Season 3 Episode 22

Episode 69 (Part 2)

Aired Unknown Mar 27, 1980 on ABC



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    • Burt: (after waking Mary up by laughing in his sleep) Sorry Mare, I had a nightmare.
      Mary: This was a nightmare?
      Burt: A happy person has happy nightmares.
      Mary: I guess you had to be there.

    • Mary: I don't know how I will get through life without my older sister?
      Jessica: Older sister?
      Mary: I don't think that I can do it.
      Jessica: Mary, you are the older sister.
      Mary: I am not.
      Jessica: I am one year younger than you.
      Mary: Jessica, you are one year older!
      Jessica: Younger!

    • Danny: Problem is our middle initial.

    • (Tibbs is a very short man)
      Tibbs: okay Campbell, I'll be short. If you hit those clubs I'll hit you.

    • Danny:Liquor store hold ups Burt! I can put an end to all liquor store hold ups.
      Burt: Sure, pass out free Herroine.

    • (Talking about the baby)
      Burt: I wonder what color hair it will have?
      Mary: I often wonder about that myself.

    • Jessica: Benson, you be happy. Be happy. You be happy because that's all there really is

    • Carol's lawyer: Did you ever frequent a bar known as Barney's?
      Jodie: Was that you?

    • Mallu: (to Jodie) The judge is a woman. Carol is a woman. You are not a woman, try as you may.

    • Mary: Jessica, I can feel it!
      Jessica: Mary, you can't feel it. I'm the one who is dying.
      Mary: No! The baby! I'm in labor!
      Jessica: Quick! Get to a Hospital!
      Mary : I am in a hospital.
      Jessica : Good! Lie down! You'll have the baby here!

    • Jessica: I don't know if there's a dry cleaners in Heaven. I really want to look nice when the gentlemen come to call.
      Chester: Gentlemen? Jess, aren't you gonna wait?
      Jessics: For what?
      Chester: For me.
      Jessica: Chester, you might never get there.

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    • Lyrics to the song Jessica sang to her family:

      When I come home to you, Sanfrancisco. Your golden sun will shine for me...