Season 3 Episode 20

Episode 67

Aired Unknown Mar 13, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jessica is admitted to the hospital with Chester holding one hand, and Dr. Posner holding the other, and the other Tates are present as well. Dutch is in tears fearing the worst. Her doctor, Dr. Hill says that she needs more tests before he can make a formal diagnosis. Jessica then tells Chester to move back home, while she is in the hospital to take care of the family, and Dr. Hill privately tells Chester and Dr. Posner that although he isn't 100% sure, it's looking like Jessica's condition is very serious. Meanwhile, at the Campbell house, Burt and Danny anxiously await the outcome of the election. The phone rings at it turns out that Burt's opponent, Sheriff Prentice had attempted to fix the election, so as a result, Burt is the new sheriff. However, his first job as sheriff is to remove Prentice by force. Mary is fearful of the outcome, and wishes Burt would resign, but Burt insists that he has to do his job, and storms off.

At the Tate house, Dutch feels he has no further use with the family, with Eunice gone, and with Saunders now doing the cooking. So he's planning on moving out. However, Corinne doesn't want him to go, and after some sweet talking convinces him to stay. Saunders then makes it clear he wishes they'd both go. Finally Jodie and Mallu head to the beginning of the custody trial. However it isn't looking good for them, when Carol's attorney is the infamous F. Peter Haversham, who is known to have won some of the most hopeless custody cases known to man. It gets worse when the presiding judge, Betty Small, is a former prosecuting attorney, and former bitter rival of Mallu (similar to Mr. Franklin from the earlier murder trial), but is on a first name basis with Haversham. Jodie is outraged as Carol tells a deliberate lie about the circumstances of how Wendy ended up with Jodie, and attempts to protest, but the judge silences him, with a warning of contempt.

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