Season 3 Episode 10

Episode 57

Aired Unknown Dec 13, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Chester and his mistress are just about to do their thing, when they hear Jessica knock on the door. Chester quickly hides his woman under a sheet, to pass her off as a table. Jessica enters and demands to know what Chester is doing here, and Chester replies he's simply using this room as a temporary office, until he finds more permanent work. Jessica goes into the bathroom, and looks elsewhere in the room, but not immediately finding anything incriminating, she starts to apologize for suspecting that Chester was cheating, when the "table" moves. Jessica finds the woman enter the sheet and storms out, telling Chester he is not welcome back home. Meanwhile, Burt and Mary go to the doctor's for a checkup. Burt is especially need of one, because he's lately had insomnia, which he insists is "space lag" from being on the space ship. But he still insists that the doctor examine Mary first. Later, after they return home, Danny tells Burt he's met a woman he likes, but now is having difficulty finding her, as he can't remember her last name. Jodie stops by, and makes sure Burt is really Burt. Danny finally remembers that the late husband's name was Peter Dawson, but inadvertently reveals that Polly is black, making Burt uneasy. Nonetheless, he and Jodie agree to help Danny find Polly again.

Later on, Jessica goes to parent-teacher conferences and introduces herself to Leslie, making her uneasy. Although Jessica wants to be supportive of her and Billy's relationship, she also doesn't want Billy to get hurt. Leslie assures her that Billy won't get hurt, and Jessica vows not to interfere with them. Finally Chuck and Bob visit Jodie and Wendy at Jodie's apartment, as Bob is really bonding with Wendy. However, they receive an unwelcome visit from an agent from the Child Welfare department. The agent claims that a complaint was made about Jodie raising a baby in his department, and he questions Jodie's abilities to raise a child. Jodie angrily throws the agent out, but then regrets doing so. Although, Jodie has witness who will vouch for him, none of them are any more credible than he is, making Jodie fearful.