Season 3 Episode 22

Episode 69 (Part 2)

Aired Unknown Mar 27, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Danny takes Polly to a restaurant, but he is still flipping out on everybody he thinks is staring at them the wrong way. However in spite of it, he proposes to Polly. Polly however isn't sure that Danny is really serious about their relationship and can't say yes, just yet. She is temporary undecided. Later on, Chester comes home to the Tate house with a tape recording of Jessica, who greets everybody, and says goodbye, as she is dying. Everyone is distraught. Suddenly Leslie rushes in, again threatening to kill herself, this time with a gun. Billy finally stands up to her, telling her that her taunting them like this, while their mother is dying in the hospital is a terrible insult to them, and that if she really wants to kill herself, go do it somewhere else and leave them alone. Leslie decides against suicide, and decides to shoot Billy instead.

Later on, Burt and Danny are studying all the crime codes they'll need to know as sheriff and deputy, when they get a visit from a man named Elmore Tibbs. At first he seems to be a friendly supporter here to wish Burt luck as Sheriff, but he turns out to be the owner of a corrupt business (massage parlors/whore houses), which Burt has been taking measures to bring down. When Burt and Danny refuse to hold back, Tibbs has his henchman knock them unconscious, with a diabolical plan to make them reconsider. Finally, as Jessica lays in her hospital bed, Chester is fighting to hold her hand, not only with Dr. Posner, with with Mr. Mallu, and even Dr. Hill, who has fallen in love with Jessica during her stay. They all agree to surrender Jessica's hand to Mary who comes to visit. Mary says goodbye to her sister, and they have a brief scuffle over who is the older one. Just then Mary goes into labor, and Dr. Hill has an orderly take her to the maternity ward. Then the four men resume their scuffle over holding Jessica's hand, until Benson enters and breaks it up. He and Jessica have a heart to heart talk about their friendship before Jessica flat lines, and might be dead.

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