Season 1 Episode 8

Episode 8

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1977 on ABC
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Episode 8
Unable to kill Burt as ordered, Danny goes on the run as a "spy" but not before finally accepting Jodie's homosexuality and bidding a tearful goodbye to Mary. Mary has trouble accommodating Chuck and Bob at breakfast. At a dinner party for Chuck and Bob, Danny shows up in disguise, but the mob takes a shot at him anyway.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In the episode, we learn that Danny has never fired a gun, even though he's a gangster. It's never made clear exactly what he did for the mob. Apparently it was mostly paperwork.

        Note: It is explained in season two that he was a driver, it is entirely possible that he never had to fire a gun in this capacity.

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Bob: Okay, what are we all standing here with are thumbs up are noses, huh? Are we going to eat or not?
        Chuck: But your wound?
        Bob: Just a nick. A little plastic wood and I'll be okay.
        Jessica: Oh, mwah.
        (Jessica kisses Bob's hand)
        I'm so glad you're all right.

        Chester: Jessica, he's a doll.
        Jessica: I knew you'd like him, Chester.

      • Chester: Well, Jessica, the Campbells come over for a little Tuesday night shoot-out. This is the last night they come to dinner.
        Jessica: Shh, Chester.
        Bob: I've been hit. I've been hit.
        Chuck: Oh, my God! Hey, somebody, he's been hit!
        Jessica: Chester, do something quick! Call an ambulance!
        (Chester rushes to the phone)
        Billy: Dad, you're calling an ambulance for a dummy?! It's a dummy, Dad!
        (Chester puts down the phone)
        The Major: (to Bob)
        You'll get the Purple Heart, soldier.

      • Jessica: Chester, come here, dear. Come here, Chester. This is my husband. Chester, this is Chuck and this is Bob.
        Bob: That's him? You've got to be kidding. That guy's 80 if he's a day.
        (Burt laughs)
        I hope he's got plenty of money because that's probably all you're getting from him.
        (Jessica laughs)

      • Eunice: Your son and his dummy are fighting?
        Burt: Yeah.
        (Chester starts laughing)
        Jodie: Tell them what they were fighting about, Burt.
        Burt: Come on.
        Mary: No, tell them, Burt.
        Burt: Billing.
        (Jodie laughs)
        Eunice: What?
        Burt: Billing. You know, the act is called, "Chuck and Bob." And Bob feels that since he's the main attraction, his name should come first.
        Chester: I don't believe this.
        Burt: Well, I don't know. I can see his point.
        Chester: I'm sure.

      • Jodie: Danny, what's the big deal, huh? I mean, now that you know, am I any different? We're not friends anymore?
        Danny: You don't look gay.
        Jodie: I'm still me. Hey, I'm still the Jodie who plays tennis with you. I'm still the Jodie who bowls with you. I'm still the Jodie who laughs with you. I'm still the Jodie who counts on you.
        Danny: You're probably not gay.
        Jodie: I am! And it shouldn't make any difference. And if it does and you don't love me now because of it, then you've never loved me at all.
        (Jodie starts to leave)
        Danny: Jodie! Look all these years, I... I didn't want to hear it. I didn't want listen to ya. I was afraid if I ever heard it, I... I couldn't look at you again.
        Jodie: Well, can you?
        Danny: (slowly looks at Jodie, then smiles)
        Jodie: Friends?
        (holds out his hand for Danny to shake)
        Danny: Are you kidding?
        (Danny hugs Jodie)
        Are we still friends? Not only are you gay, you're a jerk.
        Jodie: (in a deep voice)
        Thanks, big brother.
        Danny: You're okay, little brother.
        (Jodie walks towards the door)
        Hey, you know, now that I look, you do walk kind of funny.

      • Narrator: (Opening Narration) In last week's episode of Soap, another of Burt's sons, Chuck, and Bob, his wooden doll, arrived from Hawaii. Much to their horror, the Campbells discovered that Chuck believes that Bob is really real. Although he really isn't real, he is really obnoxious. Claire told Chester she was going to tell Jessica everything, but Chester didn't believe her. Much to Chester's surprise, Chaire did tell Jessica everything, only Jessica didn't believe her. Or did she? Following the Godfather's orders, Danny invited Burt to a cabin in the woods in order to kill him. Burt thought he was going in order to fish. Imagine his surprise when he found a pistol pointed at his head. Confused? You wont be after this week's episode of Soap. We begin this week's episode where we left off, with Danny about to kill Burt.

      • Narrator: (Closing Narration) Will Mary find out that Danny is running for his life from the Mob? Or will she continue to believe that he is a spy? Will Mary ever make eggs the way Bob likes them? Or will the dummy have to go to a coffee shop for breakfast? Will Jodie really become Danny's sister? Will Danny, now that he has to run from the Mob, live to see it? These questions and many others will be answered on next week's episode of Soap.

      • Benson: No sir, no siree. I have served food to people who don't eat it. I have served food to people who throw it. But no way am I going to serve food to a dummy.

      • Danny: It's a business trip.
        Jodie: Hey come on, Danny. I know what business you're in. We'll get a lawyer. We'll go to the police.
        Danny: If we go to the police, I'll be in jail when they kill me. If we get a lawyer, I'll be broke when they kill me.

      • Burt: Danny, give me a break. Either take my money or kill me. One or the other.

      • Burt: Listen Danny, if you're really gonna kill me could you at least tell me why.
        Danny: You killed my father.
        Burt: That could do it.

      • Bob: (after Benson refuses to serve him) Hey, Sambo, the noon whistle did not blow. I said, "Scotch."
        Benson: (to Chuck) One more word, and he goes into the fireplace.

      • Mary: Chuck and the dummy are always arguing.
        Jessica: If he's gonna have a doll, he should have one he gets along with.

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