Season 3 Episode 22

Episode 69 (Part 1)

Aired Unknown Mar 27, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Chester visits Jessica in the hospital horrified that she is going to die, espicially because of how he had cheated so much on her before. Jessica assures him that she forgives him for all of his affairs, even if there is one affair or two that she didn't know about. She tells him to tell the children to remain strong after she dies, and they both cry. Meanwhile, at the custody trial, Carol explains on the witness stand, that she wouldn't marry Jodie because it wouldn't be a genuine marriage, and she wanted to be in a real one, touching both the judge and Mallu, but not Jodie, who knows her story is fake. Mallu attempts to disgrace Carol, but gets nowhere. Then Mrs. David takes the witness stand. To Jodie's horror, she backs Carol's lie from earlier. Jodie grows violently angry, and declares that the case is nothing more than a corrupt clash of egos, and has to be dragged out by the bailiff.

Back at the Campbell house, Mary tries to tell Burt that their baby might be a silver alien creature. But when she starts to say something, Burt just seems so excited about having a baby with Mary, that she can't bring herself to admit the horrible possibility. Back at the Tate house, Corinne, then Eunice sneak into Dutch's room to seduce him, but they catch each other, and get into a fight. But they both end up agreeing that Dutch has to choose between one of them. Dutch hesitates, and does an "Eeiny Meenie Miny Moe" unable to stop, both Eunice and Corinne sneak out. Finally, at the custody trial, Haversham asks Jodie insulting questions about his homosexuality, which Jodie refuses to answer. He finally stands up, and says that he would never expose his daughter to anything harmful, and that he will always love and want her, no matter what the judge decides, and feeling defeated he exits. The judge is admittedly impressed with his sincerity, and announces that will she make her decision after the next day.