Season 3 Episode 1

Episode 48

Aired Unknown Sep 13, 1979 on ABC



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    • Burt: (about the alien who will be impersonating him) You're not gonna let him... I mean, he's not gonna s...

      Chief Alien Creature: Sleep with your wife? Why do you think he's jumping up and down? He has not had sex in two thousand years!

    • Chester: You turn my stomach.
      Donohue: A plow couldn't turn your stomach.

    • Mrs. David: A girl homo? What do they call them? Homettes?

    • Jodie: I think relationships are better when there's no sex to screw things up.

    • (Jessica finds Benson along with Chester, Donohue, and the Major in blackface)
      Jessica: Chester, you are not a Negro.
      Chester: I know that, dear. We're rescuing Billy.
      Donohue: Then we're all going downtown to pick up some white women.

    • Burt: You speak English?
      Alien: Of course. We have studied you Earth people for a long time. We speak all your languages fluently. We read and write most of them. We also disco.

  • Notes

    • Robert Guillaume's spin-off series, Benson premired the same evening as this episode aired.

    • Two weeks before this episode aired, on August 30, 1979, ABC aired a special 90-minute episode of "Soap" recapping the previous season. In this special, Jessica (Katherine Helmond) and Benson (Robert Guillaume) review the events of the past year in the lives of the Tates and Campbells. Benson also bids farewell to Jessica as he is leaving her employment to work at the governor's mansion (and to spin-off to his own show, Benson). It is mentioned that the governor is Jessica's cousin. This special was not included in the syndicated rerun package of the series.

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