sorrows. Tim wants to become a hermit, Dutch is arrested and, after the 'guys night out' Jodie befriends a suicidal lesbian named Alice. Jessica has a new house guest, Mary, and Corinne's baby is coming.

    The 'guys night out' scenes were great and really allowed the different men to bond, despite their very different personalities. Alice is far more like-able then Carol and gives us an opposite sex, gay couple. I suspect that this interesting pairing, was the result of someone not wanting [or feeling that the audience could not handle] Jodie living with another man and adopting a kid. As story arcs go, Alice lets Jodie remain asexually gay where as the direction going with Carol was [up until the last minute] to essentially 'fix' his homosexuality. Neither story arch is perfect, but with Alice their is a real effort being made to treat Jodie as an equal person and try and deal with anti-gay discrimination. Last but not least, Corinne's baby brings a nice fantasy/supernatural element to the series which would be followed up with Burt being abducted by space aliens.
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