Season 3 Episode 1

Episode 48

Aired Unknown Sep 13, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jessica finally announces to Chester and Detective Donohue, whom she has chosen to stay with, (By means of two envelopes with "yes" and "no" written on them) She has chosen Chester, and Donohue is devastated sick to have been rejected. To make it up to him, Jessica allows him to stay in the Tate house for a while until he is able to move on, much to Chester's dismay. Meanwhile, Burt finds himself on board the alien space ship, and is amazed. He meets a group of little silver aliens, who actually speak English. However, they have no plans of letting him go home soon, and so no one will notice that he's gone, they're replacing him with an alien clone. The clone right now is just another little silver alien, but will soon be in Burt's duplicate body. Much to Burt's horror, he is excited about having sex with Burt's wife, once down there, because he has not had any in 2000 years. Meanwhile, Jodie and Alice have settled down together, and are doing well. But then, they receive a visit from Mrs. David, Carol's mother. She has with her, Jodie's baby daughter, Wendy, and she and Carol wanted Jodie to see his daughter. Jodie is in love with his daughter, and now doesn't want to let go.

At the Tate house, things are as normal as normal can be. Eunice is complaining to Corinne about her son crying all night, Donohue is settling in, and bickering with Chester, and Benson is preparing to leave the Tates. However, right now, Benson announces that Billy is being held captive by the Sunnies. The Major demands to be listened to because has a plan to rescue Billy. The plan involves him, Chester, Benson, and Donohue, dressing all in black clothes and make-up, and invading the Sunnies lair. Finally the alien Burt heads to the Campbell house on Earth, and prepares to make his move on Mary.