Season 3 Episode 3

Episode 50

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

The "Step Brothers" are held at gun point by the armed Sunnie. While they try to figure things out, Billy suddenly comes out of his trance, and knocks him out, clearing the path for all of them to go. Back at the Tate house, the Tate women anxiously await the outcome of the rescue, and are all delighted when Billy and the four men arrive safely home. Meanwhile, on the alien space ship, the aliens do tests on Burt, when Saul stands up to them, saying they are wrong to take humans away from their families, like they took him away from his wife, whom he didn't realize has now been dead for over 3700 years. Saul decides to try to help Burt return home. Back at Jodie's apartment, Alice decides to voluntarily leave, not wanting to come between Jodie and his daughter. Jodie wants to try to work things out for everybody, but Alice says it's okay, and that she now wants to go to Alaska, but is a better person for knowing Jodie.


At the Campbell house, Mary is starting to grow weary from the non-stop sex with the Alien Burt. Jessica stops by again, and Alien Burt makes a pass at her again. Mary, out of weariness, thinks she's going crazy, because she's starting to suspect that Burt isn't really Burt (if only she knew). On the space ship, the real Burt and Saul head to the transporter room, to experiment with it, and try to return home. Finally back at the Tate house, Benson bids Jessica a tearful goodbye, as he leaves the Tates to go work for Jessica's Gaitling cousin. (And his own show)