Season 2 Episode 19

Episode 44

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Now that Chester is back, Detective Donohue fears his relationship with Jessica is over. Jessica says that she still loves Donohue in spite of Chester's return, but she still loves her husband and doesn't know what to do. Jessica talks to Chester, who is taking a bath, that she had thought he was dead, and had had an affair with another man. Chester is saddened, but he laughes when he is told it was with Donohue, whom Chester doesn't consider all that much of a threat to his and Jessica's marriage. Meanwhile, Billy is eating lunch at a fast food place, when he meets an old flame of his, Lisa. She has joined a religious cult, the Sunnies, and wants Billy to join her. Frustrated with his family never talking to him, and wanting to catch up with her, Billy eagerly goes with her. Meanwhile, Eunice visits Dutch in jail. They find themselves kissing the glass between, much to the annoyance of the guard. Dutch wants to break out of jail, but Eunice might have a better plan to get him out of jail. Dutch isn't thrilled about Eunice's plan, because it involves him being what he calls a "squealer," but he considers it.

Meanwhile, Jodie and Danny bring Sally to the Campbell house, to help reconcile Burt and Mary. Danny and Jodie have tricked Mary into returning home, with the story that Danny is sick. When she arrives, Danny and Jodie try to convince Mary that Burt is telling the truth, but she doesn't believe them. Burt walks in moments later, having gone to the store, and tells Mary that he didn't have any actual affair, but he doesn't get anywhere either. Even Sally confessing she had lied under blackmail pressure from Ingrid Svenson doesn't convince Mary. She finally believes when she sees Sally's pornographic film, that Ingrid had used (Danny and even Jodie try to sneak a look at it as well). Sally apologizes for everything, and leaves, and Burt and Mary finally reconcile for good. Finally, Corinne, Jessica, Benson, and the Major are playing with the baby. But Corinne wishes that Tim could be here, to see it. However, after they leave the baby alone, to sleep, toys start floating around in mid-air, doors open and close, and an insane laughter is heard, from the crib.