Season 3 Episode 2

Episode 49

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

The morning after Alien Burt's arrival, Bob is annoyed at the noise he and Mary made all night. But neither Mary nor Alien Burt are. Jessica visits and Alien Burt makes a move on her. Jessica and Mary talk about the rescue team for Billy, and Danny's disappearance, which Mary presumes he's still alive. Mary also mentions how Burt is a completely different lover (If she only knew). Meanwhile at the Sunnier's lair, two Sunnies attempt to brainwash Billy with electric shock and deprivation of sleep, which Billy, despite his exhaustion manages to resist. At Jodie's apartment, Mrs. David tells Jodie that Carol actually ran off with a cowboy, and abandoned their baby. Mrs. David sees that Jodie wants her, and she is willing to give Jodie custody of Wendy, but only if he gets rid of Alice, because she doesn't like the idea of leaving a baby with two homosexuals. Jodie is stunned at this. On the alien space ship, Burt meets Saul, a human who has been captive on the space ship for 4000 years (Humans are immortal in space). Burt doesn't care about living forever and wants to go home, but Saul says there is no way to escape. He's stuck there forever.

Back on Earth, Eunice meets Dutch in prison. Dutch is disguising himself as a woman to prepare for an escape attempt, but Eunice is happy to announce that she got Dutch a release. All he has to do is turn in State's evidence and he's a free man. Dutch however is unwilling to do so, saying it goes against his code of honor. He reconsiders when Eunice pleads that it's not only his only chance, but her's too. Finally, the Major, Benson, Chester, and Donohue, going under the code name "the Step Brothers" break into the Sunnie's lair, Chester and Donohue still bickering the whole way. They manage to distract a Sunnie, by doing a song and dance routine, and knock him out. They finally reach Billy, when another Sunnie confronts them with a gun.