Season 2 Episode 22

Episode 47

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

While Tim and Benson deal with the demon, the Tates wait in the crumbling living room, and the Campbells start to gather as well, to help in the exorcism. Burt suggests that Corinne's baby is an alien, which Chester dismisses as stupid, causing Burt to storm out. Jodie arrives after Burt leaves, makes a joke about the Demon and is lifted off the ground in mid air. Meanwhile, Benson emerges from upstairs, shaken up to send someone else up to help Tim. Mary and Jessica head upstairs, and the living room continues to crumble. Later, they retreat to the kitchen, and Jodie goes upstairs. In the kitchen, they drink coffee with Corinne, who blames herself for the demon's presence, because of all her affairs. She confesses to sleeping with almost every guy in town, partly out of frustration, for not being able to have Tim. Jessica feels she is also partly to blame, for her own affairs with Peter Campbell and Detective Donohue. Mary assures them that neither of them are to blame for anything, and that the demon is here in spite of them. Meanwhile, not present at the exorcism, is Danny, who is still hunting for kidnappers. He confronts Millie, the one kidnapper, Mel's girlfriend, who appeals for her boyfriend, saying that Elaine's death was an accident. Mel arrives and Danny threatens him with a gun. Mel also pleads that Elaine's death was an accident. Danny decides not to sink to Mel's level in killing him, but ensures Mel that he will be brought to justice. Before Danny can do anything else, Millie attacks him from behind, and Danny suddenly finds himself at their mercy.


Meanwhile, also not at the exorcism is Billy, who is still with the Sunnies. Lisa introduces him to Reverend Sung, the Sunnie's leader. However the tyrannical Reverend Sung announces that he plans to brainwash Billy into becoming a Sunnie just like them. Billy gets uncomfortable and wants to leave, but Reverend Sung makes it clear, he has no intention of letting Billy go anywhere. Back at the Tate house, Tim, with the everyone else, recites prayers to exhort the demon from the baby. When his prayers get nowhere, Jessica gathers everyone else around, and makes an impassioned speech on how the family has stuck together through everything, and that the demon has no power over any of them, no matter what he does. Within moments, the demon is gone, and everything, including Corinne's baby returns to normal. Soon after, Jessica calls Chester and Detective Donohue together, which creates a lot of bickering between them. But Jessica sits them down, apologizes for having to hurt one of them, and is ready to make her decision. Finally, Burt wanders through the field at night, reflecting on everything that has happened to him and everyone else, leading him here to seek out that space ship. The he sees the space ship again. And this time, when it takes off, it takes him with it.